Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Seasonal Boos & Blahs...

I found this winter season to be quite a long one (cheers to starting this post on a positive note lol)

I think it’s mostly because of the really cold temperatures and spring-like weather we’ve been getting on and off! (It’s either on or off…there should be no teasing or in-betweens!)

I mean one day…

The snow will have mostly melted without the need of sporting a winter coat…

And the next…

I find myself scrapping inches of ice off my car with 35km winds blowing in my face! (Ugh!)

I may be sounding like a big baby but…

Baby FU.
Big Baby.

I want to put away my winter boots, coats, mitts, toques, neck-warmers, turtlenecks (for good!)...

And bring out the…

Fun in the
sun stuff, like…

My bike! (Bet you didn’t think I’d say that! lol)

**For all those who love winter activities, I apologize for wishing the snow to melt away!**

Over the cold winter months…

I’ve been spinning anywhere in between 4-5 hours a week! (A mix of taking classes or getting on my CycleOps Trainer at home!)

That's me in the back...
In the purple.

So you can just imagine…

My itching to get outside and ride my bike! (I also want to see how my training will have affected my hill-climbing skills as one of my new year’s resolutions is to become a better climber!)

That being said…

Commmmmon Spring time! (Wouldn't you know that as I'm writing this, the forecast for the coming week is on the + side of things! Crossing my finger that it will stick!)


Although I’ve been craving the warmer temperatures, I have to admit…

The winter season did bring loads of FUN!

For one…

Teddy Bear!

SuperFit thinks I'm cheesy.
I am not.
Not me.

He is one small (for now) FUr ball of FUn and energy!

I love that puppy so much!

It’s also brought some time with Family…

Time for a mini road trip...

Time in the kitchen...

Time for relaxing...

I leave so relaxed after a massage!
I guess that's the purpose of them right?!


Time for celebrating! (Mama's Birthday!)

Great things were found in these three boxes.
Way Better Cakes & Candies by Michelle Graham!
Remember the cake she made for my sister?!
These CuPcAkEs were amazing!
Three Bakers and a Bike.
So good!
I ate it all!

In all this FUn though…

These chilly months have also brought forth some seasonal boos too!


I said boos instead blues because it hasn't been all blue!

But ya…

There have been a couple of times where I’ve felt pretty boo! (Hey, it happens and I'm going to be honest about it!)

Boo hoo.

Just plain 'ol...


Aside from the season acquired headaches and migraines (from the past couple of weeks!)

I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts! (I realize I’m a bit strange but I don’t mean it in that sense! lol)

Something just don't taste right ;)
I'm having a green smoothie...
Which did taste right lol

To put it simply…

I’ve just been a bit more on the mellow side of things! (They call me mellow yelllllow! lol)

Quite honestly…

I’m finding that Writing, Exercising and taking Rest Days are ways in which I’ve been able to get out of my Boos and Blahs! (Yes, I do rest!)

**But don’t you always write, exercise and rest?! Yes I do but I’ve been taking an extra day’s rest, I tweaked my workout schedule (switching my days around) and I’m trying out new things to keep it all FUn and interesting (i.e. baking!)! A change in routine is never a bad thing, just as long as it’s a positive one! I actually signed up for my first ever Bikram Yoga class so I'm ubber looking forward to that!**

By following my passion in writing, leading a lifestyle in health and fitness and by giving my body the rest it needs (including a few adjustments here and there)

All of this combined together (or separately) has left me feeling nothing but good!


Spending time with family and friends has been really great too!

007 and Martin came over for some Chinese Food :)
They also came over to meet Teddy Bear!
We ordered Take-Out from our favorite place!
Rice Paper Shrimp Rolls!
Super Yum!

All that being said...

If whatever season wants to hit me with a boo or two…

I know exactly what I need to rid myself of the seasonal blahs!

**I am human after all and not every day is going to be a great day! We all have bad days! And honestly, I’d be lying if I said I never have any! It’s not always a blue sky and sometimes it does get cloudy and it does rain! But, in the end, I always find a way of making it shine again! :) **


Having shared all of this with you…

Here are some tips on ridding yourself of the boos and blahs (just ideas, no need to take them literally! And if they make you laugh, then I made you laugh lol):
  1. Exercise! (You’ll never finish a workout regretting or feeling bad about it! It will also do your body and mind some good!)
  2. Do something that empowers you to get your mind back in balance! (Be it inside or outside of being physically active!
  3. Go out and have fun! (Throw a snowball or something lol! Just make sure to have fun!)
  4. Change up your routine! (Tired of the same ol’ thing?! Then switch it up! Add, change or tweak something!)
  5. Set yourself up with a goal!  (My plan is to clean out my closet! I’ve been staring at the mess but it just doesn’t seem to get done on its own! lol)
  6. Try something new! (A recipe, activity, sport etc…)
Whatever it may be…

Just Do it!  (As NIKE would say!)

Questions FU you...

  1. What's your favorite season?
  2. Best thing so far this winter season?
  3. What are some tips you would give to someone with a case of the seasonal boos and blahs?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Our winter has been so mild I have nothing to complain about. That said its supposed to be 80!?! tomorrow. Nuts! You are so cute in your furry hat!

  2. in florida winter is my favorite season, but growing up in the midwest I adored summer. i loved the long days of nothing but time outside to sweat!

  3. I LOVE your blog girl! It looks like your winter wasn't so bad, though, even though summer is the best season ever. I am originally from Toronto, but now I live in Michigan, and if I never see another cold winter again, I would not be sad! I need sunshine!

    1. Thanks! And, p.s. I would not miss winter one bit! ;)

  4. sooo glad I dont have 'winter' here! I couldnt take living in PA, left there at 17 for FL because of winter... :)

  5. I find rest days are nice because I get so excited to work out the following day. Even though I love exercising, if you do anything everyday it loses it's luster! And yes the warmer weather brings a whole new slew of activities and moods! I'm ready for it.

  6. I totally got sidetracked by the recipes! ;-)

    Teddy is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love all your pics - so much love & fun!

  7. ahh I know exactly this feeling! I have been feeling so BLUE... reading this post made me feel better knowing that I wasn't the only blue one out there - is that weird? :) I keep crossing my fingers for those spring days that feel just like summer, they will be coming soon!


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