Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finding My Inner-Beast For The Ottawa Spartan Beast...

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post...

I have something to share about what I'll be doing this coming weekend!

That being something which is both...

FUreakin' me out and getting me excited at the same time!

And that my friends is...

The Spartan Beast!

Let me explain....

A group of us were signed up by a friend to run The Spartan Beast (20K) a few months ago and, ever since then...

I've been avoiding thinking about it! (I stored it in a part of my brain that I seldom visit...until recently! lol)

First off...

We (as in a group of us) had agreed to do The Super Spartan Race (12K) but...

We were all surprised one day after being notified we had been signed us up for The Beast!

Trust me....

I wasn't thrilled about the change in mileage and obstacles! (Although I will admit, some days I was excited about the idea and others quite the opposite! Mixed feelings to say the least lol)

If you don't know much about Spartan Races...

Here's a quick summary (source):

There a four levels of competitive obstacle racing:


1. The Spartan Spring (around 5K/15 obstacles)
2. The Super Spartan (around 12K/20+ obstacles)
3. The Spartan Beast (around 20K/25+ obstacles)
4. The Spartan Death Race (details not listed!)

Each differing in kilometers run and obstacles to get through! (Easier said than done, no doubt!)

In terms of the obstacles themselves...

The organizers don't divulge much in terms of what we we're to come across in our race to survival the finish, with the exception of these little tid bits:

1. Fire
2. Mud
3. Water
4. Barbed Wire and perhaps
5. Hell on Earth.


Sounds and looks amazing don't it?! ;)

In addition to this...

We will be expected to just roll with the punches (let's hope not literally lol) as there will be a demand to step out of our comfort zone and inevitably become...

Spartan Warriors! (The thought of being a warrior does have an appeal!)

Our friends Annie and Sly doing the Spartan Sprint
just a couple of weeks ago!

Aside from it sounding FUreakin' intense and scary amazingly fun and an incredible race to be a part of...

There's a certain part of me that's trembling with fear!



Scared FU.

I mean...

I love a goal but never once have I been scared of a challenge! (Did I mention I had to sign a waiver?!)

First off...

My goal was to run a half-marathon by Fall 2012! (Which I am registered and super excited for!)

But now, under these new circumstances...

I guess you can say my plans have slightly changed! (In more ways than one!)

That being said...

I'm just happy I ran 16K prior to The Beast!

I felt great so that made me feel more confident in terms of
of the mileage :)


I realize I will get scrapes and bruises (which are fine by me) but I worry about a real injury! (Who wouldn't though?! Whether we be doing the sprint, the super or any other activity we do day to day,  we can't always control what 'may' happen! Although, we can do our best to apply certain measures to prevent injuries.)

Cycling scrapes.
Cycling bruises.


I keep thinking "is this bigger than me?!" (I don't mean literally! lol)


Let's just say...

I've gone back and forth with the idea of committing to this!

One week I'm going to do it, and the next...

You can forget about it!

But now...

As we are approaching the date of The Spartan Beast, that being 3 days from now, I've decided to stick with it and stop flip flopping with the idea! (I flipped flopped until last week! lol)

Is it a good decision?

Some may think yes, others may not! (It is my decision in the end! :) )

Although to be quite honest...

I don't think I'll ever be ready! (Both mentally and physically at the same time!)

And, according to The Spartan Race organizers:

I'm "probably not" either! (Just look under the question asking if I am tough enough! lol)

But am I willing to do something wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out of my comfort zone?

The answer is Yes.

The face of being ready and willing!

I will do this!

Damn straight!

And as a group...

We will have FUn.

We will take an unsaid amount of time to get to the finish, no matter what or how long it takes to get there.

We will walk if we have to (lol).

We will get down and dirty (literally).

We will do burpees if need be (if we can't get through an obstacle that is!).

We will encourage each other...

And most importantly...

We will do this, together, as a Team!

Yep yep!
Having said all of this...

I'm ready (well, you know what I mean) to go...

Over and beyond the unimaginable.

I'm ready to do something...

Out of this world!

I'm ready to suck it up and...

Find my inner-Beast!


In other words, I'm ready to become...

A Spartan Warrior!

**Insert fear fierce face here**

Wish us luck! (Please!)

Questions FU You...

1. Have you ever run a Spartan Race before?
2. If not, would you want to?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

**Note: I do realize running a half-marathon and running The Spartan Beast is not comparable although, I am willing to give it my best shot! I will be mindFUl of my body so as not to go beyond what is tolerable for me, especially given the hot weather we are expecting. In other words, I am going to be smart about it. If I or We don't finish the race, then I or we don't! We are simply going to have FUn and that's what counts and matters most! :)**


  1. WHOA! That is nuts. You're a brave woman - and we all know you're going to smash it!

    Best of luck xx

  2. You go girl!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. you ROCK!!!!!
    you're fierce & can do this!

  4. how FUN! my husband wants to do one of these SO badly!

  5. AnonymousJune 27, 2012

    I loooooooove all your faces that you make. I love them!!! I wish I could successfully recreate all of them. You must be nervous but you will rock it! Good thing you ran that 16K. Those obstacles will be such an interesting part of the race!

    1. hehe...thanks! I am totally nervous but will do my very best! This should be interesting to say the least lol ;)

  6. I would love to try a Spartan Race! I'm so glad you flopped onto the YES side! At the very least you're warrior faces are going to be fierce. :) I'm sure you'll rock it!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I can't wait to share my experience (and my ultimate Warrior face! lol)

  7. You've got this because you are a badass. Yep, I just said it...because you are!!

    1. My mantra will be "I am a badass, Heidi said so!" Thanks girl! :) xo

  8. 20K and Spartan. Girl, I'd be scared. But I know you can do it. Cuz you're a powerhouse! Your post crack me up! Love em'.

    Best of luck and hard ass work to you! xoxo

    1. Thanks Christine!!! WoO! I can't believe it's in 2 days from now!

  9. OMG how fun!! You're going to rock it!

  10. Damn!! How freaking bad asss!!!! You're going to do great, I KNOW it. I'm soooo looking forward to hearing all about it ;)

  11. Wahoo! Go you!

    I totally want to try a Spartan race...someday!

  12. I am jealous you are doing one!!! Although a 20k is quite intimidating but you've done the 16k no probl - what's another 4k? & you are a tough lady so you've got the obstacle course stuff down. Have a blast!

  13. you are freakin hilarious as always.


  14. I have done the Sprint and the Super in SoCal. The Super was rough; WICKED hills. My buddy is doing the Utah Beast this weekend, but I passed. May do it next year, but want to make sure I train hard for HILLS and elevation.

    It's going to be a Beast, for sure, but you'll be fine. Just make sure you cover the hydration end of things. Hydrate prior to the race, wear a Camelbak, carry gels, and hit every available water station on the way.

    Good luck!

  15. I never realized every race had different distances. Guess because I never wanted to do one I never bothered to look and I never knew two people at the same race to get the comparison. Sounds like it'll be quite there experience.


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