Monday, April 2, 2012

Celebrity Chefs of Canada!

I didn't have any of the food served at the Celebrity Chefs of Canada event I recently attended.


With my beautiFUl Mom :)

Are you kidding me?!

Of course I did!

I mean...

How could I possibly pass up the opportunity to try the most amazing food cooked up by some of the best Chefs in Canada?!



To give a little bit of background about this shing ding...

The theme of the event was collaboration.


The Chef's were paired up up into teams (9 in total), where they would then "showcase their regional identities, demonstrate, collaborate and share with [us] their passion for their craft." Michael Blackie

In other words...

They were to create, together, a dish highlighting themselves and their regions!

Having said that...

The event was sure to be a tasty one!


As we patiently waited in line for the doorwo(men) to open the foyer doors at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa…

The Golden Ticket in.
Well, it's white and purple but you get what I mean ;)

Our tummies were growling for what was to enter it!

As I’ve never been to this event before (last year being the first year it was held)

I wasn’t sure what to expect aside from eating!

I should mention...

Canadian wines were also on showcase (for tasting), but as you know…

I don’t drink alcohol.

So let’s just say…

The water tasted great with everything ;)

When we finally got inside…

We were handed our entry bracelets and a wine glass!

See red bracelet on her wrist.

Once equipped…

It took very little time before we found ourselves lined up at our first food station!

Team 1
My Mom didn't have enough hands to carry everything ;)
Citrus marinated BC Geoduck with Ocean Emulsion.

I don't think you'll be surprised when I say...

It wasn’t hard getting into the rhythm of things as each station had its way of luring you in by way of the…

1. Aroma;
2. Beautiful plating; and (not limited to)
3. Tasty sounding descriptions of each dish! (I should note that everything I tried would never be anything I'd order off the menu! I took this opportunity to experiment as this was a one of a kind event!) 

**Each station had a line-up of Chefs cooking, plating and garnishing the dishes. The Team Leaders (Celebrity Chefs) would then hand you the final 'product'. Our job was to sample it. I know. Tough job!**

We couldn’t help but jump from one station to the next with absolute eagerness! (We didn't test all the different stations, but we covered most of them!)

Team 3
Encrusted Lamb Lollipops with a Butternut Squash Ravioli.
You had to eat these with your fingers.
I managed it with a fork.
It wasn't easy!
Team 5.
"Chorizo Style" St. Canut Suckling Pig, Parmesan Crusted Fennel
Lobster Salad with Saffron Mayonnaise.
Team 6.
Braised Elk Ribs-Creamy Polenta-Tasty Crispy Bits.

We were there to indulge into some of the most amazing combinations/creations! (And that we did!)

Team 8.
Smoked Sous Vide Magret/Confit Leg.
Trust me, I had no idea what I was eating until I read
the description in the booklet lol

And I must say…

All of the dishes were absolutely mouthwatering that it was difficult not to make sound affects with every bite!

Uhhh. Mmmmm. Yummm. Mm.Mm.Mmmmm.

Team 9.
My favorite :)
Seed to Sausage Double Smoked Bacon, Duck, Cranberries, Mimolette Gnocchi.
I absolutely loved the Gnocchi!

It goes without saying that throughout the evening...

The sounds of complete satisfaction resonated!

For one...

My Mom and I definitely enjoyed every single bite to the FUllest!

In the middle of our food tasting…

We took a break and helped ourselves to a Nespresso Cappuccino! (I actually felt bad because I knew I had my own personal Barista at home who made one killer Cappuccino. But heck, I went for it anyway!) 

Actually, I had two :S! (Shhhh…don’t tell SuperFit! lol)

This came out of a capsule.
It was impressively good.

We also took this pause to socialize a little bit with the Celebrity Chefs…

Chef Ned Bell
Executive Chef @ The Four Seasons, Vancouver.

Chef Susur Lee
He was the second Canadian Chef to appear on 
the Food Network's Iron Chef America and...
Was a finalist in the second season of the 
Bravo TV show Top Chef: Masters! 


Mingle with others!

My Mom's 'Girl' Kim :)
She was working the show!

I actually bumped into a number of people I knew, which was great!

One being the owner and Chef of the Mekong Restaurant! (He’s known me since my toddler days!)

He told me that he cooked for many of the Celebrity Chefs the evening prior, which was an awesome experience for him! (I bet it was! Plus, his food is absolutely delicious!)

As soon as we were done mingling and testing out the different dishes


We headed upstairs for the after-party! (This is when I put away my camera!)

There was a large oyster bar set up and people were lined up to have a try! (I was full at this point, plus I’m not a big oyster fan!)

Among the 12 Chef line-up cracking open the shells (I think it was 12)  was…

Chef Patrick McMurray, who currently holds the Guinness Book of world records for most oysters shucked in 1 minute! (38 to be exact!)

He has also won the World Oyster Opening Championship held
in Ireland and is a four-time Canadian Champion.

As we continued touring around the room...

We enjoyed good tunes and downed some more bubbly! (Sparkling water to be exact lol)

Once we called it a night (and my legs could stand no more!)...

I eventually found my car (took me 10 minutes because I was on the wrong level!), drove home and went to sleep! (With a satisfied and very happy tummy!)

All in all…

It was a great night filled with smiles, laughs, drinks and loads of tasty food!

I don’t think you’ll be surprised when I say…

I’ll definitely be back to the Celebrity Chefs of Canada event next year!

I mean...

It was truly a success!

To all those involved in the planning of this day/evening (the organizers, volunteers, staff and not limited to, the sponsors)...

Thank you for putting on such an amazing event!

And of course, thank you to...

The Chefs!

**Next time, I’ll most likely do the full day as I would have liked to have seen the food demonstrations! As in, watching the Celebrity Chefs, in their element, cook up their signature dishes. Our schedule didn’t permit this time!**

Questions FU you...

Have you ever attended an event like this before?
If so, did you like it? If not, would you want to?

Stay Tuned FU More on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Looks like a fantastic event! So jealous. I bet the food was out of this world. And I love the red bracelets so you can drink wine. ;)

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. you two are precious! and just plain gorgeous! i would have loved that event. My kind of food and i love all the celebrity chefs. I knew a few those!

  3. SO FUN.
    Im getting my misfit arse to cananda.

  4. That sounds amazing!!!! I so wish I could have joined you :)

  5. WOW! I have not gone to anything like that but my tummy is so sensitive that I do have to be careful what I eat - it is just not used to certain foods. Your mom is so cute - you are too!!!! Thx for sharing all the cool pics!

  6. Looks like such a great experience! Not gonna lie I'm such a scaredy cat about trying new foods. I'd be afraid of insulting people if I tried to spit it back into my napkin.


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