Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Putting The Breaks On...

So I had a plan...

And that plan was to run 16K!

Unfortunately for me...

That plan didn't quite work out as I had hoped it would! (The first time around!)


Let me start from the beginning...

Nookie and I had scheduled a running date and on this particular day...

We would be running my longest distance yet...

That being...

A big 16K people!

I was pumped!

I was beyond excited about our date because...

It was a new goal for me to accomplish! (We all know how much I like me a goal!)


Having just run 14K a couple of weeks prior...

I felt ready and confident this run would go fairly well based on my last performance!

Poor little Teddy Bear wanted to run around too!

I should mention (just as a side note)...

SuperFit had warned advised me not to run on this particular day because it was going to be...

scorching +45C with the humidity! (This was at 5pm in the afternoon too!)


Being hard headed at times I was determined to do it and nothing was going to stop me! (Or so I thought!)

I mean...

I did buy a new shirt and a FUel belt to keep hydrated just for this run!

Under Armour
Women's HeatGear Sleeveless
Mine is actually loose fit, not compression
I love it!
My first FUel belt!
It took some getting used to I won't deny that!

Simply put...

All signs were a go!

And here's the #PROOF!

**For some of you, this may be the first time you ever get to see me in motion (literally)! My advice to you...don't be scared, just laugh with and at me lol**

**I'll admit that I was really looking forward to this run because I was having a stressFUl week and needed some time to run it out**

The run...

All systems were a GO!

As we approached the 4K mark...

Things were getting really hot! (Literally)

The humidity was getting to be beyond tolerable (for me), and..

The 1K hill I was running up was making things worse! (I could feel a shift of some sort within me!)

**I've run up this hill a few times before, but on this day, the heat was getting the best of me!**

Needless to say...

It took me longer than usual to recover from the climb!

Somewhere in between the next 4K...

Nookie kept asking me if I wanted to turn back based on me telling her my stomach was feeling FUnny!

But I didn't want to.

My mind and legs were telling me to go, keep going and to continue pushing forward, although...

The rest of me wasn't!

Come 8K...

I told Nookie I had to stop. (I really wasn't feeling well!)

This was really hard for me because I was determined to get 16K under my belt!


By me stopping, well, that wouldn't get me to 16K!

In swallowing my pride and and in keeping smart...

I put the breaks on.

I couldn't risk doing something that would put me in danger.

I really had to be mindFUl of my body and how I was feeling. (Which wasn't good! lol)

I needed to suck it up (swallow my pride, like I said before) and walk back (yes walk!)...

The 8K I had just run!


I had to walk 8K back to where I started! (It took be about 5-6K before I started feeling back to normal!)

There's no doubt...

Nookie could have gone on much, much longer (since she runs in this weather all the time!) and...

There's no denying that a part of me felt really bad because...

I was holding her back!


I'm thankFUl she took no issue with it! (I love my Nookie!)

She kept reminding me...

Not every run is going to be a good one and that...

It's okay, it happens!


At least I got to chat for whole 8 kilometers! (I didn't quite envision my first 16K to involve 8K of walking but I had a great time nonetheless! lol)

Lesson learned....

In the end...

Even if I hadn't accomplished what I had set out to achieve on my first try, the importance is... 

I tried and did my best, but most importantly...

I listened to my body and didn't do something I would end up regretting!

Better be safe than sorry!

Oh! And don't worry...

We did have some FUn given the circumstances!

SuperFit was right...

I probably shouldn't have run! (Better to run early in the morning before the hot weather and humidity starts kickin' in! Just sayin'!)


Like the old saying goes (I think! lol)...

A bad run is typically followed by a good one...

And that it did my friends!

I ran my very first 16K with Nikki and Nookie on my second try just a few days ago, and...

I felt incredible!

We ran it (at my pace) in 1h35minutes!

Thank you girls for an amazing run and for...

Staying by my side and offering me some motivation throughout our 16K together!

Still loving my Mizuno Waves!
This was definitely a #Brilliantrun!

Question FU You...

1. Do you run in the heat?
2. What is too hot for you?
3. Do you think I have what it takes to become a big time actress? (Rhetorical question lol)

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

p.s. I have something to share with you all tomorrow! Something I'll be doing this weekend that I'm so FUreakin' scared and excited about! Eeeeee!


  1. I run in the heat...if chased!
    and must clarify if your videos have 80kabillion views it's because my child and I are sitting here watching over and over and giggling.


  2. I run in the heat because I don't own a treadmill:) Your videos are HILARIOUS! Congrats on completing your furthest distance to date! I haven't lived in a place that gets too hot for me, but that being said, our average summer temps are 90+F. I actually prefer it, but I run with a stroller and a ready supply of water.

    1. Thank you!

      I'm learning (getting used to) running with a fuel belt! Keeping hydrated is so important!

  3. AnonymousJune 26, 2012

    Ahahah!!! Good job FU!!! Keep at it!


  4. What's 45 C in F? Hot running is no joke, you really really have to be careful and definitely better to be safe rather than sorry!! If you read my post yesterday (or saw FB posts) I ran in 103 F. 3 miles tops in that heat and I was a-ok with that!

  5. Well my original comment got eaten up apparently. What's 45 C in F? I do run in the heat, but I've been slowly acclimating myself to it. Yesterday I ran at 103 degrees, but 3 miles tops. You definitely have to be really careful .

    1. 113F! Agreed, you do really, REALLY have to be careful!

  6. The heat has been horrible this past week. UGH! I am with you, it really throws off my mojo. I can't run in the heat, because it spikes my heart rate too high. So I have been doing my runs in the early morning instead. It is good to get out before the humidity, and it's nice to start the day that way!

    1. Agreed! The heat and humidity can totally throw off your mojo (speaking from experience of course lol!) Oy! lol

  7. ohmygosh I LOVE your video! You are hilarious and in such good spirits even after a hard run!! I really don't like running in the heat and try to avoid it if I can. Or at least take it super slow and maybe not run so far.

  8. AnonymousJune 26, 2012

    this is a great story of listening to your body and then having it all work OK in the end! now you get to feel proud of listening and at the same time accomplishing the 16K the second time you tried. also, i loooove your videos. you are beyond fun! you and nookie are quite the pair. hope super fit doesn't hold being right over your head for too long :P

    1. I do love my Nookie :)

      And no, SuperFit let it go haha

  9. Congrats on your first 16k :) Just wanted to point out that although you may not have ran the full length, you girls all have ROCKIN' arms!

  10. Good for you for listening to your body. I usually don't mind the heat but try to get early morning runs in when possible. As for the videos....HILARIOUS! I wouldn't expect anything less from you =)

  11. Good for you! Great story!
    Do you like the fuel belt? I've been wondering if I should get one...

    1. Thanks Charissa!

      I do really like the fuel belt but it does take some getting used to...In the end though, it's definitely worth having one for ease of hydration :)

  12. Great job... as you can see above, listening to your body is key, double so if it is FUreakin hot. I don't run too much in the heat, mostly because my runs are either really early in the morning or during the afternoon when I'm in SF (that means 60 degree weather).

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE the videos. We want MORE!

    1. Thanks PavementRunner!

      More videos and #FUFACES to come ;)

  13. you did it!!!! & Snookie is right - not every run is perfect. Sometimes its best to abort mission and try again later. You are absolutely hilarious! I run in the heat. Some days it works for me other days it doesn't.

  14. You crack me up!!!!! Congratulations on hitting your goal, girl! I need a fun, crazy friend like you running next to me. Haha.

    I ran today in 65-72º weather. I'm NOT a hot weather runner. By any means. I ran a 5K the other day when it was 88º (but the humidity made it worse) and that was at 6PM!!! It was gross. So gross.

    1. Thanks Mel!

      I totally know what you mean by becoming one sweaty mess after a HOT run!!! Oh my gosh! lol

  15. AnonymousJune 26, 2012

    I love my Fu , your absolutely amazing ,fun,smart,funny , and have such great energy:)) cant wait for our next date

  16. You just amaze me & I have so much fun reading your posts!!! Love of life & friends & family!!!!


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