Thursday, December 8, 2011

Week 9 (pt.2): Gearing Up!

**November 26 - November 30**

FUrst things FUrst... 

As my prep towards my shoot in the  *CaNdY FiT* Challenge is soon approaching...

I wanted to thank everyone FU their on-going support as I continue my journey in Health and Fitness!

It's almost been 2 years since I made the switch and...

Not FU one second am I not thankFUl FU all the support and amazing people I have come across in my new lifestyle! (You have no idea how much it means to me!)

Thank you :)

To those participating in the *CaNdY FiT* Challenge (anonymous or not)...

Your motivation, determination, willFUlness, commitment and dedication in reaching your Health/Fitness Goals has been a great inspiration to me! 

We are all working together in making our goals a reality! (And keeping true to them as we move into the New Year! Practicing healthy habits and exercising is a lifestyle choice, and it's a mighty good one if you ask me!)

Let's keep it going!


Here we go...

How could I not visit Joan MacDonald from Daydreams Fitness Wear FU my upcoming shoot?!

Now making workout gear on top of
Bikini, Fitness, Figure and Theme Suits!!!

BeFUre heading over FU my scheduled appointment...

I FUeled up with some eats!

Red Peppers and Turkey Bacon.
Holy Yum.

Upon arrival to her Studio...

It didn't take long to start having FUn with the loads of options she had in store FU me!

It was like playing dress up!
I brought some of my things to mix and match ;)
The more the merrier!

After 'x' amount of hours (yep, we like to talk!)...

We snapped a FUto and...

I left with lots of FUntastic stuff to play with!

Joan is awesome!

If that wasn't enough...

I also geared up with some new FUry pans from Swiss Diamond! (And a Wok!) 

**There are real Diamond Crystals (yes, Diamonds!!!!) in the non-stick surface!**

Look at all the bling I'm holding ;)
Made in Switzerland.
I also got some other tools and gadgets from...
The Cookware Centre.
I spend loads of time in the kitchen so...
New pots is like getting a new toy!

Now beFUre heating up these bad boys (the pans lol)...

I needed to do a grocery run! (Suuuuurrrprise!)

The good stuff.

This trip was a little more special to me because...

SuperFit was there with bells on!

He loves grocery shopping.
See...he loves it ;)

You should know...

Neither of us can get enough of our Oatmeal! (Can't you tell by the FUto above?!)

Greek Yogurt, Oatmeal, Grain Puffs, Almonds and FUlax Seeds.
Oh and Vanilla Stevia FU sweetening :)

When it came time FU supper...

I made Veal Scallops!

I sprayed my new FUry pan very lightly with Canola Oil.
I probably didn't have to considering how non-stick it was!
This is a FUmily Recipe...
Perhaps one day I will share it ;)

As I was preparing the evening eats...

I FUrgot to do something very important...

Like adding water to my rice!!!

I wondered why it was taking so long FU the water to boil!

Once everything was said and not burned...

Dinner was ready!

SuperFit's Plate.

My meal varied considerably from SuperFit's...

My Plate of Protein.

As the weekend was coming to a close...

We met up FU lunch with my FUmily at the Greek Souvlaki Shack! (Great restaurant as you may recall! Their low-carb menu is deFUnitely a highlight!)

Me and my Mom

SuperFit was excited...

I told you my FUcial expressions are contagious!

I asked FU a coffee the moment we took our seats because I deFUnitely needed it! (Just a little boost to do me good!)

They use illy beans.
So yum.

We knew what we wanted the moment we got there, so...

Looking at the menu was almost unnecessary! (I had to look because I FUrgot the name of my plate lol)

While we waited...

I snapped a quick shot with my sister Kiki!

Muaaawww :)

In no time....

The goods were served! (We all got Salads, except FU Kiki who got grilled veggies! They looked incredible! FU sure I will get them the next time around!) 

My Plate.
Two Chicken Skewers on top of a bed of lettuce and veggies.
No dressing and I skipped on the Olives.
I squeezed the juice from the Chili Peppers all over my salad.
I love spicy!
So good.

It's to no surprise...

We all enjoyed our mid-afternoon Noms!

Cheers to Health!
FUrking up our Protein FU the shot ;)
Good to the last bite.

Once the week started back up again...

So did another 'diet'! (It always keeps things interesting lol)

I haven't yet gotten sick of Egg Whites!
I decided to top the Eggs with FUlax Seeds
(as opposed to cooking it all together) and...
Added Almonds to Crunch.


What's a new 'diet' without a little Temptation?!!

The CuPcAkE Fairies came by.
And so did the Cookie Monsters.
Double Ugh.

As soon as I escaped this trap (I'm sure it was planted there just FU me lol)...

I sent off another *CaNdY FIT* Giveaway Prize to one lucky recipient! (Another chance to win is coming up shortly!)

The lucky SwEeT OpPorTuNiTy Winner was Andreanne C.! (She guessed my SwEeT OpPorTuNiTy at the Marble Slab Creamery Ottawa via my  FB Page!)

Enjoy Andreanne!
I will FUrmally announce the details of this
SwEeT OpPoRtUnItY soon!

Oh! And...

I wanted to mention that Mr. FUntastic:

My Brother.

Is starting back up with his Fitness again! (Since returning from the bushes up North! He was in the middle of nowhere FU 3 months!)

I'm super thrilled about it and...

I love the text messages that come along with it!

Well...Spin Damnit!
The part about speaking alien I have yet to figure out ;)
Exercise always does the body good!

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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