Monday, March 19, 2012

Give Me A Break...

In following a specific weekly workout schedule…

It’s very seldom I miss any of my training dates!

Having said that…

I will sometimes have to shift around my program due to changes in my schedule, but…

That has never deterred me, given me reason or an excuse not to stick to the plan!

**Just because something's come up doesn’t give me a free pass to skip out on my workouts…it just doesn’t work that way! A free pass to what?! I want to exercise because I love exercising and it does my body good! Having to train isn’t a chore…it’s about me taking care of my body :) Having said that, I will do my very best to re-schedule things around to make it FIT! That's simply my commitment to myself and my overall health and fitness.**

In my commitment to live and be healthy…

I’ve committed myself to eat healthy and exercise regularly! (Talk about word repetition!)

It’s become a part of who I am, and…

There’s just no two ways about it!

I Workout and FUel up!

I say this now, but…

This wasn’t always the case! (As most of you are aware!)

Sure wasn't folks!

For a long time (prior to my getting healthy)

I found every excuse possible not to exercise:
  1. I don’t have time;
  2. I don’t have gym clothes;
  3. I’m tired;
  4. It’s too cold outside; and (not limited to)
  5. I just don’t feel like it!
Do I really need to exercise?!

With these excuses also came reasons why I shouldn’t (didn’t want to) eat healthy either:
  1. I love food way too much to start watching what I’m put into me;
  2. I’m not giving up my favorite foods;
  3. I’m not about to eat like a mouse (I actually eat more often now than I ever did before! Keep in mind they are structured meals. It's not a free for all lol);
  4. I have way too big an appetite to even consider portion control; and (not limited to)
  5. I just don’t care! (Feed me!)

It took a long while for something to click, but…

It finally did! (And I’m happy that light went off!)

Over the past couple of years…

I’ve discovered so much about myself...

I have Biceps.
Working on my guns.
Bigger Biceps.


I am so thankFUl for what this lifestyle has brought into my life!

I’m healthy damnit!

So without a doubt...

The tools and directions I was given are the reasons I've been able to make my way of life the way it is today!

We need to learn how to work with the tools we've been
given in order to build what it is we want to achieve.
Without losing a finger ;)
Don't worry...
This was from a Tomato cutting incident.

And trust me…

No excuse is worth sacrificing the positive changes and benefits I’ve reaped thus far in my journey!
Having said all of this…

Not every day is a workout day! (And I do treat myself to some of my favorite eats too…but this post isn’t about food lol)

I may be a ‘machine’ (this is what we call ourselves at the gym lol) but even machines need to be switched off at times!

In a lifestyle filled with health and fitness it’s important to incorporate…

Rest days.
And to be completely honest…

I had a difficult time (in the beginning) in accepting the fact my body needed a break and that…

I couldn't simply be on the GO all the time!

My mind would tell me to push and keep going, while my body would tell me

Slow down…please!

I was going FUll speed ahead!
And yes...
I have a hyper extended arm.

As time went on…

I began to understand the importance of giving my body the time it needed to recuperate and recover!

The math was simple:

Get it...
A picture is worth a thousand words lol

If I never took the time to breathe

I’d eventually burn out and likely fail or have a difficult time in reaching the results I was seeking.

Weight Train + Cardio + No Rest = Burn out. (Not good)


I will admit…

I still do, sometimes, struggle in giving myself a break because...

I feel like I’m filled with energy to dispense! (On most days lol)

My Dad (The Masta!) and Me.
He may have more energy than I do ;)


Just because I have the energy doesn’t mean I need to dispose of it all at once!

I need to leave some in the FUel tank!

It would be like driving until empty as opposed to FUeling up regularly to keep things going! (I wouldn't let my car run dry!)

I mean…

I don’t want to fall to the ground and kick myself in the butt because...

I didn’t give myself enough time to rest.

I want to FUel up regularly so that I don’t crash and burn!

I don't want to become a Zombie.
(Choice of colour not the best in making reference to becoming a Zombie)

As I am now more aware about the rest my body requires

I’m taking anywhere in between 1-3 days off (typically 2) a week because it’s what my body and mind need to keep strong.

**Ya, sometimes I have a yearning to go workout on my rest days but I remind myself that taking a break is necessary to get better, stronger and to refresh myself!**

Trust me…

I'm making a really big effort to listen to my body (as opposed to my mind) in telling me how much I can do.

My mind may say GO but yet my body may say...

  • Take your time;
  • Slow down;  (and/or not limited to)
  • Stop.

And believe me when I say…

There’s absolutely nothing wrong in taking some time off! (Just as long as you get right back into it!) 

**I recently made a point to take 1 week off of weight training because I knew I was in need of a break! And, I didn't feel bad about it at all. I would have before. But not now. I knew I needed the rest and believe me when I say, I was going to listen to what my body was telling me! In the end, I need to be smart about my training... there’s just no two ways about it! Coming back after taking that week off made me feel re-charged and ready to go!**

All in all, just remember to…

Listen to your body because as much as your mind may say to keep going…

The rest (no pun intended) of you may be saying otherwise.

Give yourself time to rest and recharge for the sake of…

Keeping your body and mind strong!

Oh and sometimes…

You just need a break for the sake of taking one.

Nothing beats resting as a family :)

**FYI: I was sick for a few days not long ago, so you better believe I took time to rest up (plus, I simply didn't have the energy to do much at all!). The whole time I was hoping to get better sooner rather than later (as would anyone for that matter! lol), so that I could get back into my regular routine. I very seldom get sick, so this was really boo for me. Blaaaaaah. But hey, I feel better now and I'm grateFUl for my health! :)**

Questions FU you...

  1. Do you take rest days?
  2. Why do you think they are important?
  3. Do you feel bad for taking them?

Stay Tuned FU More on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. the older I get the more rest I need.
    I fought it for a while and realized I was getting softer and flabbier the less time I took to recover.
    definitely not my goal :)

  2. Love all of the photos =) I do take rest days. At first this was hard but now I understand my body needs them so I soak 'em up!

  3. I sooooooooooooooooooo love this post cause it could be me!!! :-) In my young & stupid days, I ate wrong & never took days off from exercise. I learned the hard way! I do take2 days off a week & sometimes a 3rd like yesterday on my outside run day & it rained. I could have gone to the gym but I knew my bod needed an extra day off. Old days, I would not have listened.

    AND YES, love the workouts & hard to take days off at times but I know I have to & those 2 days each week are a given. Like you too, I will move days around if I have too & don't need days off.

    I don't feel bad for taking my rest days cause I remember what it was like when I did not & not a good ting! :-)

  4. PS: I LOVE YOUR PICS all the time!!!

  5. I always take 2-3 rest days a week.. they really do help me recover. I'm struggling this week bc I'm having hip pain and I really want to my brain is battling!

    ps- I have hyperextended elbows too!

  6. I still feel guilty at times when I take a rest day; though I know it's ok and my body needs to recoup!

  7. Ahh every athlete's struggle: nixing excuses or forcing a rest! I agree with you that the key is listening to your body, making changes in the gameplan when necessary, but always keeping your body and training in mind. I take 1-2 rest days a week (and some training days are far more intense than others), and I've become better at shifting my schedule or letting myself take an unplanned rest day just because I can tell my body is not up for it. So important!

  8. Holy molly I wish I could curl 30 pounds!! =D haha I love this article made me realise that I've been forgeting my rest days :s I do feel guilty sometimes taking my sunday rest depends on the days haha!

  9. Preach on, sister. A nice reminder post for me this week especially!

  10. Such an awesome post! It is hard to remind yourself you need a rest day, that your body needs time to recover! But they are so important! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  11. Great post. I always need to read things like this to remind myself everyone takes rest days!! I know I need them and I am really good about doing it now, I just always struggle. I hate feeling that burn out feeling though. Nothing worse than trying to work out and realizing your body says no.

  12. I have to make a conscious effort to take some time to rest - but there is nothing worse than burnout, so it's worth it!

  13. hey baby Fu your such an inspiration :D i lost 15lbs last summer and now im really into weight training... my trainner did a program for me but im only weight training 3 times a week... is that enough or shud i do more to get actual results??


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