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Florida Fitness Aylmer Athlete/Competitor Spotlight: Debbie Laurin-Leclerc

I decided to start a blog series.

A series highlighting a number of Bikini/Fitness and Figure Athletes and Competitors from Florida Fitness Aylmer (FFA), the gym I train at.

In it...

I will be featuring a number of ladies, and...

I am so excited for you to meet them!

The purpose of this series is to...

Celebrate and showcase each and every Athletes accomplishments, hard work, dedication and commitment to health and fitness and in getting themselves stage ready!

I want to share with you their stories, their journey and, have them tell you...

Why they chose to compete!

I believe it's important to have people understand and learn more about the sport and what it entails!


There is more behind the bikini, hair, makeup and tan, because, well...

There is!

The popularity of the sport is growing at lightning speed and...

I want to highlight some of the amazing women I see (and have seen) day in and day out work their way, so passionately and graceFUlly to...

The Competition Stage!

**Note that at Florida Fitness Aylmer, each and every Competitor is under the coaching, guidance and supervision of, the one and only, SuperFit (Ken)**


First up we have...

Debbie Laurin-Leclerc! (Also known as 007)


Debbie is soon to be 40. She is a CBBF National Level Figure Athlete and recently received her Pro Card at the International Drug Free Athletics National Capital Classic.

Her titles include:

IDFA Open 1st Place Figure Winner
IDFA Open 3rd Place Figure Winner
Provincial Naturals (APQ/CBBF) Overall Figure Winner
Provincial Naturals (APQ/CBBF) Figure Short 2nd Place Winner
Regionals (OPA/CBBF) Figure Masters 3rd Place Winner
Regionals (OPA/CBBF) Figure Short 2nd Place Winner
IFDA Novice Figure Overall Winner

**Debbie has been by my side throughout my journey in Health and Fitness. She is actually the one who motivated and inspired me to compete! I should mention that she also gave me liberty to choose the photos for our Q&A, which of course, I had no problems with!**

Alright so let's go! Let's get talking!

1. 007, tell me a little bit about yourself:

I am a Mom of 2 great kids...

Lili and Max xo

And a wife to an amazing man!

Husband Martin

I work with Projects and Quality Assurance and I also lead Spinning Classes at my second home, Florida Fitness Aylmer!

This face is a normal sighting.

I love cycling and I'm a complete movie addict.

She's a MACHINE!

2. Have you always been involved in Health and Fitness?

I was always involved in sports like mountain biking, soccer and baseball. Even though I didn't excel at any of these sports, I always gave it 100%.

As an ex-Nurse, health has always been at the forefront of everything I do. I know very well that what we do today, to our health, will have an impact on our future.

I'm not going down without a fight! lol


3. Why did you decide or what inspired you to compete?

After a knee injury/surgery, my Uncle took care of my rehab.

My Uncle, back in the day, was a successful Bodybuilder, Gym Owner and Trainer, which was when I fell in love with the sport! I wanted to be like Rachel McLish, but that had to wait.

When I turned 36, at a point in my life when I understood that I controlled my own destiny and happiness...

I knew I was surrounded by the perfect people to finally make this dream of mine come to life!

Making their way to the CBBF Nationals!

4. What keeps you motivated and focused to stay on track during your training and diet?

Well, I adore training! I don't think you can compete and hate training, so that part is easy for me!

Skull Crushing!

When I have a date (goal) to works towards to, there is a switch that turns on and I simply do not deviate from it. If I were to cheat, then I would be cheating myself.

I am very proud to say that I've never cheated during competition prep, and that in itself is my reward...

Knowing I have that willpower gives me strength.

Enjoying a well -deserved dessert with her Mom!

5. What do you find most difficult about your prep?

I'm presently getting ready for, not a competition, but a photoshoot! I must say that the only difficult part about my prep right now is not being able to have POPCORN!

I mean, I don't just like popcorn a little bit...I like it so much that I will eat a large bag (and half) when I'm not prepping (be it for a competition or a photoshoot!)! To put it simply, I avoid the movie theaters all together when prepping!

Loving her Kernels Cheddar Popcorn!

6. What do you love most about competition prep?

The energy of the whole experience! Everything is exciting!

Every week you complete, meeting with Joan (the Designer behind my Figure suits), the songs that get stuck in your head (during competition season), the people you get to meet and my husband's encouragement!

7. What have you learned over the past few years in your journey to the stage?

For me, it's all about enjoying the journey. It's a rare experience that very few people understand.

I learned that when you have goal, not everyone will be supportive or kind. You really have to find the strength within yourself to keep strong! You have to let go of those negative stimulants that might pop up!

I delete the bad, breath in the good and best of all, I enjoy the ride...

That's what makes me a strong woman!

You got that right!

8. What are some tips/words of wisdom, you would like to share with those who might be interested in competing?

It is an experience that will teach you a lot more about yourself. Pay attention because there are lessons you can apply everywhere in your life. Please read a lot about competitions, blogs like this one, go to YouTube and look at some competition footage, surround yourself with knowledgeable people, ask questions, that makes a huge difference!


9. Favorite quote?

"Winning isn't everything, wanting to is!"



Thank you 007 for taking part in my blog series and for your never-ending support! Tu es une merveilleuse amie et je suis contente de t'avoir dans ma vie! xo

Good luck with the few days you have left in your photoshoot prep! I can't wait to see the pictures!


Question FU You...

Have you ever considered competing in a Fitness Competition?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. She is gorgeous and what an inspiration!

  2. Very inspirational! It's wonderful that she has such a supportive base - don't think my hubs would be so into it. haha :)

  3. I have always thought I'd love to. These will be fun posts to read!

  4. such a fun idea for a series! she looks amazing for being almost 40!

  5. what an inspiration!!!
    I'm going to enjoy these features for contemplating competing...

  6. AnonymousJune 08, 2012

    never considered a competition and don't think i ever would, just not into the strict STRICT training and eating that would be required, but i admire those who do it AND truly enjoy like 007! i really enjoyed this interview and i am looking forward to the rest of these features.

  7. Thank you for sharing! I know how hard competing is since I did amateur bodybuilding in my late 30's. Looks amazing!!!

  8. AnonymousJune 08, 2012

    Proud to call her my friend!! Kikine

  9. AnonymousJune 08, 2012

    Hi: i have been thinking in preparing for a competition , i live north west of Toronto, would you recommend a coach in my area? Brampton-Mississauga, the ones i found only offer help online.

  10. Debbie is one gorgeous lady. And yay for her taking a hold of her destiny. I seem to be at the same point in life - realizing that. but have quiet a ways to go before I look like that. ;)

    Thank you for sharing such a great story. Nice series Kierston!

  11. Bam 😎
    Debbie you are as pure as it gets with a great additude, kindness, competitive spirit and you are a great mom too. The whole package!

    She inspired many people every day to keep getting up and never stop.

    Thanks for sharing Fu ❤

  12. Always stunned how women can transform their bodies to "more beautiful".


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