Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Running With It Has Never Felt So Good....

I've never run so much in my life!

Me and Nookie :)
I'm absolutely loving my new Lululemon Shorts!
So comfy!

I have to say...

This past week was definitely the most I've ran since I started about 10 months ago...


Each run over the past 7 days has been really good! (For both my body and mind)

It wasn't about time, setting a new PR or giving myself any goals to reach but...

Simply about enjoying the sport and running with it (literally)!

I liked that very much because it gave me a chance to focus on me, my body, how I was feeling as well as being more aware of myself and my surroundings.

And right now...

I want to put more emphasis on becoming more comfortable with the sport as a whole (which I believe I'm becoming to be) before I jump into FUll training mode for my Half-Marathon in the fall.


Just to give a quick recap of my running week...

I started with 5K with my brother (Mr. FUntastic!) last Monday afternoon...

WoOp WoOP!

It was his very first 5K so I was super thrilled he did it with me, his sista!

He did amazing, plus...

He totally kicked my butt with our a small sprint at the end!

I laughed when he came to meet me.
I don't think you need to ask why lol

Come Friday evening...

Nookie met me for my second run of the week!

Since it was raining...

We weren't sure how far we were going to go, but we figured...

5K...Maybe. (I had never run in the rain! Can you believe it?! lol)


By the time we actually got going...

To the end of our running date...

We talked our way through to 14K!

I had never run 14K before!!!

But we were so into the moment that...

We kept on going and going! (Like the Energizer bunny!)

Quite honestly...

I'd never felt as FUreakin' good as I did that day running!

It was like I could have gone on forever!

I even ran up a 1km hill!

The company was great, my feet were happy, my lungs were perfect and even the rain drops on my head felt good! (Although, the cars splashing may not have been THE best feeling in the world lol)

The famous running high perhaps! :)


I think both of us felt the same about our run together because we texted each other afterwards to say how amazing and calming it was! 

So calming ;)

Come Sunday...

We met at 730am for an 8K run!


That 8K somehow turned into 12K. (As Britney Spears would say "Oops, I we did it again! lol)

We simply continued running until we decided to head back home.


Another amazing run together!

All in all....

My mind was at ease throughout each and every run I did this week, my legs weren't tired or sore, my lungs were good and most importantly, I felt great!

I honestly...

Couldn't have asked for a better running week!

Of course...

They won't all be like that but...

I completely appreciate and value what I experienced over the last seven days in my running and within myself!

I'll tell you one thing...

I'm completely enjoying my running journey thus far, and with that said....

I'm making sure to enjoy every step and every stride of the way, wherever it is they may take me to!

Let's just say...

Running with it has never felt so good :)

That's right ;)

Questions FU you...

1. What are a few things you love most about running?
2. Do you ever make a point to just run with it? (Without setting a distance, pace or goal to reach?)
3. Running in the rain? YaY or Nay?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. That is AWESOME! I love when running just feels so good that you can just keep going and going and going. Plus, having a running buddy makes it all the more enjoyable.

    I've had more than my fair share of running in the rain. I'm not a fan of heavy downpours and cold rain. If it's a light mist that's perfect!

    1. I never quite experience that feeling up until that day! It was amazing!

      Have Nookie by my side was so fun!

      Light mist = perfection :)

      Downpour, haven't yet experienced that lol

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying it so much! It really is the best (so says one who has been doing it for 15 years)!

    Always run in the rain. It's really pretty nice once you get out there.

    1. I am and I never thought I would! I'm happy I gave running a chance :)

  3. I am so glad you running and enjoying it. Running in the rain is great.. some of my most memorable workouts have been in the rain.
    PS. You always have on the cutest clothes. I love your style!

    1. Thanks Lisa!

      I'd never run in the rain and it honestly felt so good in every single way :) Definitely a memorable run!


  4. yes!! enjoy those runs, they are well deserved! and how do i get one of those shirts? LOL

    1. You mean my shirt right? lol

  5. Oh I love reading this. Makes me smile remembering when I really finally fell for running. There is a certain freedom I think from being out there just running. And it should be about being out there because you love it, not to compete with time or distance - though, pushing yourself isn't always a bad thing. And high 5's to sprinting out the end. I love to finish strong like that

    1. Thanks Heather! :)

      I do agree with you, pushing yourself is something you need to do in order to progress beyond what you are comfortable at doing! (Whether it be running or anything else)

      Having said that, I do welcome those random, easy-going runs too :)

  6. That is awesome Kierston! I am beginning to think that in order for me to love running I need to take it outside. And I need a friend. I often run at the gym with my marathoner coworker. but gets boring. so i am joining a trail running group soon.

    and this past weekend I did get outside to run, to the gym to run more, then ran to coffee and walked home in bliss. its a start for me.

    Great job, Kierston. I hope to get to where you are in running.

    1. Thanks Christine!

      Running outside is not even comparable to running inside! Aside from the obvious fact that you're actually moving forward (than staying in the exact same spot at all times), it feels so good to be out and to breathe in some fresh air!

      Joining a trail running group sounds awesome!

      Great job on your running as of late! You are totally rockin' it!

  7. Great job!!!! You are really cranking out those miles right now. I love your style. So fun and vibrant. Normally I do run in the rain...but this past weekend we had some horrid downpours - so (for the first time ever) I ran my long run on the treadmill. But I had my running girls with me and we chatted along the way just like if we were on the road.

    1. Thank you Jen! :)

      Love that you all took it inside just as if you were outside! FUN!

  8. You two look hilarious. I want to run with the both of you and I want THAT shirt. Great post, great distance, and YES running in the rain rocks. You just have to get past the "I'm getting wet" and embrace it.

    1. You mean my rainbow sweater right?! ;)

      Embracing the rain is definitely what I did and it turned out to be awesome!

      We're running together this weekend...coming? lol

  9. I started running in my 20's. I actually did some 5K's & placed in my age category for a few of them.. but I got so competitive & my knees started hurting so I stopped that! :-) I really never liked running - it was like the least of the cardio enemies! ;-) I still run & it is just a challenge for me. Always was & still is. I do mix it up but I do more running for my cardio than other stuff. When my feet got really bad a year ago & I thought I was not even going to be able to exercise, well, I actually missed the challenge of the running so I keep that in mind each time I go out! :-)

    I don't run in the rain cause I don't have the gear but I will go out in sprinkles! :-)

    I always love your posts - so much fun!

    1. Thanks Jody!

      Happy to hear your foot didn't stop you from exercising!

      You're amazing :)

  10. Oh my gosh you are too silly, adding all that mileage on out of no where. I do sometimes find myself going extra, but it's not always that easy with trails, they simply just end at some point. I try to avoid the rain too, aren't I too picky? Nice work going up that hill though! Go for it!

    1. Thanks Julie!I need to start on some hill training! I soooo love hills ;)

      I do about 1.5K on the trail until, like you said, it ends. Then it's onto the pavement!

  11. What a great week you had!!!! I love to run because it just cures all!!! I do try to run with it occasionally but usually I have my Garmin :( Rain I am going to say YaY, I am trying to embrace it!

    1. I absolutely loved running in the rain! The air felt fresh and the drops of rain were cooling :)




  13. AnonymousJune 06, 2012

    Did you know it was almost Running Day when you wrote this? Very good timing, girl! I'm glad you've found something you love so much. I'm not a big running fan but back when I ran a 10K I remember the pride I felt in training and getting to a new longer distance each time. It definitely is an addicting feeling to get PDs and PRs and I can see why people fall in love with it! Can't wait to see you dominate that half.

  14. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

    you could hold full conversations while you ran? doesn't sound like much of a workout... If what you're doing doesn't make you sweat or sore afterwards, you might as well just keep laying on the couch watching tv

    1. Talking while running is something that did not come easy to me in the beginning. I could barely say 3 words without having to gasp for air. Overtime, my lungs began to adapt to this new form of exercise meaning, I could hold a conversation without struggle, control my breathing and still maintain a good pace.

      "If you have difficulty talking then you are running too fast." http://www.nationalpost.com/running/Basic+components+training/3421843/story.html

      Look up talk test.

      I'd rather be outside, exercising than be sitting on the couch doing nothing. Personal preference.


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