Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 8 (pt.3): Here I Go Again!

**November 21-November 24**

Nothing like an intense Chest workout to start off my week!

My face is intense. I know.
I FUnished off my program with a little TRX :)
It's a great way to top off your workout...at least I think so!

In addition to...

The beginning of a 'new diet' rotation! (YAY!!! Insert sarcasm here lol)

Egg Whites, Spinach, FUlax Seeds and Mrs. Dash Seasoning.
Sometimes had as a snack too (minus the FUlax seeds).
My Starbucks Drink is a Vanilla Rooibos Tea.

BeFUre going out of town again...

I made SuperFit one last dinner! (Well, not his last...you know what I mean! lol)

I made sure to use one of our FUvorite spice blends from our FUrends at
Char Crust!


And that reminds me...

Congratulations to Tanya, Nicole and Phoebe who won the Char Crust Giveaway! (Stay Tuned FU their Char Crust Recipes!)


As the Chicken and Rice were cooking...

I prepared a salad to start! (Greening your meals is important too!)

Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, a FU raisins,
Pumpkin Seeds and Goat Cheese.
Balsamic Vinaigrette recipe.
My salad varied considerably from this one due to
dietary restrictions.

Once gobbled...

It was time FU the main eats!

Not my plate.
It may look plain and simple but...
It's FUeled with FUlavor!

On the date of my departure...

I made sure to get my yummy protein pancakes (well, I think they're good!) into my tummy! (I wouldn't be cooking FU the remainder of the week!)

4 Egg Whites, 1/2 Scoop of Protein Powder, 1 Packet of Vanilla Stevia.
FUry it up in a lightly PAM sprayed pan.
Almonds are a new addition to my 'diet'!
I'm not complaining!!! :) :) :)

But FUrst...

I did my morning cardio!

Lovin' my CycleOps Trainer!
We got ours at The Cyclery in Ottawa.

Next on my list was...

Packing up my suitcase! (More than just clothes!)

Protein, Protein, Protein and...
A Magic Bullet (it's tucked in somewhere in there!)

Once zipped up and ready to FUligh...

I headed to Florida Fitness Aylmer FU a Back and Shoulders workout! (I had just enough time to train!)

BeFUre making my way there...

I moisturized to smell like *CaNdY*! (And to prevent dry skin of course!)

Marshmallow Scented Lotion.
It's amazing!
I also have Cotton *CaNdY* and Vanilla CuPcAkE!
There is nothing wrong with smelling like some of your FUvorite sweets ;)

After being told I smelled great (sure did!)...

It was time to get serious and start exercising!

Giddy Up!
Reverse Peck Deck.
Standing Barbell Shoulder Presses.

Once I FUnished PuMpInG Up...

I said my goodbyes and ate my next meal on my way to the airport!

Turkey Bacon and Red Peppers.

After checking in...

I ordered myself an Iced Coffee from the new Starbucks at the Ottawa Airport! (Exciting, I know!)

I've taken iced coffee to a whole new level by asking the Barista to...
 Blend the ice and coffee together.
It's foamy and pretty yummy.
Not hot. There was enough ice to make it cool.

Once boarded and comFUrtably seated...

I read the on-FUlight literature!

I eventually want to check this place out!
Wood Oven Pizza is their delicacy.
And this place too!
All these places I've never once tried...
Worth getting excited over :)

In no time...

Did I find myself reminiscing about my last venture to St. John's, Newfoundland! (Just a FU years back)

Local Shops.
ColourFUl houses.
BeautiFUl scenery.
Marching my way up to the top of Signal Hill.
You should know I struggled getting into these jeans.
I almost asked FU assistance when taking them off.
No joke.
Way up top!
I made it! :)
Gorgeous isn't it?!
On our way to Cape Spear.
Enjoying the beauty around me!
It's truly breathtaking.
One of the Fishing Towns.
Taking it allll in!
And also getting some of the nightlife into the mix :)
George Street is where it's at!

Two flights, two movies and one snooze later...

I settled in my temporary space and relaxed over a much deserved Protein Shake! (It doesn't get more exciting than that! lol)

8 oz. Water, Ice Cubes and 1 Scoop of Protein Powder.
I had Tuna as 'just in case' FU'd.

During my FU days away...

My meals were all special ordered! (BreakFUst and lunch) 


Never once did I find myself stuck without any of my essentials! (SuccessFUl meal planning starts with, well, planning!)

Now as you probably know...

I went to the gym! (Shocker!!! lol! I only had cardio left on my list of to do's!)

I did two 1 hour sessions on the stationary bike.
I haven't been feeling any pain in my hamstring (YaY!)!
 I'm still not able to run since my injury (to be honest, I really miss it!)
They were sweaty sessions every time.

BeFUre you knew it...

It was time FU me to pack up my things (again) and head back home!

I almost FUrgot my pants in my room.
I remembered just beFUre getting in the cab!
Good save FU! ;)

The moment I got to the airport...

I bought myself some veggies!

I took the dipping sauce out of the package and gave it back!
I wouldn't be dipping anything. 
I was stopped at Security FU my Tuna packed in Water.
I also set off the metal detector because my sweater/coat had about
20 buttons on it.
You'd think I would have learned all about proper traveling attire by now!
Ah well...keeps things interesting ;)

Once I was cleared by Security...

I would soon be saying goodbye to one snowy St. John's!

It snowed 20-30 cm of snow the day beFUre I left!


I would be saying "Hello" to SuperFit and one delicious Sushi Dinner ahead!!! (Ya....we reverted back to Sushi! Can't do without it!)

I drool a lot ;)

It is now safe to say...

I will no longer be living out of a suitcase until...


So from this point onwards...

I will be FUnishing my last FU weeks in my prep towards my FUtoshoot...

At home! (So exciting! YipeE!)

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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