Monday, April 16, 2012

Time To Clean Up!

Since the Easter long weekend...

Things have been pretty hectic as...

I've preparing for 4 weeks out on the road! (I'll be coming back on weekends! And yes, I'm going to miss SuperFit, and the Bears in the house!)

During all of my preparations...

I've been keeping to my workouts and cardio! (I don't like missing my scheduled training dates!)

Hot Yoga.
(with Nikki)

Having said that...

I had to extend my workout week because I couldn't FIT everything in; in the time span I usually get it done by! (No biggie, I always make it work! It just means I had to go to the gym on a Friday, which I seldom do!)

I should also mention that...

After we treated ourselves to all the amazing weekend food...

Cupcakes from Three Bakers and a Bike!

I cleaned up our eats following those awesome treats!

My Egg Whites!
8 Egg Whites, 1 T Ground Flax Seeds and Pepper.
Chocolate Protein Crêpe.
4 egg whites, 1 tsp. Ground Flax Seeds and 1/2 scoop protein powder.
Salad with...
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Dried Cranberries and Sunflower Seeds.
This is SuperFit's favorite salad!
(Added here is goat cheese and croutons. 
Feel free to add chicken to it!)
Char Crust Chicken!
Still my favourite spice blend!
It's amazing how much spinach wilts!
Chicken Bowl

Let's just say...

It feels really great being back to my regular noms! (I'm tightening up my eats right now as I want to lean out for the summer time! I want to better see the muscles I've been building if you know what I mean lol)

Question FU you...

Are you working towards any summer goals?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. hmmmm SUMMER GOALS? no.
    life goals? YES :-)

    thats very motivating for this misfit :)

  2. no "summer" goals
    but I have goals in general
    and LOL to Miz "not to be the old mom"
    Miz, I'm older than you!!!

  3. Yup! Running 10k in May in 1:05; going camping 9 Times (30 days total); golfing 20 rounds; and Finishing m'y Master's Degree

    1. I'll see you at the race!!! And good luck with your Master's degree! :)

  4. Forgot: going to work on my bécyke every day!...

    1. Nous ons aimes nos bissike à pédal! ;)

  5. Yes of course (MizMom)! Can I call you that?! ;)

    I like having both my immediate goals and life goals, each pertaining and contributing to different aspects of my lifelong journey. Whether they be small, big, medium or large, each have their own purpose and teach me plenty as I move forward :)

    In the end, all goals are life goals as they each have their own unique way of contributing to the whole (in my opinion).

    I appreciate your comments as they made me reflect early this Monday morning. Thank goodness for my espresso ;) lol

  6. That salad with the cranberries sounds yummy. I'm with you on sticking to my workout routine even when I'm not at home.

  7. Awesome. My goal: keep working towards my half ironman distance race. I can do this. Right?!

  8. How do you fin the strength to be super strict? I want to find my abs this summer. But I have a problem snacking. When my husband pulls out the cheese and crackers its over.

  9. Your great clean eats inspire me! I'm just returning to speed work after a ruptured hamstring. Leaning out would do wonders for me. :)

  10. YIKES, a long time on the road! Like you, I don't like to miss my schedule! ;-)

    Love the treat! I have treat cookies EVERY weekend!

    BTW, you look great!!!! AND, as always, great recipes!

    Goal - lift heavier & work on beating the aging! ;-)

  11. I am working toward summer goals of losing inches...weight whichever is effective. I'm starting a 10 week program where I work where I will work with a nutritionist and a personal trainer. I will literally have all my meals planned for me! Yikes. Intense.

  12. we need to go with the flow and enjoy a flex schedules sometimes, keeps us motivated and in balance. That way we see the purpose of healthy eating and working out, yes?


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