Friday, May 11, 2012

Kick. Run. Stretch.

After getting back from my last work trip (not actually my last, I still have 2 weeks left!)...

I had a FUn filled weekend to get ready for!

That's right!

It included..

Loads of activities! (Like unpacking and doing laundry...and lots of it!)

Sure did!

So what did I get up to?

For starters...

We celebrated my Grampa's birthday!

Family shot :)
My sister Kiki and moi!
My Grampa!
Happy 88th!!!

The celebrations were then followed by...

Helping my Dad (The Masta!) at his inter-school TaeKwon-Do Tournament!

I've been helping out since I was a weeeee little one! (I also used to compete. I got up to my second degree black belt!)

I'd be judging on this particular day :)

My brother was still around so...

He also came out to give a helping hand!

Mr. FUntastic and The Masta!

As did many others!

A great group of volunteers!

I was lucky to have SuperFit as my timekeeper...

To make sure everything stayed on track and to ensure everyone got their turn to do their patterns and/or spar!

It's a serious job.
I had to watch that he didn't chuck this at my head when
calling "TIME!"
That's me!
Keeping things under control ;)

**What's great about my Dad's competitions is that he does not believe in any contact (touching), when it comes to sparring! It's a day to have FUn, showcase the Art you've been learning and compete with those who also enjoy the practice! It's a demonstration of technique not a chance to beat someone up!**

I should also mention...

It was my Dad's birthday!!!

Everyone celebrated his special day!
We celebrated, as a family, over dinner the day following.

Once we were done at the competition and ate our lunch...

I laced up my waves and went for a 10K run!


I went out on my own and was looking forward to it! (Running is a great time to think about, well, everything!)

By the end of my run...

I ran my route in 1 hour!

I was super pleased and pleasantly surprised! (Since I made a point not to focus on time or pace! I just wanted to run.)

I was shocked and happy with my time!

After having completed my 10k...

I walked a little while before making my way home! (My legs enjoyed the walk very much!)

I thought I heard something in the bush lol

Little did I know...

I'd be locked out of the house for an hour!

I waited patiently on our deck.

SuperFit was out riding with Martin and friend, and....

I didn't have the key with me! (WoOps!)

Ah well...

Luckily I had my phone to play with and a great friend who kept me company while I waited! (Via text messaging!)

This great friend later came over for a Cappuccino! (Well, once SuperFit got home and could let me in the house! lol!)

My favourite Barista! 

That same evening...

SuperFit and I had sushi for dinner! (My favourite ever!)

He wanted Fajitas from Lone Star.
I won lol

It was deeeelicious!

The next morning...

I enjoyed one last Bikram Yoga class with my brother before his departure! (For real this time!)

We had a blast!
I'll definitely miss our weekly sessions together :(

It felt soooo good! (I love starting my day with a good stretch!)

All in all...

I had a great weekend FUeled with FUn! (It was nice being home surrounded by my family and friends!)

And wouldn't you know...

It's already Friday today! (WoO HoO!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Questions FU you...

1. How do you like starting your day? What gets you up and going?
2. What are you up to this weekend?
3. Have you ever taken Martial Arts?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I hit the ground running in the morning...usually literally.

    Tmw I'll be running the Dirty Girl Mud Run. Hooray!

    And although I know nothing about martial arts I've always been intrigued.

    PS love the mizuno shot and the photo of your dad with his big card =)

    1. I can't wait to hear about the Dirty Girl Mud Run!!! I soooo want to do one!

      Have a great time! xo

      p.s. Thanks! :)

  2. Oh man that stinks on getting locked out - especially after a run. That's when I want to get inside, stretch, roll, shower LOL. Looks like you had a great time though! I'm looking forward to getting in a long run and likely spending time with my mom and sis. Happy Friday!

    1. Oh I know! I just wanted to get inside, stretch out, have a shake and relax in the sunshine. Obviously, I got to relax in the sunshine first ;)

      Have a great weekend!

  3. dude? why isn't Grandpa doing the FU face?

    Great post and photos, as always.

    1. hahahha! I literally laughed out loud!

      Thanks :)

  4. Oh man, I have been locked out of my house and car more times than I should admit to :) I did martial arts when I was little but I think it would be way fun now as an adult.

  5. Love your Daddy and Me pictures - so so sweet and how neat that you are still involved?

    Getting locked out is nasty. Glad you had good company though.

    I am running my first half marathon on Sunday.

  6. I love that your family is so into martial arts. I once took a karate class in college. It was great until I found out I had to test out in front of a large group of people to move up a belt. Ahhhh!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I got locked out of my house after my first marathon when my husband left town for a conference. Thankfully my neighbor came home and had a key LOL.

    My boys are enjoying a martial arts class through their school right now.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. What an awesome weekend, Kierston. My daughter is in TaeKwonDo and is very good at it. She just received her green belt. They are always using her for kicking demonstrations. In fact, she is building the muscle in her calves and just showed me. so cute. she doesn't like it bcuz her calves are not as soft. LOL. She'll much enjoy them later!

    Thank you for sharing your weekend.


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