Monday, May 14, 2012

Turning The Negative Into Positive.

I need to talk about something.

Something I feel needs addressing.

Before I begin...

We are all entitled to our own thoughts and opinions.

This is mine.

This is where I'm going share my opinion and perspective about a few negative comments that were recently posted on a photo of my friends, fellow competitors and myself on the day of our Bikini/Fitness/Figure Competition dating back to July 2011.

This is the picture.

A very memorable day!

The commitment, dedication, discipline and hard work to get to where we were on July 16 was no doubt, present within all of us.

It was an amazing day

A day filled with smiles, tears and laughter!

Our amazing Trainer :)

Friends were made, stories were shared and the camaraderie between each and every fellow competitor was undeniable.

We all knew (and know) the amount of work it took to get on that stage and this was our opportunity to say...

"Hey! I did it, I am here and I am PROUD of myself"

We all had a choice, and...

Each and every one of us had our own reasons as to why we made the decision to compete and begin our journey to becoming a Bikini, Fitness and/or Figure Competitor.

For those who were quick to judge and say that:

1. We are too tanned;
2. We are too skinny; and
3. We create imagine issues for other women (this hurt me a lot)...

I feel I need to offer some clarification and insight.

So, here is my response to those comments (all thoughts and opinions shared are my own):

1. We have to apply a cream or spray tanning product on our skin in order for our muscles to be seen under the bright lights. Without it, the lights would wash us out. Anyone who has ever been on stage or has gone to a show, knows you must wear stage makeup. This is ours. We do not parade ourselves in fake tanning cream every day. We apply this cream/spray tan specifically for competition purposes (or photoshoots). Of course, it is not natural looking. All of us know that.

I personally like parading myself in my FUnky glasses.

2. We are not skinny. We are strong. We ate 5, 6, 7 meals a day and trained our butts off to get on that stage. The way I looked on competition day and the way I look today are two different things. Almost 1 year ago since my competition, I continue to train hard and feed my body with healthy foods. I indulge and I practice moderation. I do what I love most and that is, living a balanced lifestyle fuelled with healthy eating, exercising and FUn! If I choose to compete again, then I will work towards a competition physique and enjoy every step of the way. 

We all know I love my cupcakes!
And sweets!

3. Many of the men and women competing have their own personal stories as to why they chose to get on stage. For me, it was to prove to myself  that I could commit to something, a goal, I had never once thought imaginable (and just so you know, I was only a few percentages away from obesity, according to the BMI chart, when I first began my journey to health and fitness ~ 1 year before I made the decision to compete). It was never to create an image for myself or others. My.Goodness. No. It was to show how committing yourself to your goals, whatever they may be, can be achieved if you simply believe in yourself.

I did it!
We did it.


You don't have to like the sport (or our tan). (Much like no one can force me to like cooked carrots! lol)

Having said all of this, what you can do is...

Respect that we all have a right to do what we love and a right to work towards our own goals without being put down and/or judged.

All in all...

The negative opinions and comments that were written only made me remember one of the most memorable days of my life.

And (generally speaking)...

Not everyone will have nice things to say about it and sometimes people will be quick to judge (in every aspect of life)... 

And you know what...

That's okay.

Aside from what you see here, in this photo, at face value...

We are...
(behind the tan, makeup and glam)
Chemists, Business Owners, Event Planners, Writers, Managers, we work in the field of Dentistry
and we are Teachers.

Having said that...

I'm taking the negativity and the hurt I immediately felt after reading those comments and instead, I'm going to...

Reflect and think back about my journey to health and fitness and where it has led me to this day.

Today being...

A great day!

No words can express how grateFUl and thankFUl I am for...

The continuous support I received daily from my family, my friends and YOU during my preparation! (And still to this day as I continue along in my journey!!!)

So again, I...

Thank you!

My Dad helping me with my Fitness Routine.
SuperFit letting me practice on him ;)

I will always cherish the memories from my competition day, and...

No one can take that away from me.

This is me...

Turning the negative into positive.

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2012

    Well said, it was an amazing adventure and was so proud to be part of that team... you can say you spoke for me as well.

  2. AnonymousMay 14, 2012

    People who wrote those comments obviously don't know you and the women in the picture !!! So quick to judge on amazingly strong, determined and committed woman !!! If they truly knew all of you, they would realize how much of an inspiration you all are ! Not only on a fitness level but in all aspects of your daily lives !! You are truly an inspiration and have helped so many women and men reach for that goal !!!

  3. I have always been intrigued by the world of figure competitions. Intrigued to the point of want to try it. Dunno if I ever would though =) I will also say that I never understood the tanning (not that I questioned it), so thanks for explaining.

    The dedication to the sport is amazing. You know what they, "Haters gonna hate" You all are fantastic!

  4. love this post. you look amazing and what you did was amazing. this sport takes so much dedication and you SHOULD be proud of what you did. good for you for standing up for what you believe in.

  5. AnonymousMay 14, 2012

    There will always be haters out there. Like I always say, don't let the misguided guide you.


  6. Well written! While it may not have been your intent, since I stumbled onto your blog last year you have been inspiring my body image :). I started out with a similar body/lifestyle as you did and its so inspiring to see in real life and real time that change is possible and goals are achievable.

    For sticking to your guns (and having great guns), I thank you!

    1. This means so much to me Tanya! Thank you for your support and your kindness :)

      p.s. I hope your training is going well! I'm 'gunning' for ya! ;)

    2. Tri training is going awesome, right on track.

      I've also signed up for 2 Femsport competitions this summer so I've added more strength training into all the triathlon cardio.

      Busy, sweaty summer :)

  7. Great post! Even if I don't feel like figure comps would be right for me, I recognize the extreme dedication and time. And I applaud you for following through with something you believe in, something you enjoy. I think that's fantastic! I'm glad you're taking the negative and turning it around

  8. Just coming her for the first time today. It's sad that would even have to defend yourself against such rubbish remarks from people, but well said! I'm not a competitor (err, not even close), but I do enjoy following the journey and stories of women competitors. I look at the pics and I see dedicated women achieving what they set out to do. Never judged the tans, but I do appreciate the explanation on why it's necessary with the lighting & such (didn't know that!). Keep being a bad ass. Your daddy looks like a bad ass, too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you taking the time to read my post and sharing your thoughts! My Dad is definitely bad ass ;)

  9. Ah, the haters & the trolls... many of us get this stuff...

    Have competed in natural bodybuilding, I DO KNOW how hard it is to train for & be ready for a show like this. It takes a ton of dedication & hard work!!! I commend you for it! IT IS TOUGH!

    Any competitive sport, getting ready to compete, people always have to push out of the norm & comfort zone to compete - all sports.


  10. It's so silly that you even have to write a post like this, but I love it and I love the way you wrote it. I've learned that some people just don't get it, and never will... but that doesn't discount your hard work and dedication!

  11. I will never have the physique to compete. I know this. And, I'll admit, I am baffles by those who do do this because it's a foreign concept to me.

    But I lift. Most women don't. And definitely most 60 year old women don't. So I understand the passion that isn't the norm. Will try to remember THAT instead of any judgement as I read about competitors during the season.

  12. Such a wonderful post, thank you for sharing. You ladies look strong and beautiful. What matters is that you do what makes you happy no matter what!

  13. It's so nice to read your perspective. I'll be honest I was someone who had many of those negative comments in my head and even out loud until only recently. One of my clients was a former figure competitor (sorry if that's not the right term) and he would talked about it at great lengths. It was competing/training that helped get him clean and sober. It was listening to him that helped me see it as a dedication and process. Maybe not the right choice for everyone, but not everyone rides a bike or swims or goes to NASCAR. Everyone has their own idea of beauty and pushing the limits of their body. Stay the happy beautiFUl girl you are!

  14. AnonymousMay 14, 2012

    I came across your blog a couple of weeks ago (thru Stephen's facebook page). I find your blog very encouraging and fun to read. I have to admit, I was shocked and saddened when I read all the negative comments about that picture. Good for you for all your hard work and good for you for standing up for your beliefs.

    1. Thank you so very much for the support and kindness!

  15. Everyone has their own ideas and personalities. It's what makes us individuals. It's very sad that people feel the need to voice their negativity. When I look at your pictures, I see a hard working, determined and beautiful person. Keep doing what you love!

    and I heard the above and more when I competed too.
    and I never ever got why people "cared" what I did.

    ROCK ON.

  17. I don't see skinny women, I see strong women, mind body and soul. To achieve that level of fitness takes something special. I have nothing but admiration for you all.

  18. I LOVE This post. I love how you've turned a few negative comments and took time toreflect on your own journey, and have helped to clear the air and disspell some of the negativity that surrounds the sport. I saw you that day in competing mode and i was in awe! I was so happy to have met you and to have been able to celebrate every single woman and man's journey that dayt o the stage. You're right we all did it for our own reasons! it's definitley a moment to be proud of!

    1. You are sooo sooo sweet! I was super excited to meet you at the competition as well! Are you doing another? Looking forward to seeing you in the near future, I hope! xo

  19. I see those pictures and totally envy and admire the dedication it takes to get to that level. Forget the haters, people will judge you not matter WHAT you do, be it fitness competitions or cookie baking. You are strong and beautiful ladies. Keep on keeping on!

  20. We must be sharing a brain - I'm typing up a post along the same lines!

    My favorite line of this post is "Respect that we all have a right to do what we love and a right to work towards our own goals without being put down and/or judged."---> #truth


    1. Thank you! Looking forward to reading your post! :)

  21. AnonymousMay 15, 2012

    If your going to write something let it be the way you do it FU! BEautiful Blog so happy to have someone as well spoken as you to educate the people about this sport that is miss understood so many times :)))) Nooks

  22. I LOVE this post! I've been entertaining the idea of trying a bikini competition. Do you have any pointers? Do you think it's necessary to have a coach? I think I might need one! :)


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