Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ready FU The New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the FUn Celebrations!!! (SuperFit and I certainly did! Stay tuned FU our trip to Québec City! Boy was it ever SwEeT!)

Keeping with tradition...

It's time to make another (or a few) New Year Resolution(s)!

Last year...

I hadn't ofFUcially made one (so I guess I didn't 'technically' keep with tradition lol), but the goal was to...

Compete in my very FUrst Fitness and Figure Competitions!

It would also end up marking....

The very beginning of *CaNdY FiT*! (January 4th will be the 1 year anniversary!!! I can't thank you enough FU all the amazing support and encouragement you've given me this past year! WoW!)

New Years Eve 2010
Celebrating in Montreal.
I realize I look like I'm 10.
Ready to muscle up (literally!) and take on 2011!
The goal came with lots of Temptation...
I had to pass on!
But it was all worth it as it turned out to be...
One of the most memorable days of my life!!!

BeFUre 2011...

My resolutions were typically centred around getting a gym membership and to start training! (Keyword being 'start!')

Truth be told...

It never happened! (Although the year I began exercising and eating well (2010), my resolution was to buy less clothing! Go figure!)

I actually never even made a single efFUrt to search FU a gym I might like to train at! (Nope!)

I think I simply liked the idea of saying my goal was to get fit, since...

It was one of the most common resolutions out there! (It also made some of my FUmily members happy because they knew I needed to start 'moving'! Although, they knew all to well my motivation would be shortly lived, if ever lived at all!)


I'd be coming off a bingeing FUrenzy from all the Holiday goodies!

BeFUre giving up alcohol.
It will be two years in February.
Not a resolution, a personal decision :)
I ate all the Ferrero Rocher's in less than a week.
3 days.
I'd eat anything and everything!

So after eating like a FU'l...

It made sense to want to lose the added weight! (Dieting seemed like a good idea lol)

But again...

Exercising and eating well never came to be! (It seemed like too much efFUrt! Plus, "I had no time" - a typical excuse I used to make myself feel better about not sticking to my commitment to getting FIT!)


Moving FUward...

In my almost two year anniversary since my lifestyle change...

I can now say I earn my treats!

I've learned a couple things (and continue to do so) when it comes to setting fitness goals! (And during this special time of year, what we call a resolution! You can see my list of resolutions at the end of this blog!)

By no means am I an expert! (Not at all!)


I can ofFUr you a FU tips I apply when giving myself a personal goal (resolution) to work towards, and ensuring...

I stick to it!

1. Set small, realistic goals! (Make a few to shake things up and to keep things interesting. Plus, you will always be making some type of progress with the options you've laid out FU yourself!);
2. Write them out! (And post it somewhere FU you to see everyday! It will serve as a reminder to what you committed yourself to doing!)
3. Make your goals achievable (it's great to think big, but keep the goals attainable so as not to lose your motivation! Think baby steps!);
4. Give yourself time to reach your goals (don't set yourself up with unrealistic timeframes!);
5. If you need to modify your goals, do it! (Don't give up, tweak your goal to better suit you and what you are capable of reaching!);
6. Get support and work towards your goals with a FUriend! (That way, you can get that extra motivation and push to reach what it is you set out to accomplish! You can also offer each other a helping hand so that you stay on track!); and remember to...
7. Have FUn! (Don't think of exercising and eating well as a chore, think of it as a turn towards a Healthier YOU....because it is!!!)

So what are my 2012 New Year's Resolutions?!

I've got a FU in mind...

1. Run a half marathon (which I've been working towards since August but had to put on hold due to an injury);

2. Expand my list of clean eating recipes;

Recipe page

3. Clean out my closet and give the surplus away;

Out with the old in with the new ;)

4. Become a better climber when it comes to cycling;

5. Dumbbell press the 45s (I'm at the 40s now);

And most importantly...

6. Continue my lifestyle in health and fitness!

One of our Bike and Runs!

What are your Resolution(s)?!

Once again...

Happy New Year!!!!

I'm wishing you all happiness and health in 2012!!!


Thank you FU all the support you've given *CaNdY FiT*!

I am so incredibly thankFUl, words cannot describe! (They really can't!!!!)

Thank you, thank you, thank YOUUUUUUUU!!!

Stay Tuned FU our NYE celebrations on *CaNdY FiT*

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  1. Its the year of the triathlon for me! A sprint in early June & an Olympic in September. I am a really terrible swimmer, so this is a giant goal for me.


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