Monday, April 23, 2012

Clean & Jerks and Sticking to It!

Right before leaving for my first week (4 days) away from home...

I FIT in a back and shoulders workout! (I was lucky enough to have SuperFit train me one on one!)

Reverse Grip Barbell Rows for my Back.
For one of my exercises.

During the shoulders portion of my training...

I was taught how to do modified high repetition Clean and Jerks! (I laughed at the name of this exercise! SuperFit had to show me on the web that he wasn't lying lol)

What this exercise involved was:

  • The Barbell;
  • Some added weight (depending on your level of strength); and
  • You...


Bent knees.
Aggressive push on the way up...
(You can bend your knees to push up, if need be)

And, well...


Pushing the bar up and then going back down and...
doing it again.
I did 1 warm up set (x10)
 Then 2 'real' sets 15lbs on each side (x8 and x6)

It was definitely an intense workout as a whole and...

I've got the face to prove it!

That's right.

When it came to packing my food essentials...

I made some extras for both SuperFit and me to last us the days I'd be away! (That way he wouldn't have to cook. He really dislikes cooking. As for me, I'd have some homemade noms in another city !)

SuperFit loves Pesto Chicken Pasta

Here are just some of the things I brought with me during my first week on the road...

Oatmeal, Protein Powder, Ground Flax Seeds, Egg Whites and about...
3 servings of Chicken and Veggies.

While away...

I was that I could stick to my scheduled programming! (As planned!)

Egg Oats :)
Egg White Omelette for breakfast :)
Veggies on the inside and Salsa to top.
My own Chicken and Veggie dish I brought with me.
I sprinkled 1 T Ground Flax Seeds on top.
Salmon and Veggies :)

I should also mention that...

I signed up for two evening Bikram Yoga classes! (Now that I've found a huge loving for it, I can't seem to get enough!)

Before Class.

I mean...

What better way to unwind, clear my head, get a good stretch and sweat it out when on the road?! (After busy but productive days!)

Class 1.

I will say though...

The room was hotter than I'd ever experienced before (so hot I was beyond drenched!) and...

Class 2!
FUll class with inches between one another.

The class itself was given at a much faster pace (in terms of instructions) than I was used to!

**I enjoyed this style of teaching (as well) since it made me really think about what I was doing. It also put me in greater touch with my body. It made me use my mind to focus and execute the poses I've been learning over that past month or so! It was a great little challenge for me and I must say, I'm feeling the amazing affects Bikram Yoga has been having on my overall sense of self.**


It was and I felt absolutely FUntastic!

Thanks Feel Yoga for the great sessions!


Throughout all of this busyness and goodness...

A large part of me did miss home, as well as...

My Espresso...

I pulled my first ever shot of Espresso days ago!
I  made SuperFit a Latté!
(It was supposed to be a Cappuccino but I messed up the milk froth lol)

And of course...

My Teddy Bear!

Did I mentioned he recently turned 4 months?!

Well, not technically ;)

Questions FU you... 

  1. Have you ever done modified Clean and Jerks? 
  2. What are some of your packed essentials when you leave for a few days?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Reading your posts is always a good way for me to start my day. You make me smile and laugh. Your so funny with the hot yoga pic! I adore your baby Teddy Bear.. happy 4 month Bday. Have a great day!

  2. I have done a clean & jerk in a million years. Seriously, your pup is just too cute for words. I'd have to pack him in my suitcase and bring him along ;-)

  3. i LOVE clean and jerks! don't do them much anymore but used to love them for vball training!

  4. Have not done a clean & jerk forever but maybe I will try again! :-) MAN you sweated it out - holy crap! Although I look like that after a cardio session! ;-)

    Love the doggies - so cute!!!!

  5. Oh my! I must have admit, I have never done a clean and jerk. Should I also admit I've never officially lifted weights. It freaks me out and I'm beyond intimidated. People keep giving me helpful hints and pointers but I literally need/want and actual person present to hold my hand through the process. I know, sounds crazy.

    As for packing, I take lots of fruit, but that's what I usually eat everyday.

    Love how you cooked, packed food, and even signed up for bikram while on the road. Inspiring!

  6. Oooh you made me pumped for Crossfit tonight!!!!!! -- Ericka @ The Sweet Life

  7. I just adore your doggie. He is SOO cute and fluffy! I want to snuggle up with him, haha.

    I've never done clean and jerks like that, bending over to pick up the bar, but in Group Power during the back track we always do lots of clean and presses which seems to be the same thing except without the bending over to start. Instead we start just standing, holding the bar, as if about to start a deadlift. But instead, you clean and press it up, and repeat the presses if you REALLY wanna burn out your shoulders!

    I love your post-hard-workout faces. You are such a cutie. I haven't been to Bikram since Easter. I have to get back!

  8. I've never tried Bikram - I've done "hot yoga" but not the Bikram. I need to try it! I'm sure I'll be in love. Your teddy is freakin' adorable. We are down to 1 dog right now, but I think I need your teddy...or a look-alike.

  9. Love the before and after Bikram shot. haha. I want to try Bikram, but the response was that hot flow yoga seemed better. I guess if I need a real intense yoga session i will do Bikram. but I hear it is much hotter than hot flow.

    nice job on the clean and jerk. you go girl! Loving the food, too.

  10. Ok new goal for the year I wanna learn weights. I am so impressed when people can do those things! My 70+ yo boss can do crossfit and lift 30 pound bars, why can't I lift 2 pounds? OK maybe I can do 10...but I am so intrigue by weight work outs. Thanks for sharing your variety.

  11. Thats' exactly how I look at Yoga! haha LOVE IT- work it

  12. Bikram is just too hot for me! I've been doing a "heated" yoga class instead and even that leaves me just dripping with sweat!

  13. I haven't done the Bikram thing yet but you look like it is a great workout!

    Happy Happy 4 month Birthday to Teddy. So adorable. Is he getting too big to hold on your lap yet?

    I love your Cleaning and Jerking face!

    1. Oh it's so amazing! It's definitely worth a try! I feel great after each and every class!

      He is getting so BIG so FAST! I can hold him on my legs, not my lap ;)

    But I do em :-)

  15. I adore your Teddy Bear!! He is adorable! I love yoga but Bikram is too hot for me. But I do love a good vinyasa class.

  16. Mission accomplished in your "after" picture! Bikram is very humbling. It really pushes you mentally and physically. I love it but haven't been to a class in a few years! Now I stick to mostly heated power yoga. Still warm but not as intense.


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