Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Little Pet Monster :)

This post is FU those interested in keeping up with our new addition to the family...

Teddy Bears!

In our first week with our little pet monster…

Things have been quite FUn filled and exciting! (At all hours of the day and night! lol)

Puppy and Doggie love FU all!

Remember when I said Teddy was calm?!

You can forget about that!

Don't let this innocent face deceive you ;)

Let's just say...

He’s developed this amazing little personality over the past week, that would make him…

Unrecognizable in character!


Zippy and Teddy have become really great friends! (As I'm writing this, Teddy and Zippy are chasing each other around the house lol)

Yogi on the other hand got a boost of puppy-like energy (he’s 15) but has yet to FUlly come around! (He’s slowly acknowledging Teddy’s presence! It’ll come! lol)

In all of this...

There's one thing I hate!

And that is...

The fact I have to leave him when I head out FU work! (I miss him a lot! Wanh Wanh lol)


Coming home to a puppy that is happy to see me makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside! (Just like my Teddy Bear! I know, I know, C-H-E-E-S-Y!)


A FU things to note about our Doodle Dog…

Teddy loves:

  • Nibbling on my slippers and SuperFit's boots;
  • Eating my hair;
  • Chewing on the rug; as well as (and not limited to)
  • Sleeping on my big head.

He also enjoys...

Destroying his Valentine’s Day Sheep Dog toy... 

The Sheep dog lasted a week lol


Sinking his teeth into his Tennis Ball! 

Each Dog got one FU Vday :)

Some more FUn facts about Teddy…

Sweetest thing:

The sounds he makes while dreaming!

Cutest thing:

Licking his own reflection and watching television with amazement in his eyes! (Okay that’s two!)

Unless he's passed out!

The smartest thing:

Knowing he has to go outside to do his business! (Only a couple of accidents thus far!)

The most relatable thing:

He loves Peanut Butter!
(Is it sad that I was worried he'd have peanut allergies?! lol)

The Naughtiest thing:

I think this speaks FU itself.

All to say…

This week sure has been an eventFUl one, and…

I can’t wait to see what the next FU weeks will bring as he gets:

  • Wiser;
  • Naughtier; and (not limited to)
  • More curious about everything around him! (In hopes he doesn’t find a liking to chewing what he discovers lol)

And that’s it FU my Teddy Bear News Update!

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Did you have to replace all your little garbage bins with lidded ones? we did!:D

  2. Not yet! But I do have to hide everything! I may have to get new slippers soon! lol


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