Friday, March 2, 2012

Don't Set Yourself Up: Ask 4 Directions...

Is it already the month of March?!

Holy schmokes!

I hope 2012 has been treating you well thus far!

**I have to admit, the mix of Spring and Winter like weather this past week hasn't gone over too well with me! The unpredictable temperature left me with two headaches and one migraine, which kinda sucked out a lot of my energy! Boo, I know!**

Moving on...

Over the past few months...

I've been posting a lot on the topic of balance, commitment as well as the importance in the belief of oneself when it comes to following a lifestyle in Health and Fitness. (Actually, I believe they are important values to hold no matter what lifestyle you are following! But, that's just my opinion!)

Even if the message gets repetitive...

I believe it's an important reminder!

Why?! Because...

We sometimes forget or lose track of the reasons why we chose to get on the Healthy Bandwagon. (Which is typically around the time we trickle back into some of our old habits!)

When we set ourselves up with a goal...

There's typically a reason behind it!  (Why else then would we give ourselves a goal to reach?!)

That reason (usually) being that...

It holds some type of meaning to us! (And to our health and overall well-being!)

Take for instance...

New Year's Resolutions! (Ah yes, the famous resolutions!)

Most of us give ourselves one (or a few) to reach, but somehow, along the way...

We end up losing sight of them (generally speaking) and subconsciously decide (forget or choose to forget) to actually pursue them like we promised we would! (Especially when it comes to those resolutions that have everything to do with getting healthy and exercising!)

In other words...

We quit. (And that isn't a good thing!)

What we need to remember is:

I mean...

In all the excitement of coming up with new (or re-visited) Health and Fitness resolutions/goals and then sharing them with our friends and family...

No one wants to have to explain why we never followed through with them:

  • "So whatever happened to that gym membership?"
  • "Did you stop going to the gym already?"
  • "I thought you said you wanted to lose 10lbs, what happened to that?"
  • "Are those french fries you're eating?! I thought you said you wanted to start eating healthy this year?!"
  • "Already gave up on your New Year's resolution eh?!"


When giving yourself goals to achieve...

Ensure you have the proper direction and guidance to FUlly be able reach them! (No matter if the plan changes course in order for you to get there!)

Don't sabotage yourself from reaching what you set out to achieve because you didn't get the proper tools to get it together!

You are in charge and...

No one else but you has the control in making your goals a reality!

Believe in yourself because...


Stop setting yourself up for 'failure' and start doing something that will help you reach those goals!

Don't fall victim to wishing you had started sooner...


Questions FU you...

1. How are your New Year's Resolutions coming along?
2. Have you ever given up on your Health and Fitness Goals because you felt like you had no direction?
3. What do you find most difficult: Healthy Eating or Exercising? Or both?

Stay Tuned FU More on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I adore the quote about going left.
    Ive spent most of my life going left.

    it works for me :)

    1. I go right, left and sometimes I even make a U-turn ;)

  2. love all the quotes
    I dont make resolutions
    I just live life ;)

  3. Love all the quotes. I am tracking my 2012 goals monthly to keep on track. I don't want to look back next year and say - what happened?

    1. Awesome and Thank You!!! Keeping track of your goals is so important because you are able 'track' your progress as well as make note of: what's working, what isn't and what may need some tweaking! It's a great motivational tool as well! Keep it up! :)

  4. I have read and re-read so much about getting fit and keeping motivated but I swear none of it has worked (for long).. your blog motivates me so much! You have no idea. I'm looking forward to your book! Think about it.

    Thank you again! xo

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and the amazing compliment! Wow! I'm speechless!

      From my experience...

      Practice at making your goals stick. Take it one step and one day at a time. Don't expect too much too soon (again,take your time). We all have to start somewhere and we all have find ways in which we can make it work for keep us going! We are all different and different things will keep us motivated!

      In the end, go get what you're after no matter how many right or left turns you need to make to get there! :)


      Thank you for your note, it made my day! xo

  5. These are fantastic quotes and motivational words! It's so true that we must keep in mind the answer to WHY am I doing this? As for me, my goals--new year's and otherwise--have been coming along well; slowly but surely. My 2012 mojo has faded for sure, but I keep my health and goals coming in my own blog -- dares and challenges galore!

    I find exercise easy to keep up, but a specific kind (eg: running was my new year's resolution) can be tougher. I find eating healthy foods easy, but knowing when to stop snacking is another issue. But these are things I get better at every day, and I'll definitely refer back here when I need a reminder of WHY! :)

  6. I was so skinny at one point and would always look at the amazing women in Oxygen magazine and Muscle & Hers. I never thought I could look like them one day, but I put my mind to it that I could. My resolution was to gain muscle, and so I got a trainer and have been working my butt off. :) So far I've stuck with it, although sometimes when I don't see results right away I feel let down. But I know these things take time and I'm willing to wait! There was never a time where I wanted to give up, but there were time where I felt like I was going nowhere. But the little things add up! I now flex my arms and people are like "Holy crap!" What a great feeling. :)

    I find it harder to exercise because I'm SO busy all the time and when I'm not working out with my trainer, it's hard to make it to the gym. But that means I can get more rest and kill it next time, right? :)

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No resolutions here - this is my life & I live it every day to be fit & healthy! :-)

  8. Self-motivation is the best kind of motivation. Always remember the reason you started anything.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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