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Week 9: KicKiNG It With The Masta!

**November 26**

The day after my return from St. John's, Newfoundland...

It was time to bring out the kicks and punches at:

Wing Hon Fu's Taekwon-Do Inter-school and Friendship Tournament!

The Masta's Crest.

Ever since my childhood days...

Getting my Green Belt at the age of about 6 :)

I've always, always, helped out (or competed) at every single one of his tournaments! (I did really well in patterns and okay in sparring. To be honest, I was known FU being lazy, which is why it shocked everyone when I decided to commit myself to a life FUeled with exercising and hard training!)

At one of the many TKD competitions I've attended.
I realize my hair is yellow lol. 
Another one.
And another!
My little bro and sis help out (or compete) too!
The Masta and Daugher Fu


I should note...

I stopped training when I was about 15 or 16 (I started at the age of 4) as I wanted to try out other sports in High School, such as:

- Competitive Cheerleading (5 years)
- Volleyball (2 years)
- Soccer (2 years)
- Badminton (2 years)
- Ballet (I'm a terrible Ballerina!)
- Airbands (Hey, we choreographed a number of dances! lol)
- Rugby (1 year - in my last year! We were Citywide Champs!)

After High School ended...

So did my physical activity! (This is where my 7 years of nothing began!)

But those exercise-FUree days are no more! :)


As The Masta's tournaments attract a number of Competitors (185 this year)...

He has a vast amount of Volunteers willing to ofFUr a helping hand!

SuperFit and Martin willing and able to assume their role as Timekeepers.
Among many others!

In addition to the Volunteers...

Are the fellow Instructors from area schools!

Meeting and getting the low down on the day's events.
A mixture of Instructors and Black Belt Judges.
Stef The Judge.
She took part in the *CaNdY FiT* Challenge.
She lost 12 inches and gained muscle since starting!
(SuperFit set her up with a program)
She's now on the beach rocking a hot bikini!
Congratulations on all your hard work in
reaching your vacation goal!

As soon as our meetings were over...

We made our way to our assigned rings!

Martin wished he was closer to 007 and me!
Who doesn't want zany company?!

The moment The Masta called things to order (and trust me, you listen!)...

Everyone took their seats and listened careFUlly!

Paying very close attention to the The Masta's words.

He outlined and reinFUrced the competition rules...


Reminded everyone that this was a day to have FUn!

**Note: He is known FU being extremely well organized and efFUcient in the delivery of his tournaments. He also ensures the safety of all competitors. He has a 'no touching' policy when it comes to sparring! Meaning...You are not there to beat people up, you are there to demonstrate your skills in the art of Taekwon-Do!**

He also took the time to introduce...
All the Instructors, Judges and Volunteers.

Now of course...

There was hardware to be won!

Red: 1st. Blue: 2nd. White: 3rd and 4th.
Everybody wins!
(There are 4 per group)

Not only were metals to be won, but...

Chocolate too! (All competitors could treat themselves to some sweetness once they were FUnished competing!)

The Masta put lots of emFUsis on treaters to...
 Have their sugar rush (get hyper) on their way out ;)

As I knew I would be there FU a couple of hours (yes, a couple of hours! He has record goals in FUnishing his tournaments early! 185 competitors and all he needs is less than 3 hours! He's amazing at what he does!)...

I brought myself a snack!

Red Peppers and Turkey Bacon.

The moment things began...

Games faces lit up the room!

Master Yo.
And SuperFit ready to go!

All kidding aside...

These are the faces I'm actually refFUring too! (Although SuperFit's excitment and Master Yo's "time FU business" look are worth acknowledging! lol)

Lining up. 
Placing each Competitor in their appropriate classes.

When the ball got rolling...

So did the kicks and punches!


This time around...

My brother and sister didn't compete as they were teaching (yes, teaching!) Figure Skating to some little ones! (They are both incredible competitive Figure Skaters!)

But every time they do...

They always do well!

JoJo doing her Patterns.
Winning is always worth getting excited over ;)

In another set record time by The Masta (1 hour and 30 minutes and leaving only but smiles on each and every Competitors' face)...

We cleared out the gym and packed up our things!

007 and Me. 
SuperFit and Martin.

As it is a long standing tradition...

It was time to celebrate another successFUl tournament over some eats! (We always go to a restaurant afterwards!)

As SuperFit and I are currently 'dieting'...

We special ordered Steamed Chicken and Mushrooms from Jadeland! (The Masta is always sensitive to my/our 'dieting' needs!)

It was amazing!
I dipped my Chicken in Chili sauce.
We didn't have any of the other yummy looking stuff!
This is one of my FUvorite Chinese Restaurants!

Once we FUeled up over shared stories and great company (oh and FU'd!)...

We said our goodbyes and looked FUward to another great Wing Hon Fu Taekwon-Do Tournament in the coming FUture!

My Dad...
The Masta!

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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