Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's a HoLLy JoLLy Season!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the Holiday season...

I certainly have! (And still continue to do so!)

I got my Ferrero Rocher's!!!

After kicking off the FUrst of our Christmas events at Chez Fatima...

Heading to The Masta's was next on our list!

He prepared loads of healthy appetizers :)

BeFUre making our way there...

I made sure to set up our Xmas table FU the FUllowing morning! (Both SuperFit and I would be hosting a yummy (well I hope) brunch with a FU loved ones!)

I got the awesome centre piece FU 1$.
Xmas Kisses FU everyone! 
Decorating made sweet.

And yes...

I made sure to put out my new and awesome Swiss Diamond Pans! (Sometimes I over-prepare myself! lol)

I was ready to get my cook on!
24 hours early! ;)

Once dressed and ready to Merry...

I said Merry not Marry lol

We were off to Santa FU's for a lovely evening FUeled with...

Love, Laughs, Smiles and loads of FU'd!

I brought a Hummus and Olive Tapenade Dip with...
 Baked Pesto Pita Chips.
It was half eaten in this FUto!
Keeping it Green with his veggies.
We had Lobster FU our main course!
It would be the FUrst time I break one apart on my own!
I was ready and willing to get messy!
As was everyone else lol
Mr. FUntastic is an expert!
As is The Masta!
Like I mentioned in my previous post...
There were Ferreros FU all!
And he thought he wasn't going to get any lol

After a great Christmas Eve spent with The FU's...

There is a worse wrapper than me out there!
Aluminum Foil brought to you by my older brother Mr. FUntastic!
Laptops FU everyone!!!
I was thrilled because my plan was to get a new one!

We woke up to a whole bunch of gifts to unwrap!

Noel Sapinnn FUlly dressed :)

There is no doubt...

I got spoiled!

New Boots!

As soon as we tore open all the presents...

And the Dogs ate theirs...

I got to cookin'! (I didn't take the pans out FU nothing lol!)

I also put out some FU'd FU nibbling...

Our good FUrend Nikki made us a Banana Choco Chip Loaf.
I bought some mixed Nuts and added Mint Drops :)

BeFUre you knew it...

Our guests had arrived! (All in good timing as I had just FUnished cooking the bacon and home FUries!)


We unwrapped our gifts beFUre getting into the grub!

At lightening speed!
We fought over the Angry Bird lol

Once we ploughed through our presents...

We FUnished cooking the remainder of the breakFUst eats!

007 took charge of the eggs...

In no time...

It was time to feast!

The Bacon disappeared in a blink of an eye!
My plate :)

We then enjoyed great laughs over M&Ms...

Lots and lots of M&Ms! (We are all M&M junkies!)

We FUnished the regular M&Ms so we switched to the PB ones :)

After wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas...

We said our goodbyes and headed over to my Mom's FU the afternoon!

We came baring gifts!
Desserts Gum!
Kiki's FUvorite right now.
Sporting her new Joshua Perets shirt :)
We got this awesome t-shirt combo from Mr. FUntastic!
It comes all the way from Thailand!

Soon after arriving...

We enjoyed a lovely CuPcAkE from Three Bakers and a Bike!

I had the Lemon.
SuperFit had the Chocolate.

**Just so you know, Christmas Day is a Free Day when it comes to our diet. Like SuperFit says..."It's not what you do between Xmas and New Year's that makes the difFUrence, it's what you do between New Year's and Xmas"**

I must say...

The CuPcAkE was absolutely delish! (I gasped with complete satisFUction with every bite!)

So incredibly moist!

A FU hours later...

It was time FU Christmas Dinner at my Aunt's house!

My Mom prepared and brought over the Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberries and Turkey Juices FU the Gravy!

It weighed 32lbs.

Upon arrival...

The cooking continued!

Potatoes, Gravy and Veggies.

As things were preparing...

We enjoyed each other's company! (I hadn't seen some of my cousins in a long while!)

Kiki and Aunt M.
Timbits, Mom and Grampa.

When it came time to eat...

We had loads to pick from!

He was on cutting duties!
He did a FUntastic job!
SuperFit patiently waiting his turn.
I was so excited FU a traditional Holiday Meal!

After picking and choosing what I wanted on my plate...

I ended up with a whole lot of Stuffing! (My Mom makes the best ever! I wasn't able to have any during Thanksgiving weekend as I had just started The *CaNdY FiT* Challenge, so I made up FU it lol)

My ever so delicious plate of Christmas Noms!
My beauty of a Mom.
"Can I eat now?!"

By the end of the night...

We each had a small piece of Christmas Log from La Maison Chaloin! (An amazing dessert place!!! Le Gatinois is what I believe to be their signature cake and the Christmas Log was exactly that!)


It was FU'in good!!!


After feeling completely satisFUied with all the Christmas Goodies....

It was time to head home!

All in all...

I feel so lucky and grateFUl to be surrounded by love and happiness! 

I am very thankFUl FU everything I have and...

I couldn't ask FU anything more than what I have been blessed with!

Stay Tuned FU more Holiday FUn on *CaNdY FiT*

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