Saturday, December 10, 2011

Week 10: Spinning Right Along...

**December 1 - December 4**

Time has sure FUlown by... 

As I am now in the last week of my prep FU my upcoming shoot! (Now taking place on December 11th! 4 days earlier than originally anticipated at the beginning of it all!)

The progress is coming along as planned, and...

It makes FU one happy Baby FU! (Results are always FUn!)

Abs are popping out.
As are my Obliques.

**My metabolism and I are still getting to know one another! In other words, how it reacts to my training and certain FU'ds in order to achieve and maintain a look I see FIT FU Me! 7 years of inactivity and a lack of care FU my health and wellness is teaching me loads of things as I continue along in my journey! I'm learning and balancing it all as I go!**

Throughout the week...

I decided to surprise SuperFit with one of his all-time FUvorite meals...

Chili! (I've never once made this FU him so I thought it was about time!)

Better late than never! :)

He was both happy and excited...

Especially since I gave him the title of O.T.T (OfFUcial Taste Tester!)!

SuperFit Approved Chili!

In my experimental mood...

I also decided to try out Egg Oats! (A disgusting sounding mixture I just had to taste! What the heck is wrong with me?! lol)

To my surprise (I'm FUll of surprises!)...

It ended up being amazing! (Well...I thought it was good! I had it FU breakFUst in replacement of my protein pancakes during the weekend! Crazy, I know!)

I added other toppings to make it just right....
FU me :)

Once I took my cooking hat off...

The weekend was FUeled with things to do!

Such as...

Holiday shopping! (We scoped out the mall FU ideas FUrst. We didn't exercise our shopping skills just yet!)

Within the FUrst 20 minutes of the holiday madness...

I lost SuperFit! (FU a whole 25 minutes...he got suckered into a demo!)

I tried to retrieve him to the best of my ability...


It didn't work as he was already sold!

On a mop.
Yes. A mop.

Either way...

He bought me a treat! (YaY! I hadn't seen these in FUrever! I had to snag and save them FU FUture treating!)

Swedish Fish...Not Berries!

Among the shopping and holiday planning...

A spin class at Florida Fitness Aylmer made its way into our schedule! (It would be my FUrst class doing standing intervals since my injury, dating back 7 weeks!)

What better way to wake up on a Sunday Morning?!

The room was packed and we were all ready to get our 'Spin On'!

The Masta Wheeling along!

As usual...

SuperFit gave a class leaving everyone reFUreshed! (With 900 calories burnt by the end of it! ) 

**Burnt calories vary from person to person based on the level of resistance and efFUrt! We're all difFUrent!**

Go SuperFit Go!
Gosh, I can be cheesy.

By the end of the hour...

I survived the Spin sesh pain FUree!!! (What a relief! I'm not yet ready to run as I do still feel some strain in my Hamstring when I try any type running motion! It'll come, I simply have to be patient!)

I'm just happy I was able to do the FUll hour with all the intervals!
SuperFit could have probably done 3 hours lol

Later that day...

We headed over to The Masta's FU a birthday celebration! (My step-mom's bday!)

The Masta had everything timed (of course!), so by the time we got there...

The FU'd was practically ready to serve!

Ready to Taekwon-Do chop the Ribs!
But he left the cutting to SuperFit's muscles ;)
There was also Stir FUried Veggies and Salmon to pick from.

In no time...

Were we lining up to FUel our plates with yummy goodness!

Everyone was eager to eat!
We lined up like school children.

Everyone was happy! (With both the company and the grub!)

Taking a pause from the lineup.
Martin digging into the Ribs.
Look at the smile on his face :)
Lili (007's daugther) thrilled with her plate...
Especially with the Salmon! 
(She's getting used to eating fish) ;)
Happy Faces FU all!
Cheese Whizzz!
"Has personality...personality!"
Please tell me you remember that commercial!

As FU me...

I waited my turn as I had to measure my portion of rice! (I had the salmon and zucchini to go alongside my carbs!)

Yep, the measuring cup came out!
The Masta was impressed by my measuring skills ;)

Once we FUnished our MastaFUl Dinner...

The Gang decided to play a trick on The Masta!

It's a crazy app that prank calls your house and argues with you.
In this case...
Over a stolen newspaper.
The Masta got really annoyed and hung up on them after asking several times...
"Who is this?! You better tell me who you are beFUre I answer any of your accusations!"
It was FUnny.

BeFUre long...

It was time FU the cake! (Well, not FU me or SuperFit. Martin also passed up on it! It smelled and looked delish though!)

When the moment was right...

The kids careFUlly transported the cake to its rightFUl owner!

Shared responsibility.
She had no idea it was coming.
No cake was dropped or smooshed during transportation.
As in previous years! lol
Cake Time!


What's a dinner without a FUtoshoot! (The Masta loves taking pictures! I wonder who I take from?! lol)

The Gals!
The Gents!
I would be aFUraid of SuperFit if I were you.
The Gang.
Minus The Masta.

After a great evening...

We headed home and called it a night! (Actually, a wrap to our weekend!)

As I am now in the FUnal stages of my preparation...

I am PuMPeD UP to get in FUront of the camera!!! (I'm also looking FUward to the Holiday FUstivities with my FUmily, FUriends and Loved Ones...along with the Eats and Treats ~all in moderation of course!~)


Questions FU you...

1. Is your holiday shopping done?
2.What are you looking FUward to the most during this FUstive season?
3. Are you a FUstive Baker? (With the amount of cookie recipes going around I feel like I should start baking! lol)

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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