Friday, May 25, 2012

Here's The Scoop...

I'm back on the road (leaving to get home this afternoon after being away for four days!)...

I post this photo for SuperFit who loves my NIKE high tops.
Insert sarcasm here.


I wanted to take this opportunity to do a quick round up of what I've been eating to keep myself on track while away, as well as...

Wanting to show you some of my...

 #Fitfluential #PROOF! (Some #PROOF that I did miss sharing over the course of time!)

Pre Bikram Yoga Class.
Post Bikram Yoga Class.
Leaving for the Hotel Gym!
At the hotel gym training my biceps and triceps!

While on the road...

I've been eating my Protein Powder like pudding! (Yest, it's true! Some may cringe at the thought but, it's pretty good!)


Because I've been avoiding checking any luggage! (I've been making a point to travel light, only bringing with me my essentials. The blender didn't make the cut this time around, or the last! lol)

Food, Veggies to munch on at the airport, Vitamins.
And of course...
Clothes, Workout Clothes and Toiletries.

And to be blatantly honest..

I find when mixing your protein powder and 10oz. of water together with a spoon, it's not as enjoyable.

It's just not comparable to my green smoothie!

So having said that, I found the perfect compromise and decided to let you in on...

The latest scoop (of protein...haha!)!

All I do is...

Add a touch of water until my protein becomes a pudding like consistency!

A shot of protein if you may ;)
It's been going pretty well for me over the past couple of weeks lol

In addition to my on the road makeshift pudding...

I've been having my daily dose of  egg whites! (I love my egg whites!)


Nom Nom.
(I realize some of you really dislike the word nom. Especially used twice in a row! lol)


I've been enjoying some yummy steamed fish and Veggies!


So simple. So Fresh. So Good.

I must admit...

I did go to the grocery store (nearby) and I filled up on some produce!

Peppers to be more precise!

I can't go without my juicy Peppers!

There's no denying though....

I have been missing my Oatmeal Protein Pancakes...


My homemade Chicken salad!

In it:

I'm hungry now ;)

Oh and one more thing!
My friend picked up my Ottawa Race Weekend bib yesterday and I also received my virtual race bag via email!

I'm getting a touch nervous but I'm excited too!


Questions FU You...

1. Do you get nervous before a race? No matter the kilometers you're running?
2. Plans for the weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Good luck with your race! Sometimes I'm nervous, mostly not, but always excited!

  2. I think the majority of people get quite nervous - the line up to the pre-race porta potties confirm this :)

  3. AnonymousMay 25, 2012

    Good luck!!! And all of your foods actually look delicious! Yum!!!

  4. Check you out! Yes I do get a tad nervous even for training runs...but don't like to admit it.

    Good luck!!!

  5. Good luck and enjoy - nervousness is normal. Use it to your advantage. :)

  6. Have a great race! Yep- I always get nervous, no matter what distance. :) I'm running a 10k tomorrow, too... supposed to be a high of 90 here, ugh!

  7. always nervous leading up to a race... but I always have good races the more nervous I am. weird.

    Planning on doin a long trail run this weekend for training. Yay for that.

    Have a great race.

  8. you are a pro packer! i love it! and good eats too. Good luck this weekend. you'll do great!

  9. Well, your race is probably over by now but I'm sure you rocked it!
    I hate eating on the road; love my own kitchen and stocked cupboards too. There's nothing like a road trip to make you re-appreciate clean eating!


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