Friday, December 30, 2011

Potluck: Quick, Healthy and Yummy Appetizers!

YaY...a potluck!!!

SuperFit and I were invited to attend a dinner party to celebrate the holiday season with FUrends! (This would mark our 8th event!)

BeFUre heading over...

I attended The Masta's Spin Class and trained my Back Muscles with SuperFit!

I then went home to prepare...

A FU appetizers! (Some of my all-time FUvorites!)

They are quick and easy and...

Superb in FUlavor! (But perhaps I'm a bit biased lol)

In total...

I would be bringing three types of finger FU'ds to the potluck:

1. Pesto Bruschetta;
2. Hummus filled Crispy Shells; and
3. Goat Cheese and Olive Tapenade Crispy Shells.

Some key ingredients.

I started with the Pesto Bruschetta!

Ingredients and Essentials:

1. 1 Long Baguette (your choice between white or brown bread);
2. Olive Oil to spray or brush onto the sliced bread;
4. Store bought Bruschetta (brand of your choice).


I sliced the bread:

Then I laid out the cut pieces onto a baking pan!

FU the next step...

I had the option of spraying...


Brushing some Olive Oil on each and every piece of baguette!

I went with this option.

Once brushed...

I placed them in the oven at 350F FU about 10 minutes (until they hardened but not browned)!

Keep an eye on them.

 As soon as they cooled...

I added a touch of Pesto!

I love Pesto!


A tiny little spoonFUl of bruschetta to top!

**Optional: You can sprinkle Parmesan Cheese FU some added FUlavor or grate some Allegro Cheese to top. Also, instead of adding Bruschetta, you can add goat cheese and a piece of Sundried Tomato.**


**Tip: You can throw them back in the oven FU some heat (warmth). Also, don't let them stand too long as they may get soggy. Be sure to serve soon after making!**

Next on my list of appetizer to do's were....

The Crispy Filled Shells!

Ingredients and Essentials:

1. Siljans Crispy Shells (they are tricky to find in the grocery store, but they ARE there!);

You can find loads of recipe ideas on their website!

2. Regular Hummus (brand of your choice);
3. Goat Cheese; 
4. Olive Tapenade; and
5. Sundried Tomatoes.

I cut them up into small pieces.

To begin...

I laid out the crispy shells on a plate:


 I then spooned some Hummus into about half of the shells and topped it with a Sundried Tomato!

I filled the remainder of the shells with...

Goat Cheese and Olive Tapenade! (Two baby spoons of each)

It literally took 8 minutes to make 24.

 **Optional: Place the Crispy Shells in the oven at 350F FU about 5 minutes.** 

**Tip: Sprinkle Paprika on the Goat Cheese Shells and Parsley everywhere on your plate to make it pretty! And, be sure to serve soon after making to avoid sogginess.**

Once the appetizers were all ready to go...

We made our way to Super Sly and his wife Annie's FU a great time!

Super Sly and Annie

The night was FUeled with good FUrends...

Just married :)

Yummy FU'd...

Those vermicelli wraps were the bomb!
Pasta salad, chips and dip.
An assortment of cookies.
I love chocolate covered almonds!
Home made Truffles!
I had the dark chocolate one!
They were filled with Peanut Butter!!!


Beer (water FU both SuperFit and me) Pong!

Super Sly called out the rules
SuperFit went all the way to the FUnals!
But Cédric was the winner of the night!
(I won last year!)

Once it came time to call it a night...

We said our goodbyes, gave our thank you's and wished everyone a Happy New Year! (As we wouldn't be seeing them until 2012!)

Let's just say...

I'm looking FUward to next year's party! (And perhaps coming back as the Water Pong Champ! lol)

Annie and Me!

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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