Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Moving Right Along....

In follow up to my last post...

I wanted to talk about how I'm staying on track when it comes to achieving my own goals!

Since my FUtoshoot...

And the holiday season...

I've been following a maintenance regime to keep my goals in check! (In other words, I'm following a balanced 'diet' FIT to my program, needs and routine!)

The main difference now is the fact my 'diet' is...

Less restrictive! (The program allows for more balance and moderation (in comparison to my FUtoshoot prep) although still keeping its structure!)

Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices!
An absolute favorite of mine!
And believe it or not...
I still enjoy my Egg Whites!
Especially when they are sprinkled with Vanilla Stevia and Cinnamon.

Simply because I've come off a very strict 'diet' doesn't mean I can go crazy and eat whatever I want whenever I want! 

Post Shoot Noms.

The idea isn't to FUel myself up with sugars and carbs because I'm at liberty to do so...

Earned Cheat!

The goal is to (repetitive but so important)...

Lead a balanced lifestyle FUeled by clean eating and exercising! (And earned treating...for me at least! I love my SwEeTs!)

Lemon Grass Chicken.
Sliced Chicken, a medley of Veggies,
2 tbsps of Gourmet Garden's Lemon Grass, Salt and Pepper to taste.
Keeping to my training schedule.
Remember I said I was saving this Gingerbread Cookie Post-Shoot?!
Well I did!

As I continue moving foward in my journey...

I won't stop practicing and applying the healthy habits I've adopted and chose to instil in my life!

Buying food I know my body needs!

Changing my lifestyle to one that incorporates health and fitness is quite possibly the best thing I could have ever done for myself!

I never would have discovered running if it weren't for my lifestyle change!

I mean...

Why would I stop now?!

I love the way I feel!


If I hadn't met with SuperFit at Florida Fitness Aylmer ...

I wouldn't have known where to start or which way to go!

Let's just say...

He led me in the right direction and opened my eyes to world I never knew! (In more ways that one!)

Never did I think I'd like Cycling!
Fall in love!

Not only did he help me "rediscover my physical side" but also countless individuals!!!

I mean really...

Did I ever imagine exercising and clean eating would ever makes its way into my lifestyle?!

Heck no!

It just goes to show (for me at least)...

What encouragement, motivation, and proper direction can do when...

You're ready and willing to make those healthy changes! (Best decision ever!)

My advice to you if this is what you're seeking...

Ask for directions! (You'll save yourself from getting lost! Have you ever seen my interpretation of a healthy 'diet' when I first got started?! lol)

As Dr. Seuss would say...


As for me...

A lifestyle in health and fitness is a commitment I've made to myself!

It isn't a goal I set up to last me a day, week, month or year, but yet...

A lifetime! (And I have the power and control to see this through!!!)


One more thing!

If you weren't already aware...

The Month of March is National Nutrition Month! (Google search NNM to see what activities, tips and tools are available to you!)

If you're looking to add/make some healthy changes to your lifestyle...

Make the month of March your starting point!

Write out one or few ways you'd like to be March Healthy and...

Start putting these practices into play! (Today!)

Eat Healthy, Exercise and Take Care of your Body!


Question FU you...

What do you love most about a lifestyle in health and fitness?

Stay Tuned FU More on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I ADORE ME SOME DR SEUSS and egg whites
    Im your workout soulsister :)

  2. Your energy is contagious! I feel the same way about living a fit life. It feels so good. If people would give it chance they would see the benefit, but it takes commitment. So many people I talk to give up too soon. Way to go for motivating everyone! have a great day.

  3. love all the quotes you used!!
    you totally rock girl!!!

  4. First time I've visited your blog -- love it! It has a great energy and your personality just shines right through! Love this post!

  5. Gotta love that earned cheat picture! haha. I eat pretty clean, so even on cheat days... I have a hard time cheating.

    I don't use Stevia, but it sounds great on your egg whites!

    1. I love vanilla stevia on my egg whites! The perfect touch of sweetness! I used to have a hard time cheating...but I soon learned how to do it right! cough cough...see pic above ;)

  6. What a great blog you have!
    Haven't visited before, but I will definitely be back.
    I'm a fellow Canadian FF, who loves to strength train and eat clean (although I probably splurge more than you do...)

    1. Thank you!!!

      Love meeting fellow Canadian FF's! I'm hoping for a conference or blogger meet one day soon!

      Keep in touch! :)

  7. I can't tell you how much I LOVE LOVE this post! I so get coming off competitions since I did that in my late 30's.. ya got to understand it & you do! Although I want a molasses or gingerbread cookie now - my faves!

    I just pinned all your quotes! :-)

    1. Thank you! It's definitely a learning experience and I did learn a lot from it!

      That gingerbread cookie was absolutely amazing! :)

  8. oh my goodness :) FINALLY - someone else who uses Gourmet Garden! LOVE! Try mixing the dill with greek yogurt! My famous dilly dip ;)

    1. Oh yum! I will have to try that combo! Thanks for the idea! p.s. Gourmet Garden is awesome!

  9. Wow! I am hungry just reading this post! Love Dr. Seuss, love the pic of you and your honey!!


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