Friday, April 6, 2012

Go Get It!

Go Go Get it Fu!

That's exactly what I've been feeling like lately!

In no way am I complaining...

I'm just stating the fact that I feel like I've done loads over the past little bit! (I'm getting it done and I'm feeling great!)

So much so..
That I'm sleeping in on the weekends 'til 715am!
OMGeee I know right?!
Hey, it's better than 530am.

First off...

I taught 3 spin classes in one week...

I've been training my butt off...

I've been getting stronger as the weeks go by!
I'm now up to 120lbs!

Keeping up with my running...

My first 8K of the season!
It felt great!

Doing my Yoga...


**I actually did the Hot Yoga class as opposed to the Bikram class due to a change in schedule, which I wasn't aware of! I absolutely loved it! So did Nikki, who joined me for an early morning sweat sesh at Rama Lotus Yoga Centre! My core has never felt so sore! Soooo good!**

(I showered! Yep, I suuuure did!)

As well as...

Balancing every other aspect in my life! (Personal, work etc...)

To put it simply...

I've definitely been keeping myself busy!

And I must say that overall...

Things have been pretty FUntastic!

Let me tell you why...

For one...

I really enjoyed my recent run with Nikki! (As seen in photo up above! Well not riiiight up get what I mean! lol)

I was a bit nervous because I hadn't run an 8K in a while, but...

I was going after it! (dammit!)

To be honest...

Time just flew by! (We talked the entire route!)

My breathing was good and I was in charge of setting the pace! (Nikki is a Marathon Runner, so she left it to me to gage how fast/slow I wanted to go as she would zip right by me on any given day! lol)

By the end of it...

50 minutes is what it took to do 8K! (Not my best time, but I was happy with that for sure!)

I decided to go out again...

The next day! (I'm catching up on some much needed running in my schedule as race day is soon coming up!)

Even Teddy wanted in!

I ended up running 5K in 28 minutes! (At 2.5K mark, I was ready to walk as my legs felt really heavy! I sucked it up and continued anyway and felt good by the end it!)

Sharing more great FUn....

Soon after my run...

We took the dogs out for their own workout! (Once I washed up from my sweaty run that is! lol)

It was now their turn to "Go get it"! (And my time to rest!)

**Please excuse the following cheesiness!**

Just so you know...

Teddy is still pretty new to the fetching thing...

And let's just say...

He's still learning from his big brother Zippy! (Teddy just turned 14 weeks!)


He did manage to Zippy let him get the ball a couple of times!

But to him...

After a great time had by all...

I think it's safe to say that Teddy and Zippy are definitely becoming best buds!

**Okay, I'm done with my Cheesiness. For today!**

And just when you thought the FUn was over...

We had a blast during...

My friend's birthday bash at:

The Foolish Chicken.

I treated myself to a handFUl of sweet potato fries (yes, just a handFUl!) to go alongside my Rotisserie Chicken (obviously, I had to have the chicken since the place has chicken in its name lol) as well as having...

A piece of Guinness Cake! (Made by a good friend of the birthday gal!)

I've never once had it before!
It was soooooo moist and delish!
It was still warm by the time it was served!



In all of this...

I've been making sure to take my rest days to recharge and re-energize myself! (And to give my body the break that it needs!)

My gloves appreciated the break too ;)

I'm also making sure to practise my balancing act, and so far...

I think I'm doing pretty good!

All in all...

I am so very grateful for all the positivity in my life!

Life is what you make it, so make it a good one!

Go out, get what you're after and get it done! (And be sure to enjoy the ride!)

Ball or no ball ;)

Questions FU you...

  1. What goals are you currently after?
  2. Do you make a conscious effort to rest and recharge?
  3. Have you ever had Guinness cake?!

Stay Tuned FU More on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your positivity! Sounds like a fabulous week!

  2. My goal is to run 15 miles per week and strength train twice per week. I've got the running part under control but need to focus on the strength training part. I don't get nearly enough rest. And I love guinness cake!

  3. love the pics of Teddy! tooo cute
    I have a few goals I'm working on...
    and nope never had guinness cake

  4. You are always on the go...I LOVE it! My current goal is to complete my next half marathon followed by training for my first half ironman distance triathlon. Nervous but super stoked. I always take my rest days...even when I feel I don't need them. Definitely important. Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. What a fun, energy-filled post!
    Love the pics of your pooches (and the embedded captions; note to self, add text to photos!).
    My current goal? More balance; yoga, strength, cardio, knitting
    Conscious of resting? Absolutely! I always take 1 day a week off.
    Guiness cake? Never tried it; is it made with beer? (dumb question?

  6. I am exhausted after all that! ;-) Those doggies are so dang cute!!!!!!

    My goals, just lifting heavier to try to keep muscles with age. AT 55 this year, it is dang hard & I mean that! Aging ain't fun! ;-)

    I do take 2 days off each week - always!

    I have not tried that cake but it looks delish!

    Have a great one & all you do - amazing! To be young again! :-)

  7. Ok unrelated to most of the post, but Teddy is one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen. I'd take him to the park any time!

  8. woo girl, you got it done! i am impressed. no wonder you are sleeping in. Well deserved. <3


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