Friday, June 1, 2012

It's Not A Race So Enjoy The Ride!

I wrote a guest post on the FitFluential website a couple of months back...

And if you haven't seen it yet, here it is:

Addicted: to Health and Fitness 

To be quite honest...

Writing it really gave me a chance to reflect and think deeply about everything I've accomplished thus far in my journey to Health and Fitness.

A little over a year into my training.

And here's where I open up...

I find that sometimes...

I forget where I started! (In comparison to where I am now!)

About 4 months into my healthy living ways.
This meal was foreign to me.
A protein shake?!
What the FU!
Learning new Clean Eating Recipes.
And catching up on gossip ;)

That sometimes...

I don't take enough time to breathe and step back for even a second to appreciate how far I've come in the past two years!

I have biceps!
I eat healthy foods!
Heck, I'm healthy!
I train hard!
This is weeks before my first fitness competition!
And I have FUn while at it!
Vegas Baby!
Post-competition trip!


Well for one...

I feel like I've always led the life I'm now leading, and that with my...

Passion and involvement in this lifestyle, it's like...

I never was what I once was. (If you know what I mean!)

A couch potato! 

Of course...

I can see and feel the changes I've made but...

I tend to forget at times to really value how much I've actually done in my own journey! (I'm always go go go and so applauding my own successes doesn't happen enough because, well, I'm always on the GO wanting to do more!)

Winning my very first Figure Competition.
Running my very first race!

I mean...

I'm consistently pushing myself in ways I never thought I would!

Push, Push, Push!
Although in this case, I'm pulling lol

My goodness...

I couldn't even shoulder press 15lbs for 4 reps and now I can do 120lbs for 6!

And in addition to that...

I started dumbbell pressing 15lbs and now my goal is to press 45lbs! (I'm currently doing 40lbs!)

That in itself is unbelievable to me because it's something I never thought possible to begin with!

**Even just training with dumbbells blows me away! I thought I'd only ever do cardio on the elliptical! lol Now I'm weightlifting, cycling, running, doing yoga and trying new things as I go along! I competed in a Fitness Competition and now I'm working towards my first half-marathon! Who knew I'd get this involved and become so passionate about this lifestyle! Who knew?! I mean really?! Who knew?! I sure didn't!**

Having said all of this...

I'm learning to take the time and appreciate how much I've accomplished. (Instead of  jumping right into the next thing without giving enough reflection to what I've just achieved!)

I'm learning not to knit-pick at areas I wish to improve! (At a faster rate!)

I'm learning to really love myself without doubting my potential! (We tend to be so hard on ourselves and we need to learn not to be!)

Love and be Kind to YOUrself.

I'm learning to slow down and take in what I'm doing in the present moment. (There's no rush!)

I'm learning to breathe. (Thank you Yoga!)

Be patient.

Focus! (On what I'm striving for as I move forward in my life journey!)

And most importantly...

I'm learning to enjoy the ride that will get me to where I want to be. (In terms of achieving my goals and simply living life!)

Living a healthy and active lifestyle (and life in general) is not a race, so...

I'm learning not to make it one! (I'm taking it one day at a time!)

Stop. Take a Break. And Breathe.
Instead of always going FUll speed ahead!

I have to say...

Writing this post was a great way for me to take the time to pause, reflect and value my journey as a whole :)

I appreciate having had this opportunity to share it with you all!

Questions FU you...
  1. Do you really take the time to appreciate the goals you've met in your own journey? 
  2. Or, do you jump right into the next goal without looking back and really valuing what you've just accomplished?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I do. The husband does not. He is SUPER SUCCESSFUL and yet achieves and moves on.
    I may backpat too much :) but I stop and enjoy and realize how hard I worked to achieve WHATEVER IT IS and only then do I move on.

    YOU my friend ARE AMAZING.


  2. Love this post so much. I tend to forget where I started as well and that's mostly because I've always been active. But before, it was ballet. So all the lifting and running is still fairly new in the greater scheme of things.

    1. Thanks Heather! It's so important to just take a step back and remember where we started and how far we've come and grown over the course of time and our journey :)

  3. I love this! We're not going to get fit fast for sure. It's a way of life so we've got to enjoy it. I love your spunk and energy. Keep it coming!

    1. You are absolutely right!

      And thanks :)

  4. I love reading about your journey and you have accomplished so much to be proud of! I didn't use to reflect and appreciate my progress and my achievements maybe because I was brought up to think that doing that was boastful. But now, I am so thankful for my achievements and the opportunity to reflect on the little and big steps along the way.

    1. Thank you Christine! I making a point to really focus myself and reflect on what I'm doing, what I'm striving for, what I'm working on and what I've achieved. Each experience has a lesson to be learned :)

  5. AnonymousJune 01, 2012

    Great post...I think that I've always been the type to jump in to the next project...however, I've seemed to be taking inventory of my goals lately...And appreciating it!


  6. Loved this post! I totally agree that it's sometimes hard to reflect back and see how far you've come.

    1. Thanks! It's so important to make the time to do so...just like we make the time to get ourselves to where we want to be :)

  7. great post! You are awesome! You have come so far and your weight lifting skills are awesome!

  8. You have come a long way and you should be proud. Great post!

  9. I needed this little reminder more than you will ever know! Thank you!

    It's so true that we have to look at our past to move into the future.

    Love it!

    1. Very very true! We have to learn from each of our experiences in order to fully move ahead. That way, we will have greater understanding and appreciation of what we've just accomplished :)

      Thanks Angela!

  10. What a detailed and wonderful post. I loved seeing and hearing your comparisons. I often forget to stop and remember where I came form, but at times I also wonder why I'm not so much more advanced for the time I've seemed to have invested. Keep writing, you always make me smile and I love the variety in your life

    1. Thank you Julie! I've learned to be patient when it comes to progress as everything requires time...our bodies (and mind) need time to adjust and re-adjust to everything that we do :)

      In the end, your commitment and dedication will get you closer and closer to where you want to be :)

      Keep up the great work!

  11. This is such an inspiring post! You have done such an incredible job on your fitness journey. Gathering perspective is a big thing in life and you did it with such grace!

  12. Wow I can't believe you haven't been doing this forever! I never would have guessed. You get out what you put it and you clearly put in all you have! You're an inspiration!

  13. Just amazing & so much to learn from this post! I do appreciate the goal because I don't do goals or challenges just to do them.. I do them IF & because I really want to! :-)


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