Thursday, May 17, 2012

Running in Waves...


Teddy is getting so big so fast!

I bet he'll be taller than me once he's FUll grown!

He's halfway there!
Joshua Perets Tank Top
Lululemon Running Shorts

After running my last 10K...

I was beyond excited when I found this box waiting for me at my doorstep a couple of days later!

I love things that come in a box ;)

After ripping the box open like a kid (I've never been one to take my time unwrapping gifts!)...

I found another box within it!



I'm sure you can all guess the contents of the brown box!


It was the latest pair of the Mizuno Wave Inpire 8!!! (I currently have the 7s!)

Trust me...

There was no denying how thrilled I was at the sight of these babies!!!


Why do I trip (not literally) over the Wave Inspire 8 Running Shoes?

Well...Here are some of the key features that make it worthwhile for me and my feet:
    • Full-length composite double fan wave: Controls overpronation by engaging wave plate sooner for a buttery smooth ride
    • Dynamotion Fit: Reduces lateral stress for optimal fit while in motion
    • Mizuno Wave: Combines cushioning and stability
    • InterCool: reduces heat and moisture build-up inside the shoe
    • SmoothRide: minimizes the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition
    The Wave Inspire series has long shown how stability and lightweight do not have to be mutually exclusive traits. With a refined fit, the 8th version returns to the feel so many runners have fallen in love with.
    SmoothRide Engineered, solid rubber forefoot outsole design for cushioning, flexibility, and durability.
Once I took them out of the box...

I just had to slip them on and guess what?!

They fit perfectly!

I felt like Cinderella ;)

Of course...

I brought them outside for a test run! (I mean, how could I resist?!)

**The Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 running shoes were the very first pair of runners I bought when I started on my running journey! After making the switch from my gym sneakers to real running shoes (after facing a foot injury), I immediately felt the difference and quickly realized and clued in to the importance of proper footwear! They offered me enormous support right off the cuff...The support I needed to get my run on! In the end, getting fitted for the right shoe and finding a pair suitable for me and my feet was the best and smartest decision I could have made in my beginning to run! I would suggest you get fitted if you haven't already done so!**

Once I was FUlly laced up and ready to run...

I made a point to simply go at my leisure!

  • No PR to beat;
  • No goal to reach;
  • Just me, myself and my new runners!

I had planned on doing 5K, but...

I ended up running 8K instead! (It was so nice out and I was feeling good!)

I must have felt 'inspired' or something ;)

There's no denying...

I was definitely running in waves!

Lovin' my new kicks!

By the end of my run, I did...

8K in 48 minutes! (I was happy with that!)

8K Done!
#Fitfluential #PROOF

Oh! And...

You'll be happy to know I remembered to bring my key this time around!

It's in my mouth.
Gross. I know.
(In was in my pocket for my run. I swear LOL)

So what is my overall opinion about my new Waves? 

I love them!

Why? Because of the...
  1. Support;
  2. Comfort;
  3. Fit to my feet (my feet are nice and secure); and
  4. Cushion like feel!
  1. My feet don't sweat in them (I have sweaty feet :s!)
  2. They are light ~ it's like I'm flying ;); and, I love the...
  3. Overall balance and stability I feel when I run!


To be quite honest, I don't have any at this point in time! (And, I've been running in Waves for about 10 months now!)

One things for sure...

I'll definitely be wearing them for my upcoming 10K race on May 27!


The date is fast approaching and I'm super pumped for it!

Can you tell?!

Questions FU you...
  1. What are you running in?
  2. Why do you think it's important to get fitted for the right running shoe?

**Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 running shoes as a gift after writing my post entitled: "I will not be an anti-social runner" I was not compensated for this post nor was I asked to write a review. I simply wanted to share with you my own thoughts and opinions about my Waves and why it is I think they are totally awesome! They have truly helped me and my feet find the comfort and support needed with every single stride! Thank you Mizuno Running!**

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. They sound great. I have never tried Mizuno's but have always wanted too. Plus they look so great, love the colors! btw- nice run!!!

  2. i love it! new shoes are a great way to start fresh and feel inspired. PERFECT FIT!

  3. Love Mizuno! My feet have never felt better since getting properly fitted. It makes all the difference. Currently I'm in the Mizuno Alchemy but I'd love to try the wave. Plus, they are pretty!

  4. so fun to get new shoes!! they look awesome!

  5. Wee! Mizuno is a class act company!

  6. I really would love to test out some Mizunos. I have been wearing Brooks Ghosts (currently the 4's) and love them. So I'm afraid to try changing!

  7. I love mizunos! Glad you liked them!

  8. I have the same. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

  9. Pierrette JutrasMay 17, 2012

    I loooove my Asics Gel Kayano 17 & 18 (2 pairs); as I know that the loss of 3 toe nails is due to distance not fit!!!

  10. I have been wearing the Brooks Adrenaline for a while and love them, they really work for me! Love the purple in your new shoes.

  11. Oh my gosh, I am in love with this dog! Also the sneakers look GREAT. Purple's my favorite, which makes them even better :)

  12. Love them! I wear the Wave Riders, but I love Mizunos. And the purple is just awesome!


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