Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stretching and Riding It Out!

Coming back home from my second week on the road...

I got loads done! (Which is why I'm splitting my weekend activities into two posts!)


Attending a much needed Bikram Yoga class at Rama Lotus Yoga Centre!

I went with my brother (who stayed in town longer than anticipated) and Nikki!

**Here are a few photos of the asanas (postures/positions) we do during the 90 minute session. I'm working at getting better :) Here's my #Fitfluential #PROOF**

Camel Pose.
Standing Bow Pulling Pose.
I love this one!
Working my way into the Tree Pose.
Now on my other foot ;)
Toe Stand Pose.
Working on keeping my balance.

**FYI: We didn't snap a shot of each step when I worked my way down into the Toe Stand Pose. I also switched foots if you didn't notice lol** 

To add to the Bikram...

I recently tried Hot Yoga (as mentioned before) which is a type of...

"Yoga practice [that] incorporates elements of Ashtanga, Bikram and Power Yoga with work on the hips and abdominals. It is as fast paced, aerobic yoga incorporating yoga philosophy...Hot Yoga is perforrmed in a heated room for 90 brings the body into balance, regulating appetite, sleep and mood disturbances, while promoting relaxation. It increases focus, concentration and will power and gives great strength and flexibility." Source

I found a great liking to this practice as well, so...

I've been trying to incorporate it into my program whenever I can! (Typically, one of the 6am morning classes!)

Moving on...

To compliment a great sweat sesh...

I also got in some much needed cycling into the mix of things! (I haven't been able to ride much lately, so I just had to go!)

Of course...

It fell on a day where winds were blowing at 25km/h with wind gusts of 45km/h! (SuperFit knows my huge love for strong wings. Insert sarcasm here. He says to embrace it and that it will only make me stronger. I know he's right. So I sucked it up! lol)

We ended up going for a 40K ride! (It went really well considering the crazy wind and its attempt to slow me down! I pushed through dammit!)

Ready to ride with the wind ;)

In the end...

It felt good and I was happy I went!

Much like I was happy I came home to some goodies that arrived for me in the mail...

MindFUl Eating books and a...
Prize I won via Tara Burner's website!
I got me a Mondetta Performance Gear zip-up hoodie! YaY!
Nikki picked me up some PB2!
(That didn't come in the mail lol)


That I got to attend my cousin's baby shower!

My cousin Alexis and a glowing Sherly!
Mom. Cousin Carl. Sister Kiki!
My cousin Bea!
She made two spectacular looking cakes and cookies!
The new Daddy to be!

That's it for now...

I'll continue on with the remainder of my weekend in another post!

So much FUn! :)

Questions FU you...

  1. What style of Yoga do you prefer?
  2. What's your fave asana (position)?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Awesome #PROOF! I don't do yoga, but really need to. I know it'd be so beneficial for me.

  2. holy mother of god! you've got some serious lower body strength!

  3. AnonymousMay 03, 2012

    Someone's been having some fun times!!!
    The photos of you in all those poses are so beautiful. I love all the poses you chose for your photos!!! Tree may be my favorite.

  4. Call me incredibly impressed with that toe stand! Amazing. Can't even imagine ever getting there!!

  5. I've only done At-home-in-front-of-my-TV yoga... i think that is the official title. I really like the warrior 2 pose and the runner's pose (of course) and your toe stand is frickin' awesome!

  6. look how good you are getting! i love it. and i love my hot yoga! it's a daily detox for the soul.

  7. Girl, I spend half my life in PIDGEON POSE!

  8. I love your facial expressions. They're great.

  9. Nice job on that toe pose! I don't think I've ever tried that one... I've only been to power yoga (other than beginner, which I didn't like). I need to do more experimenting in the yoga world!

  10. OM following you today. YOGA here.


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