Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Progress Report: Riding With It...

As promised...

Here's on update on my progress as I'm working towards my goal to get lean!

Since starting my new regime (April 9) and knowing my metabolism (which I've mentioned before)... 

I knew I'd have to be patient before things shift back into gear! (The leaning out gear that is!) 

Reason being...

I'm getting to know my body pretty well! (And I'm continuing to learn more about it as I go along!)

Although one thing I didn't know until recently...
I can do the Camel Pose!
I surprise myself every day :)

In others words...

I suspected it would take some time before seeing any results!

Sometimes longer than I'd hope!
Patience is a virtue :)

At two weeks in... 

There were no changes on the scale! (I very, very, seldom get on the scale but for these purposes only, I'm hopping on it once a week to gauge how things are going!) 


If you're wondering about measurements...


I don't really like getting measured either! (I don't think I like numbers lol)

I would highly recommend getting measured if you want to keep track of your body fat percentage, lean muscle mass etc....And to be honest, it served as a great starting point for me when I first began on my journey to health and fitness! For this specific goal, I want, for the most part, if not all of it, go on the way I look and feel. Personal preference. And just so you know, when I was in my pre-comp mode, I stopped getting measured about 4 months away from the big day! We went with SuperFit's eye and the scale from time to time! I may get measured in a few weeks. We'll see lol

Continuing right along...

Even if the scale didn't budge (and I won't deny I was a wee bit disappointed, even if I knew I'd have to be patient)...

My clothes were fitting a bit looser and I could visually see some changes! (Big or small, my body was reacting!)

I just had to put on my glasses to see them more clearly ;)

At week 3 (the day right after my reboot)...

I went down 3lbs!

From nothing to 3 pounds!!! (And even after a huge meal!!!)

There's no denying...

My metabolism is a FUnny thing! (No two people are going to react the same to one specific regime and/or training program! We are all different and SuperFit's programs are tailored accordingly! Obviously, I needed a little boost to shake things up a little! Who knew?! lol)

With all of this in mind...

I'm simply going to go with the flow and let my body change at its own pace! (I'm not in any rush!)

Much like I'm learning to...
Run at my own pace without rushing to get faster!
Slow and steady ;)


When it comes to my expectations...

I'm going to be realistic about it! (I can't expect big things to happen tomorrow! Everything needs time!)

I'm going to continue along and ride with it.


This process (and the past two years of my lifestyle change) has given me the opportunity to learn from and appreciate all that I've been doing to live and be healthy! (If it were just handed to me, I wouldn't be able to really value my efforts!)

In the end...

While I work towards whatever it is I set out to achieve...

I'm going to live each day in the present moment and...

Enjoy life every step of the way!

If I fall down, I'll get back up and continue on.

Just to be clear... I want to lean out to better see the muscles I've been building. There is no goal weightAlso, the regime I'm following now is not so different than my normal nutritional/training program. It simply includes some carb cycling and no indulging, unless I've been given the green light. Once I reach where I want to be, then we'll go from there in terms of maintenance and what not! I'm learning more and more about my body as the days go by and for that I am grateful. Each day is a new day that gets me closer to reaching my goal(s). I'm enjoying my journey, I feel great and that's what matters most!

And that concludes this news report on *CaNdY FiT*! (So cheese, I know!)

I'll keep you all posted with my progress within the coming weeks!

Until then...

Here's a pic I took on May 3!

Questions FU you...
  1. Are you patient when it comes to progress and results?
  2. Your thoughts on the famous 'scale'?
Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Ahhh loved reading this - the reasons and seeing how you really are learning your own body. Everyone really is different. And you've got some rockin' abs going on so something is working ;-)

  2. You are rockin' it girl. Hawt =) I myself get obsessed with the scale so I stay away from it at all cost and go by the way my clothes feel. I'm happier that way.

  3. This gives me so much hope. I have been eating lean for a week know and nothing.. just need to hang on.. it will happen. I'm like a kid who can't wait.. I WANT SOMETHING, ANYTHING RIGHT NOW. tee hee

    1. Hang in there and keep moving forward! You got this!

      p.s. Trust me, I know that feeling of wanting something (anything!) right now! ;)

  4. LOVE your attitude. I always remind myself that pushing through even when things don't seem to be working is the only way I even have the chance of getting progress down the road. It never fails. Keep up the great work!

  5. I'm not a fan of number either. It's more about how I feel. Obviously you are doing something right 'cause your abs are looking smokin'!!!

    Yay for Camel's Pose! I love that pose. The front of the body just opens up. Ahhhhh!!!

  6. WOW - you look amazing!!!! I so understand all you wrote as I have been there & done that & still doing that! ;-) One of my mottos - always learning! As we age, even more learning! ;-) Keep up the great work!

    I have a weird bod so I use the scale & how clothes fit. For me, that is best but I know many don't like the scale - for me - it works along with clothes.

  7. Nina MorganMay 08, 2012

    I am obsessed with my scale and weigh myself 2-5 times daily and it does show when I have indulged every so slightly.... I seem to bounce up and down on the scale and can't stay consistent. My purpose is to make weight for an upcoming tournament, so I have to constantly weigh myself, but I have seen myself drop of 8lbs within 36 hours when I needed to make weight, but perhaps not the most healthiest choice to drop, and it did comeback!

    You look great Kierston, keep up the awesome work.... I want your abs!

  8. AnonymousMay 08, 2012

    you do look great, and I know how hard you train, and I also know how strong you are...keep it up!!

    I'm patient for progress and results and even setbacks...the scale....well, It will and never rule me....I'm like you, it's in the clothes that I wear and how I feel. :-)

  9. Thank you all so much for love and support! I truly appreciate and value every single word you have shared with me!

    Change, progress, results:

    Be patient with yourself.
    It takes time.
    Take it day by day.
    Learn as you go along.
    Stay focused :)


  10. You look awesome. Slow and steady is always the best course.

    I weigh regularly - I have a bad habit of pretending my pants aren't tight. I've recently added a lot more cross training/strengthening to my workouts instead of just running, so it'll be interesting to see if I see looser clothes without movement on the scale...


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