Thursday, June 7, 2012

Microlactin: The Role It Plays...

As I follow an active lifestyle…

I want to move on to my next activity without having to think about any type of pain or stiffness I may feel afterwards.

When it comes to running (and we all know I’m still very new when it comes to this sport), I have to say…

This is when my body has felt the most impact when it comes to feeling any type of pain (soreness) or stiffness (in my legs)!

I would say…

40% of the time my legs are simply exhausted after a run! (It may very well be an accumulation of the various activities I do throughout the week as well!)

But, whether I do a short or long run...

My legs get tired, the joints in my knees tighten up and my hamstring and quads are sore! (Putting a literal meaning to the term running pains lol)

Needless to say...

I need to give my legs some time to recover and rest!

Which brings me to this…

I was recently asked to review a natural supplement by Swiss Natural called Microlactin.


To be honest…

I had no idea what Microlactin was when I was first approached! (Although SuperFit knew a fair bit!)

In doing my research on the product, I took note that Microlactin was a supplement to help relieve and prevent pain and stiffness associated with every day activities, targeted more to an audience suffering from Osteoarthritis.


You may question why I was approached to try out Swiss Natural’s Microlactin based on the mere fact I do not suffer from Osteoarthritis.

And the reason being…

It is not only meant for those who suffer from it.

Furthermore, the main purpose of my review would be to…

Observe the overall effects/benefits the Microlactin supplement would have as a help, relief and/or preventative in minimizing any type of joint pain or stiffness I may feel among the various activities I am involved in, more specifically, running.


I wanted to give it a try to see if I could actually feel any difference just after two weeks! (As marketed)

Based on my research and discussion with SuperFit about the product…

I found this to be something that could perhaps be of great benefit and value to me in my recovery of day to day activities –with more of an emphasis on the impact it could have on my post-run recovery.


I accepted the offer and tested out the product.

**Note: I had no idea what to look out for when testing out this product! I mean, I knew I wasn’t going to wake up one morning with an expectation that today was going to be the day I’d feel a significant difference but, what I did know, was how I usually felt after a run and the days following. Given that knowledge, this was how I was going to gage the effectiveness of this supplement on me and my body.**

To give a quick overview about Swiss Natural’s Microlactin capsules, here are some interesting and noteworthy facts about it (source):

  • Clinically proven to significantly improve pain and stiffness associated with everyday activities in individuals suffering from osteoarthritis. (Again, I don’t have osteoarthritis)
  • Proven to provide significant improvement in joint symptoms in as little as 2 weeks.
  • It has provided a significant reduction in pain and stiffness in 9 or 10 patients.
  • It produces no side effects (source);
  • It is safe for those who are lactose intolerant. It is 90% lactose free.

The science behind it:

  • Microlactin contains Milk Proteins;
  • It effectively supports the body's natural anti-inflammatory system (source);
  • It has an anti-inflammatory action and works by reducing the emigration of neutrophils (white blood cells found in our bloodstream, which play an important role in immunity – source) to the site of inflammation and may do so by making the “tight junctions” of the blood vessels even tighter. As a result, the cycle of inflammation and pain is broken resulting in better feeling joints, increased flexibility and quicker joint recovery (source);
  • It is free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, sweeteners, corn, soy, gluten, wheat and yeast and...
  • It is said to have 60% greater effect than Glucosamine (marketed to support the structure and function of joints – source)

My trial pack came in and around 2 weeks prior to my first 10K race! (It came at a time where I could really take note of any significant changes in my recovery!)

Race day!

Perfect timing I'd say ;)


After taking the Microlactin capsules as directed...

It took about a week (not two!)before I actually started noticing some differences in how I was recovering from my runs, and from the other activities I do throughout the week, such as cycling and weight lifting.

Here are my observations after taking this supplement for two weeks:

  • My recovery time diminished after each activity, especially running;
  • I saw a significant reduction in the soreness in my legs after running and cycling (I was pretty impressed by this!);
  • I could move from one activity to the next with ease (the last thing on my mind was the heaviness and tiredness I sometimes feel in my legs);
  • The tightness in my knees was bare to none in my recovery.

  • And as a side note...

    I went out for a 35K bike ride the day after my 10K race!

    I didn't even question the thought of going simply based on how my legs were feeling, which were...Great!

    Post Race 35K Ride!

    I kept on telling SuperFit how good my legs were feeling and how surprised I was!

    On the flip side:
    1. I found having to take 4 capsules twice a day was a lot (it was easy to add the 4 capsules in the morning because I simply added them to my daily handful of vitamins.);
    2. I really had to make a point to remember taking the remaining capsules in the evening (although based on what I read, the number of capsules to take a day does diminish with time).
    All in all...

    This is something I would continue taking based on the results I felt.

    I did feel a significant improvement in my post-run recovery and, there's no doubt...

    I like feeling confident that my legs will be ready come time for my next run, whether I be running a short or long distance! (The same goes with cycling!)

    Ready Freddy!

    Question FU you...

    1. Have you ever heard of Swiss Natural's Microlactin supplement before?
    2. Is this something you use or would think of trying out?

    Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

    **Disclaimer: I was asked to try out and review Swiss Natural's Microlactin Supplement. I would not have agreed to the trial if I didn't think it would benefit me or the lifestyle I follow. Also, I made sure to research the product before accepting the offer. All opinions, thoughts, personal stories and observations made are honest and my own. Swiss Natural compensated me for writing this review.**

    Important: It is important to seek advice of a physician, registered dietician, pharmacist, naturopathic doctor, or other qualified health profession about the appropriateness of taking dietary supplements and their potential interactions with medications.


    1. hmmmm.
      we are so alike.
      I love how honestly and authentically you reviewed this, too.
      Im in to try.
      43 is coming quickly around here and I WANNNNNA STAY PAIN FREE!

    2. Interesting, I haven't heard of it, but would probably give it a shot. I remember when I first started running and it seemed like my legs and hips were always sore and achy. I don't know how or when but suddenly they decided to cooperate. I would always ask my hubby if I would ever run without the pain actually. I thought there was something wrong with me.

    3. cool! I had never heard of it either and would have thought it didn't apply to me!

    4. Have never heard of this and am intrigued. Wondering if it would help someone with fibromyalgia. D suffers from it. May be worth a try. Thanks for the heads up!

      1. I love how we both used "intrigued". :)

    5. I am fairly dubious about the benefits of artificial lactins. I am however, intrigued by your results.

    6. Never heard of it... thanks for the info. I'm always concerend about supplements. I don't know why. Maybe they are the boogie monster in the closet that I shouldn't be afraid of because it is just a hanger with a shirt on it.

      Great post, good luck and wishing nothing but 100% success.

    7. I've never heard of it. Interesting! I'm wary about taking supplements, too, so I'd have to do a lot more research before I actually started it.

    8. I have not heard of this but read about it on another blog this morn. I have been taking glucosimine, condroiton, and MSM since things flared up in this 54 year old bod. Good results so far & this does have a proven track record to help joints & osteoarthritis. I used it in my late 20's when something flared & it helped then too. I also am on these Nutrex Hawaii supplements for FitFluential for a week now & I have been feeling better! Will let you know & thank you for this review. I am a bt scared of the 10% lactose - I have to be very careful.

    9. Great review, Candy! It's not something I've heard of either, but I would definitely be interested in trying it out. You saw some impressive results pretty quickly!

    10. Sounds like something I may want to try out. Seeing that I teach 4+ classes a day plus workout and cycle on my own it may help with my achy joints. Thanks for the tip!

    11. Never heard of this. But I've been so achy and sore lately, it wouldn't hurt to try!!! I need fresher legs.

    12. I've never heard of this but I'll definitely look into it!! My recovery time from lifting, especially legs, has recently kind of kicked the bucket haha

    13. AnonymousJune 09, 2012

      This sounds interesting and I honestly think it makes sense that a supplement that helps those with osteoporosis would totally help anyone to feel better in terms of joint and bone pain. But do you also think it's possible that your recovery time was decreasing because your body was getting more used to running? I'm sure there are extraneous variables at play too (as I know you know) and I can't help but think of them whenever I read bout a supplement because I am a stats nerd and always questioning correlation vs causation :P that's why I've never taken any supplements I think, because I am too cynical on their effects!

      1. Hey Cait!

        I did keep that in mind when testing out the product. I've been running for about 10 months, weight training and cycling for about 2 years. The results I felt while taking Microlactin was almost immediate (I was surprised by how good my legs felt!)!

        I too am weary when it comes to taking supplements, although, I honestly have to say that this is something I felt helped in my recovery fairly quickly! I didn't know what to expect, if anything at all. All to say, I'm happy I gave it a try based on my own results with the product :)


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