Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Girls of Florida Fitness Aylmer Compete!

On Saturday, June 16, 2012...

A number of men and women had the opportunity to compete in a competition highlighting all of the efforts, hard work, commitment and dedication towards a goal they had set out to achieve some time ago!

Girls of Florida Fitness Aylmer!
**Missing in action: Marie-France**

A goal, who for some, had thought to be only but a dream unimaginable to attain!

Although through time and perseverance...

The unimaginable dream would soon come to life for everyone to see!

It is with honour, that today...

I have the privilege of sharing with you the realization of their dream!

If you have been following the Florida Fitness Aylmer (FFA) Competitor Blog Series...

You know I will be highlighting, in this post, The Girls (and Boy) of FFA who competed this past weekend at the Serious About Fitness (SAF) and Physique Canada Competitions!

And to be quite honest...

No words can truly describe the events that took place on this particular day.

A day filled with smiles, tears of joy, laughter, new friendships, love, camaraderie and above all...

A day calling for nothing but celebrations of many goals accomplished!

The preparation that goes into getting ready for a Fitness/Figure competition is not easy (I know!) so...

I want to tell you how much you have all inspired me while I watched you prep for the competition stage!

And so it begins...

The night before competition day...

I met with Nookie at the gym to go over her posing and T-Walk!

#FUFACING just for me!
She made sure to bring her meal ;)

It reminded me of our practice time the year prior, which brought a big smile to my FUFACE!

SuperFit came later on to offer his very helpFUl tips and words of wisdom!

Photo taken from a...
Posing session with SuperFit's male competitors.

Soon after our posing session...

We went over to Nookie's house to help out some of the girls with their tan!

Trust me...

The application of the tanning product may seem simple, but it can have its challenges!

jan tana

Let's just say...

It's always better when someone else applies it for you because it eliminates the risk of blotches and uneven colour!

In practice...

It's better to apply the evening before the competition so all you have to do in the morning is touch ups! (You typically need two coats!)

And in case you didn't already know...

You must apply a tanning product to your skin in order for your muscle definition to be seen under the bright lights of the stage! (Some get spray tanned, which looks amazing as well!)

Once we were close to finished...

There's no denying our evening had turned into a tanning party!

The excitement and energy among the girls was contagious and the memories had definitely started to form!

The next morning...

We awoke, I got ready and packed up some food and snacks for the day!

I also made sure to bring with me....

The flowers that would be given out to the winners! (I was asked to get them by the President of SAF, it's becoming tradition that I do so lol)

And just for your information...

SuperFit would be the Backstage Manager and Stage Marshall of the competitions, while Martin and I would be his right and left arm, also known as, The Wranglers!

Doing what he does...
Smoothly and Efficiently.

My job was to...

Make sure each category was lined up and ready to hit the stage without any delays!


And on top of this (more like an added bonus!)....

I got to help out the FFA Girls backstage with their tan touch ups, bikini bite (glue you apply on your butt cheeks to make sure you suit doesn't ride up your bum crack lol) and really, simply join in on some backstage competition FUn! (When time permitted!)

The competition...

The girls would first compete in SAF, which was set to begin at 11am at the Museum of Civilization!


After registering for both SAF and Physique Canada Shows (same day, same location)...

It took no time before they settled in backstage! (Which just so happened to be in the same spot we were the year prior!)

Nookie and Nikki settling in!

Once all the FFA Girls arrived...

The touch ups, bikini biting, FUn, jokes and excitement officially began!

Little M keeping it real...
FFA Style ;)
Big Smiles!

Before you knew it...

The girls were pumped up and ready to hit the stage!

Right before getting on stage!
SuperFit and Little M!
Gina and Coach SuperFit
Rose and SuperFit
This is SuperFit's signature shot lol
Nookie, Marie-France and Me
Of course...
We made time for a #FUFACE

First to go up would be...

Nikki, Meaghan, Chantal, Rose and Gina competing in the Open Fitness Division (which involved a theme wear component on top of a bikini round)...

Man I love those boots!
Chantal, Nikki, Gina and Rose!

Second to follow would be...

Nookie and Marie-France in the Open Swimsuit Division...

As soon as the ladies were done with the first round...

We all met backstage to talk quickly about their first experience up on stage and how it felt!

I could see so much thrill in each of their eyes, it was unreal! (It was so amazing to see how happy they were! It really was!)

Before long...

They were called out again at which point the top 8 of each category would be picked!

Meaghan was called out in the top 8 of her category and Nookie and Marie-France were called out as well within their respective category!

Once the comparisons were done...

The ladies were asked to step off stage and wait for the judges to call out...

The top 3!

When the judges were ready to deliver the placing of the categories...

We all waited backstage with anticipation and hopeFUl eyes!

As the Third and Second place winners were called out for the Open Fitness Division...

My heart was beating so fast hoping Little M's name would be called out to take the win! (I can't imagine how she and SuperFit must have felt if my heart was racing! lol)

In no time, this is what we heard...

"And the Winner of the 2012 SAF Open Fitness Division: Meaghan Kesterton!" (I think I screamed, jumped and gave her the biggest hug ever!)

Our Little M won her very first competition!!! (WoOt WoOt!)

Lianne Laing from A Channel (MC)
Little M
Joan from Daydreams Fitness Wear
Designer of her suit! 

In terms of Nookie and Marie-France...

They did not place in the top 3 although being in the top 8 of a category that had more than 18 people is incredible in itself!!!

All the girls were extremely happy no matter their placing! :)

I should also mention that this year...

SAF was awarding aTop Trainer Award!

I'm happy to report that my man, SuperFit, won it!

Top Trainer Award and 1st Place Open Fitness Winner!

A great start to a morning I'd say! ;)

Little M is the second girl from the right :)

Break time...

As soon as the morning SAF show concluded...

The girls met in the lobby to hang out, chat...

Nikki and Little M.

Say hello to their fans...

Meaghan had a huge fan base!

And took some time to...

FUel up!

Nikki and Nookie enjoying some Chicken and Sweet Potatoes.

The Night Show with Physique Canada...

About an hour later...

It was time to head back to the backstage area and get organized!

All the categories I'd be getting lined up for SuperFit!

As this was the inaugural of Physique Canada, meaning...

It was the grand opening (so to speak) of this brand spanking new Federation to which no one had ever competed in...


It felt so cool to be part of the rolling out this momentous event!

I should point out that what I love about Physique Canada is the fact...

They apply strict doping control measures, where drug testing is and will be administered at each and every contest! (Which anyone is subject to at any time!)

I find this to be really important in keeping the sport natural! (And fair!)

Let the competition begin: Round 2...

In getting ready for the next round of the competition...

I could feel the girls were more at ease after having had a taste of what it felt like to be on stage just a few hours before!

I mean just look at them...

Little M.

I have to say...

They were so amazing and supportive of one another that it truly felt like a big ol' family party!

In terms of divisions...

The girls would be broken up into different Tiers! (To learn more about the Tier system go here)

Each and everyone one of them would be competing in Tier 3 of either the

1. Women's Athletic Physique (Short, Tall, Masters, if over 40)
2. Women's Muscular Physique (Short, Tall, Masters, if over 40)

And as for Julien (our male competitor)...

He would be in Tier 3 of the Men's Bodybuilding (Lightweight)

Julien and his lovely wife Stéphanie!


We zipped through each Tier faster than we ever anticipated! (This is a good thing!)

And of course...

The Girls and Julien did awesome in the preliminary rounds!

Women's Athletic Physique
Some of the FFA girls in the lineup.
Nikki hitting a side pose in the
Women's Muscular Physique Division

As the judges deliberated...

We hung out backstage until it was time to announce the winners!

Chantal and husband John :)

One quick intermission later...

The top 3 Winners from each Tier and Division would be called out!

I am thrilled to report that...

Nikki won 1st place in both the Women's Muscular Physique Tall and Masters Category:


Marie-France won her division in Women's Athletic Tall!

Little M. took another 1st place win in the Women's Athletic Short Division!

Nookie won 2nd place in the Women's Athletic Short division!

Nookie and Joan from Daydreams Fitness Wear!
Nookie and Little M.'s big win!

And Julien...

He won 3rd place in the Men's Bodybuilding Lightweight division!

On the right :)

Oh and how could I forget?!

SuperFit also won the Top Trainer Award within this Federation as well!!!!

Proud of his Athletes :)

All in all...

This was such an incredible day for all Athletes!

I am so very proud of the Girls and Boy of Florida Fitness Aylmer, the little gym that could and did! (Deliver that is! :))

I am also extremely thankFUl for having been a part of their journey to the stage as well has having had the privilege to share their stories with you!

Like I said before...

No words can truly describe the events, emotions and memories made during this special day!

All I know is...

Everything I was able to experience and share with these Athletes will always remain within my heart and will be stored in my memory for a lifetime!

ChantalRoseGinaNookieMeaghanNikki, Marie-France and Julien, congratulations to all of you for everything you have worked so hard to achieve and in dedicating yourselves to making your dreams a reality!

Congratulations to all Athletes who competed in SAF and Physique Canada!

Well done!

Stay Tuned FU The After Party On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I LOVE THIS as it takes SO MUCH work to get where all these women have.
    and yea.
    Im wondering.
    Is Jan Tana over?
    have you even heard of Jan Tana?
    am I that old?


    1. Jan tana is alive and well! I love the product! :)

  2. WOW!! What a long day for these ladies. I bet your support and you being there helped ease the nerves. Amazing experience!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! It was definitely a long day for them (I know, I've done it before! lol! That said, the memories will last a lifetime :)

  3. This looks like such a fun day!! Congrats to all the winners!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this one! I've watched a friend participate for several figure competitions and can't believe the work and dedication required to get to the end!
    Love the tans!

    1. Thanks Tamara! There's definitely a lot of work, commitment and dedication that goes into getting ready for a competition!

  5. I cant believe its almost been a year since you competed!

    Its wonderful to share in this journey again with some many dedicated individuals!

    1. I know! I can't believe it either!

      It was a true honour for me to be surrounded by these amazing individuals :)

      You planning on competing again?

  6. I truly enjoy these behind the scenes posts. I've always been intrigued by the sport and it's nice to have a small peek in =)

  7. I'd always wondered about the supertans. It makes much more sense to me now! Awesome post!

    1. Thanks! I wondered about the tans too before I competed for the very first time last year!

  8. AnonymousJune 21, 2012

    This is a really cool behind the scenes look at the world of fitness competitions. I love that the Canada competition has the drug testing to keep it natural and fair (and HEALTHIER). I also am wishing big congrats to SuperFit for his awards. He must be quite the trainer! You're lucky to have such a good one so close ;-)

  9. That's a whole lot of strength! Nice job ladies. I wonder how many times they could bench press me. Do I have to wear a bikini while they lift me into the air? No one wants to see that.

    Loved the FU face shout out!

  10. Wow long post but I am glad I read through the whole thing. What an exciting day for everyone. All that hard work and it paid off tremendously!

  11. Wow! They all look amazing! Congrats so all of them.

  12. Really loved this & having done bodybuilding, I get how hard it is & how much work!!! THANK YOU for sharing!!!

    I am old enough to be with Carla & Jan Tana! ;-)

  13. Great post, Kierston! the ladies all look phenomenal, and it totally paid off. :D One busy, wonderful day.

  14. I've loved all of these posts on the competitors! Makes me think that I should bite the bullet and just give it a go. So inspiring.

    1. If you want it...go get it! :)


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