Friday, March 23, 2012

Thai Me Up!

I've been totally diggin' this Thai Restaurant my brother (Mr. FUntastic) introduced me to not too long ago!

It's called...

Located at 103 Murray Street in the Byward Market.
Ottawa, ON.

As we both really enjoy Thai food...

I knew if he said it was good, it would be a sure thing!

Let's just say...

It didn't take long before we Thai'd it up with some tasty food!

So why do I like Thai so much?!

Well, some of the key things that really draw me to this type of cuisine are:

The array of fresh ingredients, flavours, blends of herbs and spices and colour each dish incorporates! (I also love the varying tastes of Thai food! It can be anywhere from sweet, sour, salty and bitter...and of course spicy ~ if you like it hot! And if you enjoy Coconut, the curries are to die for!)

When I finally went for a taste of the Khao Thai Restaurant with Mr. FUntastic...

I was immediately drawn to the quaint atmosphere, the gentle and friendly nature of the staff and the aroma of the entire place!

All it took was one big SNiiiiiff, and...

I knew this restaurant was going to be good!

Two Thumbs Up Good!
(This picture was taken separate from my brotherly date! 
As you can see, we've been more than once lol)

As we skimmed through the menu...

We both decided to get the same dish! (We did have the option of sharing dishes, but we preferred sticking to our own thing...that being the same thing lol)

I was happy when I was told...

Our main course came with a yummy broth to slurp on! (I love soup! I'm surprised I don't make it more often. I'll have to add this to the list of to-do's!)

Simple yet...
so delish!

As soon as our main dish arrived...

I had to control the drool coming out of my mouth! (I opted out of the sticky rice, which is why you see none in the photograph below.)

Pad Gai Ma-kua Yaow
Chicken and Eggplant stir-fried with freshly crushed chillies and
topped with fresh basil leaves.

Every bite made me go...

Mmmmmmm! (It was soooo good!)

Same thing happened to my Mom when I went with her because she too...

Couldn't help herself but go Mmmmm!

Stir-fried rice noodles and broccoli served in a Thai gravy
with choice of Chicken, Pork or Beef.
She went with the Beef.

I think it goes without saying...

All of our dining experiences at the Khao Thai have been good awesome!

The smiles on our faces say...
Common, time to eat! ;)

Because I'm definitely...

All Thai'd up! (I've been three times now, each time being just as good as the first! YuMmmm!)

Oh! And I should also mention...

Mr. FUntastic wanted to end our brother/sista date with some Yogen Fruz!

He's loved Yogen Fruz since he was a kid!
His fave is the Raspberry YF!


I didn't reFUse the offer! (I mean, he was buying after all lol)

Vanilla Yogen Fruz.
So. Good.

Questions FU you...

What's your favorite type of cuisine?
If you're having Thai, what do you typically order?

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. (Love the MomPic!)

    And me?
    I've been too busy slurping the sashimi to remember my ThaiLove!!!

    1. :)

      Sashimi and Sushi are one of my fave things to eat!

  2. I love many cuisines but I think my fave is mexican. As for thai, I've only had it once or twice. I've loved it each time but have no idea what I ordered was called. Ha!

    1. LOL. Trust me, I didn't remember the names of the dishes off the top of my head when writing this post! ;)

      Love Mexican too!

  3. I've only had Thai once - we definitely need more Thai in Maine. :)

  4. I love Thai food (and Fro Yo). Unfortunately the Thai place by my house isn't as good as its price.But I am always open to finding another one! :D

    Glad you had a great time!

  5. Is it completely awful that I've never had Thai food?!

    Now I want to try it though!!!

  6. Wow that makes it look soo good. A lot of the food around here is so fake and processed it's not too good. I think going somewhere like your place would really change my mind.

  7. I want Thai food riiiiiiiiiight now ... for breakfast hahaha :D


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