Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 8 (pt.2): Bacon, Cookies & Snacks...Oh My!

**November 20**

No need to put your reading glasses on...

Call me 4 eyes ;)

Bacon, Cookies and Snacks are all things that made their way into one special Sunday!

It started with a FUn Sunday BreakFUst I made FU SuperFit!

It included...

Turkey Bacon!

I FUried up the strips using very little Canola Oil...

It smelled amazing!

And had...

An Egg White Omelette cookin' at the same time! (Multi-tasking at its best lol)

Once the Meat Protein was cooked...

I decided to throw it ('it' being the Omelette) into the Turkey Bacon pan!


To soak up some of that meaty FUlavor, of course! (And why not?)

Tell me that doesn't look good!

I think SuperFit was thrilled with his plate!

Toast, 1/2 Banana, 5 Strips of Turkey Bacon and an
Egg White Omelette!
Turkey Bacon is pretty darn good if you ask me!

Once we cleaned up...

We headed over to the Ottawa Signature Show ~click~! (Yep, I didn't even have to convince SuperFit to go!)

We met up with my Mom and Kiki...

Who had already scanned the whole place and knew exactly what they were going to purchase! (They have a system going!)

Expert Shoppers!
SuperFit was going nuts ;)
Not really though!

In no time did SuperFit find something that quickly got his attention...

A Tamboa!
If you didn't know...
SuperFit is a drummer!
(On top of everything else he does!)

I actually thought I had lost him at one point! (He was nowhere to be found!)

He had gotten sidetracked and was more than engaged in what was going on around him! (Mostly woodworking stuff, not the FUnky jewelry I was eyeing! Yeeeeessss, eyeing not buying! lol)

There he is...
Super FUreakin' Fit!

I must say...

There was a whole lot of interesting stuff to look at!

These shoes weighed nothing!
They were very interesting...

While we going up and down the aisles...

I was excited to check out the reCYCLEr booth!

This is where I bought SuperFit's Christmas gift the year prior!

The middle one to be exact!

They reCYCLE old bicycle parts and turn them into household items!

Bar stool!
Wall mount.
Salt and Pepper Shakers.

While I was getting excited...

My sister Kiki was loading up on a bunch of FUn and yummy stuff!

Such as her FUvorite Crab Apple Jam!
Among other things!
She's FUnky isn't she?! :)

I would soon find myself getting excited over...

This place!

Did you say CuPcAkE?!

Although there was no CuPcAke in sight...

They did have an assortment of Gingerbread Cookies! (Which, I looooove!)

You can't say these don't look super yum!

As we are currently approaching the holiday season...

These mitten shaped gingerbread cookies quickly caught my sweet eye!

Soft and colourFUl.

I was told they keep for 3 months, so...

I bought 3! (How could I pass up on this sweet deal?! Pun intended.)

I'm saving them FU post shoot noms!
I can't wait to take a bite!
I guess I'll have to share the other two ;)

BeFUre leaving...

I was also sold on the FIAT! (Well, not literally!)

Life in the Fast Lane ;)
It's cute, compact and FUn looking!

We zooooomed to the grocery store next! (I swear, I'm always FUeling up!)

A small load!

When we eventually got home...

I made us some yummy eats! (SuperFit ran out of his usual stuff, so I suggested I make him something quick and delish!)

1/2 a sliced Apple, Oatmeal and Protein Powder.
The Oats and Protein were mixed together with boiling hot water. 
I then topped it with the Apples.

As FU me...

I couldn't wait to have a super delicious protein bowl! (With Oatmeal!)

Carb loading is alway FUn!
Oatmeal Bowls made by SuperFit! :)
He added 1/2 a Banana the next time around!

BeFUre you knew it...

It was time FU me start a new week, a new 'diet' and pack up another suitcase FU a FU days away!

Here we go...


Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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