Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feeling Hotter Than Ever!

After a great start to my weekend...

The weather got warmer and...

I was feeling hotter than ever! (The sun was hot, hot, hot!)

To kick off a great sunshiny Sunday...

Nikki and I went for a 10K run!

Did I say it was hot out?!

What was nice about our running date was the fact...

We decided to simply run and chat!

No timing or keeping track of our pace...

We just went out for the sake of enjoying the sunshine!


I had to get in one last 10K before my upcoming race this coming Saturday (May 26) during Ottawa Race Weekend!

Aside from our great run...

I think I was on the brink of heat exhaustion (or sun poisoning, which I've had before) in the last couple of minutes that was left of our date!

I was getting cold (when it was blistering hot out), I had little red bumps on my arms and I had this uneasy feeling in my stomach! (Those bumps stayed with me until Monday!)

Don't worry though...

Everything else was back to normal soon after I stepped in the house and re-hydrated!

Having said that...

The weather is suppose to be around the same on race day so...

I'll have to ensure I've got some water with me at all times!

**Note: had these symptoms occurred anywhere else during my run, I would have taken a break or stopped completely. Now, I'll be more aware of these symptoms, should it happen again. I wouldn't to take any kind of risk knowing to the impact it could have (could have had) on me and my body. I was also wearing SPF 50 for anyone wondering....**

Moving on...

I should note...

I was really happy I ran the 10K because the week prior...

I had a pain in the back of my right knee! (Like my past-injury but on the opposite side!)

To make a long story short...

I ran 2.5K and had to stop due to the amount of pressure and pain I was feeling! (I walked home!)

I was definitely discouraged and feared not being able to run my race!

The good news is though...

The pain went away after icing it and taking a week off of running!

Déjà vu.

I also...

Felt no pain after my 10K run with Nikki! (Thank goodness!)


So now until race day, my plan is to...

Take it easy!

One Sweaty Mess.

I must say...

I'm super excited and looking forward to the big day!

I'm also thrilled that...

My friend Nookie will be running it with me...

She ran my very first 5K with me!

And that...

My family and friends will be there to support and cheer, no only me on, but a number of our friends doing the race as well! (Be it the 5K, 10K, Half or FUlll Marathon!)

It's going to be a great day! 

Questions FU You...
  1. Have you ever been in a situation where you just had to stop running (or exercising) due to the heat?
  2. Before running a 10K race, do you typically fit in a shorter run into the mix?
  3. What do you FUel up with on race day?
Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Sounds like it was a hot one. You are going to rock that race, can't wait to hear about it. xoxo

  2. You'll rock that race!!!
    it's always hot hot hot here in S. Florida
    I haven't run a race in a looong time :(

  3. OMGosh girl!
    Take care of you.

    Sign me:

  4. girl i know that heat! i live in TX!! HYDRATE up! and yea for no knee pain

  5. Woot Woot! So excited for you!! My race day fuel: coach's oats for breakfast

  6. Definitely a big ole bowl of oatmeal for breakfast! Though if its that hot overnight oats or a Fitnessista breakfast cookie might be easier to get down.

    I'd take some of that heat, we're in single digits with rain out west!

  7. I just did the really hot Boston (89 degrees for a marathon!) and my biggest advice would be to take in electrolytes and dump water on your head/shirt. You'll get through it!

  8. Drink, drink, drink before, during and after! Good luck!

  9. Running and chatting are some of my favorite runs! Yikes, watch that heat. I'm always over-careful in hot weather. I usually take cold coconut water with me.

  10. Yikes... hope you are super set for your race coming up! I tend to race longer distances, so not many 10k prep advice. I typically take the week leading up to the race fairly easy, so yay for that.

    On training runs, I have stopped due to pain and/or heat... that's a "gonna happen" to every runner. I've stopped once suring a race (this past weekend) although there have been several that I should have stopped in the past.

    Race smart, race wise and race fast!

  11. Great job with the 10k & I'm so happy you don't have anymore pain! Take it easy and kick some ass!

  12. I would kill for hot enough weather to get ill...


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