Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Going, Going and Still Going!

Okay so...

I finished up my third week on the road! (I'm half way there people!)

I don't have too much to report other than...

I definitely got a little homesick! (Yep!)

While away...

I fit in a biceps and triceps workout into my schedule!

Trust me...
I still would have made this face even if someone
had been there!

My workout included the following:

Let's just say...

I was happy there was a gym I could take advantage of as well as...

A nearby grocery store where I could buy some produce!

I can never have enough Red Peppers!

I also stopped by a little coffee shop that had an assortment of coffee beans to pick from!

I'm a sucker for flavoured coffee, so...

I was flipping thrilled when I saw these two flavors...

Snickerdoodle and Coconut Cream Pie
They have loads of amazing flavours.
Check 'em out
at their online store!

I also made sure to buy SuperFit a bag of Espresso beans! (To go with his fancy machine of course!)

The perfect shot ;)
Literally! lol

There's no denying...

I was excited to give the beans a try!

When it came to my weekly eats...

They stayed pretty well the same compared to those over the past few weeks!

This was the best omelette!
Chives and Onions make the whole difference!
Steamed White Fish with Veggies!

The only difference was...

I made myself in-room salads! ;)

Tuna and mixed leaves :)


There were no desserts included! (Surprised?! ;) lol)

When I got back home...

I gave my loves a big hug...

Nothing like wet Teddy Bear Kisses ;)


I got ready for kickin' weekend ahead!

Questions FU you...

  1. Favorite Arm exercise?
  2. Favorite veggie to crunch on?
  3. Coffee or Espresso?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Can I come visit you so you can show me how to rule the weight room? Oh yeah, and so I can get cuddles from Teddy? Please?? =)

  2. I need to remember to do concentration curls. I used to do them fairly regularly. I kind of think the basics are sometimes the best exercises - so a good old bicep curl.

  3. awwww Teddy's getting so big and cute!
    dumb bell curls for me
    veggies-almost all!
    and never tasted coffee or espresso! yep at 44 I'm a coffee virgin!

    1. Woooooah! I started drinking coffee when I was 18...espresso 3 years ago! I'm hooked ;)

  4. Coffee AND espresso :) I have been loving one arm high cable curls for biceps.

  5. I had a couple of samples at the Bay over the weekend of Keurig machine coffees.. pretty good.

    Love your pics and your workouts! Teddy kisses are fun.

  6. I like crunching on bell peppers but my go to is carrots ... because they're cheaper on my student budget :P

    1. I absolutely love baby carrots to crunch on too. Cooked, not so much. I've never enjoyed cooked carrots! Blah!

  7. LOVE that coffee. YUM! and i love biceps, i would work them daily. hehe

    1. I would too! Thanks for L.O.V.E xo

  8. Favorite arm exercise? Chin ups! (gotta get the back in there too, baby!)
    Veggies? Love peppers too (especially orange), but I'm on an 'asparagus thing' lately.
    Definitely espresso. Yours smells so good I'm off to make myself one!

  9. I could do triceps every day. My favorite are skull crushers.

    Veggies - toss between spinach and mushrooms. I eat both so much that I could never choose between the two!


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