Saturday, January 21, 2012

Waking Up with Baked Oats!

Mornin' Everyone!!!

How ya'll feeling this morning? (Apparently I developed an accent in the past 2 minutes!)

Okay so...

I finally decided to try out a recipe adapted from when I first made my bowl of Egg Oats!

A recipe FU...

Baked Oats! (This came highly recommended by a Blog Reader! Thanks!)

It called FU the same ingredients as my Egg Oats, (and quite similar to my protein pancakes), but instead of microwaving it or frying it up...


It involved...

Baking the mixture in a small Ramkin Dish! (Easy!)

The ingredients are as FUllows:

**I made a very small portion. Feel free to adapt the recipe as you see fit**

- 1/4 Cup Oatmeal;
- 3 Egg Whites;
- 1 scoop Chocolate Revolution Whey Protein Powder;
- 1/4 Banana (smooshed);
- 1 packet of Vanilla Stevia;
- 1/4 tsp. of Cinnamon;
- A splash of Water; and
- Less than 1/4 tsp. of Baking Powder.

Optional Ingredients (you can play around with these):

- 1 scoop of Banana Crème Flavour Blastor (or any of their other flavours);
- Less than 1/4 cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk (Original, Vanilla or Chocolate);
- Fruit of choice! (Try Berries if you don't want the Banana!!)

All in all....

It's pretty simple and delicious if you ask me! (The things you can do with the very little ingredients listed are endless! So, have FUn with it!)


Mix the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl...

Then add the wet...

Pour into a ramkin dish...

Bake FU 15-20 minutes at 350F. 

Let cool and dig in!

Mmmm. Mmmm. Goooood!

Enjoy and have a great day!

I'm off to do some cardio followed by an Arm Workout! :)

Questions FU you...

What are you up to this weekend and how are you staying FIT?

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*



    I just did a savory one the other day! check out my blog for the recipe :)

    have a lovely weekend!

    p.s. I'm off to DANCE IT OUT and arm/ab work!

  2. Looks yummy.... I had a TKD tournament today and have 5 hours of Team Training tomorrow! YAY! Also, I was able to cut my weight from 134lbs to 126lbs in 36 hours, perhaps not the healthiest, but I made my fighting weight! I did have protein shakes and jasmine tea within those 36 hrs, and took home 2 gold medals today! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey Kels! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had an awesome workout! I love Oatmeal and all the things you can do with it! Soo good!

    @Nina! It sure is yummy! Awesome job with the wins!!! Yahoo!!! I know you've been working hard! Congrats!!! :)

    Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!


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