Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feeling Hot, Hot, HOT!

Before taking off for another few days away...

My time at home included some relaxation (to recoup), laundry (so much), giving Teddy a bath...

As well as some time to...

Hang out with Mr. FUntastic before his next departure out in the field!

I must admit...

I was happy when my brother agreed to join me for a Bikram Yoga class at Rama Lotus during his last few days at home!

He brought a face cloth with him.
I told him he needed much more than that during this sweat session!
He didn't keep his shirt on as he quickly realized how HOT it was going to get..
I did prep him, I swear! lol

After 90 amazing minutes...

This was the final result!

He really enjoyed the class and did awesome!
We made sure to drink our 1L of water afterwards.

There is no denying (because I'm always saying it)...

I'm absolutely loving  Bikram Yoga!

I simply can't get enough of it! (I also love the fact Mr. FUntastic was happy and willing to try it out!)

In addition to the Yoga sesh, I spun it out with 007 who...

Got me sweating like mad!

This was the outcome...


With all of these sweaty photos, I think it goes without saying...

I've been "feeling Hot, Hot, HOT" more often that not! (Please tell me you know the song reference!)


Nothing a Green Protein Shake can't help with!

Note: I forgot to add it in before blending the other ingredients.

  1. 12oz. Water;
  2. 1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder (I use Revolution Whey Protein);
  3. 1 T Ground Flax Seeds;
  4. 4 Ice Cubes (5 if you wish);
  5. 1 handFUl of Spinach (don't forget to add the ingredient that makes this shake green! lol).
Optional Ingredients:
  • Unsweetened Chocolate or Vanilla Almond Milk (instead of water);
  • 1-2 T Greek Yogurt;
  • Fruit of Choice (Berries, Bananas, whateva you like!).


Question FU you...

What's your favorite Protein Shake Blend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Your protein shake looks awesome! Perfect after a swear session?

  2. Love your protein shake recipe! Spinach in shakes are always a must for me.

  3. yum. that protein shake looks yummy. i can't wait to go back to hot yoga after baby!

  4. You have the funnest posts & pics!!! AND I want to try that yoga! Doggie - too cute!!!! OK, got to pin that shake recipe! I don't do them much anymore - overload from younger years & my bod is not hot on them anymore. Age - it sucks! ;-(

  5. Hurray for doggie baths and protein shakes. Glad you are digging the hot yoga and sharing it with your favorite men!

  6. Yay for getting the family in on it! Looks like a great session. and your smoothie looks yummy!

  7. your faces are pricless! love the sibling yoga sweat fest!

  8. Love your sense of humour and the self-photos! Green shakes are my fav too, but I need the berries for a bit of sweet (my achilles heel)!

  9. I've never actually had a protein shake (ducks head in embarrasment). Yours sounds pretty good though.

  10. I really don't ever have shakes, but man I could have gone with one today after my hot run. I need to remember that!


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