Friday, April 27, 2012

PoW! I Beat It!

Just so you know...

I've been working at overcoming my anti-social running ways!

And if anything, it has only worked to my beneFIT because...

I totally loved my recent group run!

We actually called it the 'Rockin' Birthday Run' as it was my good friend's special day!

More specifically because...

She met her birthday health and fitness goals and was...

Totally rockin' it! (She's feeling and looking absolutely amazing!)

You ROCK SD!!!

I should mention that the route chosen to run was very important to me because...

It would be the course I'd be running during Ottawa Race Weekend! (As with the others in the group!)

I mean...

What better way to get comfortable than actually running what I'm working towards!

It was a gorgeous day!
+7 with moderate to strong winds.
I should become a weathercaster ;)

As this would be my first time running with this group and the route itself...

I was surprisingly more excited than nervous! (Since I tend to stress out when it comes to running in groups!)

My goal: to run the distance in 60 minutes!

Before heading out...

I got dressed...

I went with the pinks!
That's my new Sugoi Jacket :)
My Mizuno's rock!


I FUeled up with a protein shake! (About 2 hours before my run!)

**I slipped in a Bicep workout before making my way downtown!**


  1. 10 oz Water;
  2. 1 1/2 Scoops Protein Powder (brand and flavour of choice);
  3. 4 Strawberries;
  4. 2 T of Cocoa Powder;
  5. 1 T Flax Seeds; and
  6. 5 Ice Cubes.


Once I met up with the group...

We soon took off and began running with the wind! (Sometimes against it!)

What was interesting (for me) about this run was that I'd be introduced to...

The Walk and Run! (Well, that's what I'm calling it anyway! lol)

What this meant was...

I'd be walking for about 30-60 seconds at every 4KM or so! (I've always run straight through my KM. Having said that, I've heard so many great things about the walk and run! All that to say, I was looking forward to trying it out!)

Running right along....

Throughout our run...

The pace was perfect as was the conversation! (I'm getting a lot better at talking while running! My first experience wasn't so great!)

During the last 1.5KM...

The others sped up while I slightly increased my pace! (I should mention we were a mix of different levels so I'm sure others could have gone a lot faster the whole way through! Actually, I know they could have lol)

In the end...

I finished my 10K run at 59:00:54!


I beat my 60 minute goal! (Whether it be by 1 second or 6 seconds, I still managed to beat it! I was super happy!!!)

**I was so thrilled I called SuperFit soon after! He was proud!** :)

2 thumbs up!
SD also set a new PB at 59:00:20! 
She's rockin' it alright!!! WoOt WoOT! 

Oh and about the walking portion of our run...

I really didn't mind it at all! (I felt it gave me better control of my breathing, because I suffer from exercise induced asthma! At times, not all the time. It depends on the exercise and the day!)

Once we said our goodbyes...

I walked to Starbucks and ordered myself a Venti Iced Passion Tea! (Unsweetened, no lemonade!)

It was unbelievably refreshing!


All in all...

We had a great time and I look forward to doing it again!

Yep, you heard right!

I'm looking forward to becoming more of a social runner...

One run at a time!

Group Shot!

Questions FU you...

  1. What do you typically FUel up with before and/or after a run?
  2. If you have the opportunity to run the course of your upcoming race, do you run it often?
  3. Do you walk and run? Do you like it?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Im a walker and proud.
    I shout that sh*t outloud.

    Im solo not in a crowd.
    Snowstorms should be plowed.

    (ok so my rhyme failed :-))

  2. Before a run I usually drink quite a bit of water, then at least a banana. If it's a "long run" - I have toast w/ pb and a banana. :) Then I drink my protein shake or eggs (or both) when I get home!

    I most definitely would jump on the opportunity to run a course prior to the race! Most of the time my races are not very local so getting to the course prior to race day isn't possible - so if it's the first year I've run the race, it's usually harder. The 2nd year of running a race is always easier because I know what to expect!

  3. I've always done better when I use the walk/run method but I can't mentally get past the idea of "walking" during a race. All these years later and it's still strange for me. Unless I'm on a trail. I also need to work on fueling before a race...part of that is getting up with enough time to actually get ready in the morning. Glad you beat your goal! That is so awesome. ( ;

  4. I have had the opportunity to run courses before a race. It's great because I'm familiar with the course - markers, hills, etc. and know what the expect. But then again, I know what to expect!! But overall, I prefer having a sense of what to expect because it helps me think a bit more purposefully about how I'm going to run the race, where I need to conserve energy, etc. Great job running! I get all self-conscious running in a group.

  5. I am SO not a runner! 10 minutes on the treadmill and I'm longing to get to the free weights!
    I do like walking though. Walking and talking. A great way to get social and do a little something for your heart and head!

  6. I love running and am training for a half marathon right now... fuel and hydration is more important to me now and gets even more so, the longer the runs become.

    Glad you had fun and yes, it is great to be able to do your training runs on your race route, too.

  7. I'm horrible at pre-race fuel. I know I should, but I don't. And if I do, it isn't probably the right amount. FAIL.

    Yes, If i have the chance to run the actual course, I will. Always great to know what to expect. Congrats on your time!

    As for walking, I do a run/walk ratio. Run a mile, walk a minute and so on. It usually breaks down to a one minute walk every 8-9 minutes (on longer runs). It gives me a small goal to reach and gives my legs and mind a break. I've been doing that for years. Love it.

  8. congrats! you are rocking the run. I like that walk/run. sounds like something I need to take up. and your course looks like it has great views, too.

    Groups usually always make it better. I find that i push myself a little bit harder.

    have a great weekend, Kierston!


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