Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FFA Competitor Spotlight: Rosanne Neddo

Today in the Florida Fitness Aylmer (FFA) Competitor Spotlight we have...

Rosanne Neddo!

Rosanne is 46 years of age. She started competing in Fitness Competitions just two years ago and has fell in love with the sport ever since! Her favorite competition was one dating back to July 2011 because of the large FFA presence. She has won 5th place in the IDFA Master's category (40+) three times over! Her next competition is on June 16 with Serious About Fitness (SAF) and Physique Canada!

She is sweet, kind-hearted, determined and her overall passion for this sport is simply undeniable! 

Without further ado...

Rosanne a.k.a. "Crazy Abs"!

1. Rose, tell me a little bit about yourself:

I am a Mother of two. I have a 21 year old daughter and a son, 19. I've been hairstyling for 25 years have have owned my own beauty salon for 15 years. I love the outdoors and I really enjoy rollerblading, spinning, running, painting sceneries and reading inspirational and motivational novels. And of course, I love bodybuilding and competing too!

I am also proud to announce I will be a Grandma in September!

Rose and her kids

2. Were you always involved in Health and Fitness?

Since the moment I had children, I've always been physically active. I was the Mom that the neighbourhood children followed around whether I was cycling, rollerblading or simply just playing ball at the local park! I did Kickboxing for a couple of years, and so did my kids! I've always walked my children to all of their activities because I didn't own a car at the time. I even created a Yoga class that I would teach, locally, twice week.

Rose and her son Jeff.

3. Why did you decide or what inspired you to compete?

I decided to compete when I saw a poster at the gym announcing an upcoming, local competition. I told Ken, my Trainer, I wanted to participate in it! Ken did say I wasn't yet ready for it, so I asked for direction and this is when my journey to the stage began....

Rose and Trainer Ken!

4. What keeps you motivated and focused to stay on track with your training and diet?

I train and I diet like it's my job, that's how I stay on track (and with Ken's guidance too!). I am intrigued by my capabilities to transform my body through fitness and nutrition. 

Picture taken from one of Rose's photoshoots!
Photo by Chris Kiez

5. What you find most difficult about your prep?

I often find it difficult to head to the gym after a 12 hour shift. That or fitting in some gym time when I'd rather be in the company of friends. Thankfully, my friends and family are supportive and encouraging! In addition that, I have to say another component I find challenging is to keep to my diet and eat well at social eventspreparing food in advance or carrying a lunch box everywhere I go to ensure I stay on track. Although, in the end, these are important details and it's all worthwhile. 

One other thing, it's been a challenge for me to create body symmetry. My upper body is ectomorph  (lean and bony) while my lower body is endomorph (carries more fat in the glutes and leg area). But, with my perseverance, intense training and Ken's expertise, I have managed to create better symmetry!

Working her way to the competition stage with Trainer Ken!

6. What do you love most about your prep?

Competition day is so exciting! It's your chance to show off all the hard work you've put in, and it's your day to simply just have fun! Honestly, I feel like I'm preparing for a Miss Universe pageant! Hair, lights, make-up, beautiful women, photographers etc...

Having said this, we still have to keep to our diets and pump up our muscles backstage too so, there is still a very serious side to competition day. Flexing is not easy, it's an exercise in itself!

7. What have you learned thus far in your journey to the stage?

I learned that even though I've never struggled with my weight, I was not healthy. I, most often than not, ate breakfast but I may not have had lunch until much later in the afternoon due to my busy schedule with the salon. I also ate my fair share of junk food. Now, I eat every 3 hours, 6 times a day, which consists of lean proteins and veggies. I can honestly say that I feel and I know I am much healthier and fit! 

8. What are some tips/words of wisdom you would like to share with those who might be interested in competing?

Competing is an experience of a lifetime, which involves hard work and dedication (like anything we do that we are passionate about). Seek out advice of a professional trainer, equip yourself with proper fitness attire and take some stage presence classes (I mean, you wouldn't play baseball without a glove). 

Be your personal best and be proud of your body transformation.

Enjoy the journey and don't forget to smile :)

Having fun backstage!
Photo taken just a few weeks ago!

9. Favorite motivational quote?

"Champions are made when no one is watching" Anon.

"Do not let age be an excuse, instead, let it be a reason to embrace new opportunities" (Quote by Rose)


Thank you so much Rose for taking part in this blog series! You have just a few more days left in your prep and you are totally rockin' it!

Good luck to you in your upcoming competition!

Don't forget to smile ;)

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) My 40's were pretty good but I never looked like that! 50's are much more a challenge but I fight on & I can see that Rosanne will too!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT! I wish I had that lean mid area - WOW!

    Congrats on all her hard work!

  2. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    Good job Rose!! xo

  3. Great interview and extremely fun photos! You look so happy in all of them... even the ones where you are kicking ass at the gym. i'm sensing some love for NY. :)

  4. Never forget to smile! Awesome job!

  5. What a fun post! She is fierce for 40! I love what she said about stage presence classes. It's so often overlooked and can really cost someone a higher placement.

  6. Jeez!!! She is really in her 40s? Wow! She's amazing. Great story and I cannot believe she is going to be a grandmother?


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