Sunday, June 24, 2012

Post Competition: Let's Get The After Party Started!

So what's a competition without an after party?!

SuperFit and his Girls :)

I mean...

There's always an after party after a competition! (Common now!)

Last year...

We  had gone over to Jenny's place right after the show, although this year...

We went to Nikki's place for a morning brunch for some good ol' fashion play time and relaxation together as a Team!

Before heading over...

I went out for a 10K run with Nookie! (If she had followed the rules, she wouldn't have gone running with me! She would have taken 1 week to rest. She's a rebel.)

We had a great run!
We obviously talked the whole way about the competition!

Once I cleaned up after our sweaty run...

I made sure to bring with me my little treat for the girls from Isobel's Cupcakes &Cookies! (They have amazing cupcakes....and cookies! Surprised?! lol)

As soon as we got to Nikki's...

Everyone was talking, laughing and having a great time!

Nookie and her son Mavi!
Pretty in pink!
Rose and Nookie!
007 and Husband Martin
Who competed just a few weeks before the girls!

There were a lot of hugs, kisses and tears as soon as we started reminiscing about the events that had taken place the day prior!

Let's just say...

We were all happy to be in the company of each other for yet another great day!

A day with...

Tons of amazing food set out for everyone to enjoy! (No diet restrictions permitted!)

It was truly...

A buffet FIT for Queens! (And Kings!)

A mix of everything you could dream of.
Those meatballs were incredible.

With no surprise to anyone, it didn't take long before...

We all grabbed a plate to enjoy the good food that was there for the tasting!

Chantal and her Husband John!

 This was my plate...

I did nibble on other things throughout the day :)

This was SuperFit's...

And if that wasn't enough...

Nikki's daughter had made some incredible Pumpkin Cupcakes...

I'm drooling just looking at these.

And her nephew, his famous...

Peanut Butter Pie!

This was FUreakin' good!
SuperFit and I shared a piece :)

After gobbling what was on our plates...

We headed outside to play!

John brought Champagne bottles for our two 1st place winners!
He instructed them on how to pop the bottle open with
some kind of sword of sorts lol
Little M was scared ;)
Nikki went first.
She chopped the top of the bottle like a Pro!
She didn't let any of it go to waste lol
As for Little M....
She was a bit scared and needed some help.
Coach SuperFit came to the rescue :)
One shot baby!
He doesn't drink alcohol but he can sure pretend like he does lol

In all of this FUn, we obviously couldn't forget about...


Nikki and Rick's Pet :)
We like horses.
SuperFit took a great liking to Clover.
Clover took a great liking to my sweet sugar coated covered hands ;)
Did you see all the sweets?!

After horsing around (haha, get it?! Horsing around lol)...

We headed out into the bushes behind Nikki and Rick's beautiFUl house!

And yes...

I borrowed some boots! ;)

I mean...

We had some hiking to do!

Ready Freddy!


I couldn't get over what laid hidden in her backyard!

It was nature at its finest!

In and around 10 minutes into our 'hike'...

We settled in a spot near the falls!

In no time did...

People strip down into their bathing suits and jump in the water!

SuperFit is my George of Jungle ;)

There's no denying...

It was a relaxing spot enjoyed amongst good friends!

007's face ;)

And if that wasn't enough...

We headed back only to find ourselves in the hot tub!

So FUn!

All in all...

We had a great post-competition party!

Thank you Nikki and Rick for hosting us...

We had an amazing time!

We are truly a family and I'm so grateFUl to be surrounded by these incredible women!

Girls of FFA
Missing in action:
Jenny a.ka. PINK, Gina and Marie-France

Questions FU You...

1. What do you love most about being part of a Team?
2. Do you celebrate after a competition or event?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I definitely celebrate after my competitions!! It's a nice way to "wrap-up" the journey plus enjoy some tasty food :)


  2. Looks like a great time and all that food! Bet everyone was glad to get to eat post competition!

  3. Awesome pics & so much fun! Kierston - thank you so much for sharing!!!! Yes, I recall food after my competitions - although I was careful cause I know how sick I get when I eat too much stuff my bod is not used to - :-) You ladies are amazing & beautiful!

  4. DANG
    Nikki be amazing!!!!!

    #yesthatREALLYismycomment :-)

  5. If I was there, I would be ALLLLLL over that peanut butter pie. Looks like you had a fun time! :) Congrats to all the ladies who competed!

  6. sounds like such a FUN day! Love all the photos. The food all looks amazing too!

  7. peanut butter pie ... I WAAAAAAANT

  8. Looks like and awesome time! And the food looks DELICIOUS! Great Pics! I want Clover to be my pet!

  9. What an awesome time! You all are always having so much fun. And I love that food spread. The peanut butter pie, definitely yum!

    BTW, the cookies, what an awesome congrats gift. so cute.

  10. You all look so fantastic! And yes - post show most certainly calls for a party and no diet rules eating for a bit. I remember how GOOD things would taste following the intense diet and training preshow.

  11. Yes! That looks like a great day and a wonderful way to celebrate all the girls accomplished.


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