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FFA Competitor Spotlight: Gina Adams

Today in the Florida Fitness Aylmer Competitor Spotlight, we have...

THE Zumba lady, Gina Adams!

**If you missed the first one, here it is!**

Gina is 43 years of age and will be competing on June 16 in both the Serious About Fitness (SAF) and Physique Canada federations.

1. Gina, tell me a little bit about yourself:

I was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm a former medical transcriptionist of 20 years who, when my contract wasn't renewed by my last employer, made the decision to pursue a career as a full-time independent fitness instructor (1 year, 7 months ago). I'm a single mother of two. I have a son, who is 16 years of age and daughter, who is 11.

2. Were you always involved in health and fitness?

As a child growing up in Nova Scotia, I was fat.  Got the teasing, the ostracizing, blah, blah, blah... I hated Phys Ed all through school and as a matter of fact, the year I had back surgery (Harrington rods placed to correct scoliosis curve), I was pleased because I was exempt from participating in gym class.
When it comes to diets, I would try those from household magazines--but hated the idea of "dieting" and (thankfully), I would lose interest after a week.

As a teenager (high school) I discovered the aerobic fitness TV program, "The 20-Minute Workout" with actress Beth Moss (you can find her on facebook) and I was hooked. Finally, a fitness program I could feel successful doing! I would record the show --yes, on my TAPE RECORDER (LOL) -- and memorize the moves. I would do the sessions in my parents' basement. I did try to take up running as a teenager, but I really did NOT enjoy that.

During my last year of high school, I took out a membership at a local chain fitness centre (NuBody's, now GoodLife) and began a more committed lifestyle of regular fitness. I saw how my body was changing, how good I started to look and feel in my clothes--I liked it. I became a certified group fitness instructor (YMCA) in 2000 while pregnant with my daughter.  With the dissolution of my marriage, my kids and I moved to Aylmer, Quebec, where I continued to teach (part-time) as a fitness instructor (at Florida Fitness Aylmer--Thank you, Ken!). I also got full-time employment as a medical transcriptionist but continued as a part-time instructor at various locations.  

Looks like an absolute blast!

My j-o-b in transcription began to finally take its toll on me and it was becoming more and more apparent that I was to be on another path; one that was physical. I felt I had more to give people.

I didn't have the guts to leave my well-paying job with benefits on my own although, I knew I needed to! So, I prayed it away.  Yep, I prayed it away. 

When I was told my contract was not going to be renewed, I wasn't really surprised.  It was the kick in the butt I needed to move forward and make this full-time fitness thing work!
I have since become Can-Fit-Pro certified (FIS) and licensed to teach Zumba® fitness. I have created my business, Zumba®Aylmer/Zumba® with Gina and, I have amazing participants and I'm feeling pretty blessed!  

A very vibrant Gina!

3. Why did you decide or what inspired you to compete?

When I turned 40, I got to thinking, "Gee...could I do that? [compete]"

I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be up in front of a group of people and teach them fitness, and now, I was thinking about posing in a fitness comp! So, this is something I put on my bucket list. 

Being a woman with scoliosis, I feel like this would be an opportunity to show others with a condition alike, that there are no barriers except those that we put on ourselves.  

Last summer I came across a fitness model on facebook, Dionne Sinclair. This got me very excited about the prospect of competing again. I visited with her briefly and after taking her killer Abs 'n Butts Zumba class, I had the opportunity to ask her some questions about competitions. Fast forward to one afternoon, about five weeks ago, I felt a "pull" to go see Ken and inquire.
The rest, as they say, is history.

You know, I feel very privileged to have Ken as my coach/trainer in achieving this personal milestone. He played an integral role in getting me going on this leg of my journey.

4. What keeps you motivated and focused to stay on track with your training and diet?

I think because of my crazy schedule, I am better able to stay focused with my training and diet. I'm a HUGE fan of fish, chicken breasts and greens, so this meal planning MAKES me focus on getting that food into me, regularly. I look forward to making dinner each night with the MEGA green stir fry and salmon!!!

I actually feel more balanced with the diet and training.

Also, I like that I'm doing something for ME.

5. What do you find most difficult about your prep?

The most challenging part of prep for me is the actual scheduling of meals. It is a real mental exercise for me to be mindful to prep meals ahead of time and pack food to bring with me. Admittedly, I am so used to being on the fly...eating...sometimes. This has been a good thing. Sweets do remain my temptation, however.

6. What do you love most about your prep?

Lovin' the results. Watching all the loose skin around my abs tighten up...WOW! In my mind's eye, I could always envision my body's potential, but to actually live it and see it...very cool!

Meeting Joan has been very fun. Meeting other competitors and hearing some of their stories...always enjoyable. The helpful hints, fun!

I like that I am stepping outside of my comfort zone. 

In the beginning I felt awkward on many levels but, as time progressed in the prepping, the awkwardness has lessened.

7. What have you learned thus far in your journey to the stage?

I've learned that I really can commit to a personal goal. I have a new respect for (serious) weight training ;*)

8. What are some tips/words of wisdom you would share with people who might be interested in competing?

To follow your heart if it is heart that sets you on this path. That there will probably be a few potholes along the way, but that you can overcome them.

The key is to keep moving forward. Don't spend energy on what you didn't get done but instead, celebrate what you DID get done. 

If the idea of competing doesn't let you go, then you need to go for it! Or, you can live always wondering "what if"?

9. Favorite motivational quote?

"You become what you think about" -- Earl Nightingale
"Many things will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart...PURSUE THOSE." Anon.


Thank you Gina for taking part in my blog series! It was so nice to meet you just a couple of months ago! You have such amazing (contagious) energy, you look incredible and your passion goes without saying! Congratulations on everything you have accomplished to date! I wish you the best of luck on June 16!

I can't wait to see you on stage!!!

Shake it Gina, shake it! ;)

p.s. I definitely want to learn some of those Zumba moves! 

Questions FU You...

1. Do you have any fitness goals on your agenda? If so, what?
2. Have you ever tried Zumba?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. So wonderful!! I want to do Zumba on a regular basis so bad but I am terrible at it and can never make the class times to get better. One day :)

  2. Gina looks incredible!!! I wish her the best of luck !!


  3. Gina is one hot mamma!

  4. AnonymousJune 09, 2012

    Wonderful story on Gina!I have been so lucky through the years to have her as my aerobic and Zumba instructor.She is a wonderful person who is so positive and full of incredible energy.Good luck Gina in the competition.I really do admire all of your accomplishments!!

  5. I don't do Zumba but Gina is amazing!!! Very inspirational! I really was at some of my best in my 40's so I say go Gina before the 50's! ;-) Kidding but 50's have been much more of a body challenge for me.

    GOOD LUCK Gina! You are one hot lady!

  6. Gina is BAD ASS.

    LOVE :)

  7. I can proudly tell, that I attended your very first Zumba class at Sportheque!! And I will never forget the joy, the happiness and the blessing I felt by watching and following you on that day!!! You`re so wonderful Gina!!! Thanks.


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