Thursday, January 5, 2012

FUn Getaway FU The New Year!

What better way to ring in (bring in, not too sure!) the New Year than...

A weekend getaway with SuperFit!

The FUrry duo!

This year we decided to drive to Ste. Foy, Québec! (We went to Montreal in 2010)

SuperFit bought a map...
UnFUrtunately FU him...
I don't read maps very well lol

Once packed and ready to roll...

I made sure to bring some driving goodies :)

We got in the car and made our way to our FUnal destination! (It took about 5 hours with 1 stop!)

Upon arrival...

We checked in and scoped out our awesome view from our room! (We were on the 23rd floor!)

Winter at its best!

Soon time...

We bundled up and toured around the surrounding area!

There were restaurants and coffee shops all around us.

We later found out our hotel location was...

PerFUct because we were located right where the NYE bash would be taking place!

There was also a Ferris Wheel right down the street from us!
Outdoor Bar...
I had to sit on my hands as my buns were FUreezing!

When we got hungry...

We didn't have a hard time deciding where or what to eat!

We can't escape the FUriday night Sushi!
Blu Bar & Grill

To our surprise...

We ended up ordering one roll as an appetizer! (As opposed to making it a Sushi meal!)

Spicy Tuna Roll.

As we waited FU our main course...

We decided to have a little FUn!

Rocking out with our new Lululemon Hoodies!
There's some history behind this Hoodie...
I exchanged a size 8 FU another size 8 the day prior! (Woops!)
I had to sell the one I bought (it was FUnal sale so I couldn't return it!)!
It sold in less than 10 minutes!
We went back FU the right size (which was a 4) beFUre making our way to QC!
I wonder about myself sometimes! ;)

Let's just say...

We were delighted when our meal arrived! (All this FU'ling around was consuming our energy! lol)

Stir-FUried Chicken and Rice :)

The next day...

We woke up after a good night's sleep and bundled up (once again), as we would be taking our explorations into...

The heart of Old Québec! 

Notice my new Xmas boots!


We FUrst needed to FUel up!

Cosmos Café!
It was right next door.


SuperFit was in desperate need of a wake-me-up...

It was 930am.
Nothing an Americano can't fix ;)

I was simply looking FUward to a nice cup of coffee to start my day!

**I'm warning you now....There is a whole lot of coffee drinking during this getaway!**


As soon as we placed our orders...

It didn't take long beFUre we got served our delicious breakFUst! 

**We enjoyed some great and yummy FU'd while away! Our treat to ourselves FU an amazing 2011!**

Bacon and Eggs FU SuperFit!
I had two eggs over-easy and 1/2 my potatoes.
The bread was amazing!
Ready to dig in!

Once FUll and ready to get our walk-on...

We set out on a mission to explore as much as we could! (In the -25 degree weather!)


What I loved about touring around this quaint city was...

All the history, cafés, local shops as well as (and not limited to) the artistic feel it had to it! (It was FUn walking into all the difFUrent shops and pâtisseries!)

I ended up getting a pair of warm gloves to keep my FUreezing hands happy! (My mini mitts just weren't doing it FU me!)

I loved the service I received!
Best purchase ever!

After a couple of hours of walking outside...

I couldn't help but notice C'est si bon - Confiseries! (French FU a store that sells *CaNdY* and Chocolates!)

I just had to go in! (We would also end up at Paillard, as pictured above FU a hot beverage!)

I bought some Chocolate Covered Raisins :)

In addition to getting some *CaNdY*...

I got a new mug which I deemed quite appropriate FU my love FU CuPcAkES!

If you say so! ;)

A couple of sweet purchases later...

We warmed up at the Café-boulangerie Paillard!

Café Boulangerie Paillard.
We wondered why everyone was eating croissants!
 I later found out it was because...
They won the 2010 award FU best croissants in Québec!
If only I had known!

Both SuperFit and I decided on Cappuccinos! (No Croissants FU us...but only because we didn't know about the award! lol)


While I sipped on my drink...

It didn't take long FU me to FUnish this amazing Cappuccino!

SuperFit researched the next part of Old Québec we would be visiting!

The advantages of the iphone! lol

A FU clicks later...

Our next stop would be Le Quartier Petit Champlain! (Local website)


Stay Tuned FU more on our NYE Getaway on *CaNdY FiT*

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