Saturday, December 24, 2011

The HoLiDaYs FIT 4 a FU!

Tis The Season FU a lot of things!!!

To start...

There's nothing more I enjoy during this time of year than getting the Christmas Tree up and Sparkling! (It makes Xmas ofFUcial in our house!)

Picking the perFUct tree!
We went FU a bigger one this year!

Aside from...

Finding the Xmas tree ornaments that is! (Read with sarcasm!)

There they are!!!
A naked tree waiting to be dressed!
Who doesn't like to shine?! ;)
My sister Kiki bought us this awesome ornament last year!
It's my FUvorite!
This is another one of my favs!
Can you guess why?! lol

I must say...

By the end of all the decorating...

Noel Sapinnn (yes, he has a name!) was shining like a star!

Every time I turn him on...
I smile :)
I love Noel Sapinnn!


The only thing missing was...

The Wrapped gifts!

And I will let you in on a little something...

Gift wrapping is deFUnitely not my strong point! (I think I'm getting worse as the years go by! I did the gift bag thing, but felt like I needed to put a little more efFUrt into it...bags were too easy lol!)

I wasn't lying.
I did better at my second attempt...
But perhaps not the third!
It's unique more than anything...

In addition to the tree decorating and wrapping of the gifts...

A little spa treatment to 'Renu' and get myself ready FU the holidays was deemed necessary!
I got a Muscle ComFUrt Massage and...
Gave my toes a seasonal look!
I had to walk 3 blocks in the cold so as not to ruin this masterpiece!

Like I was saying...

Tis the season FU loads of FUn FUstivities too!

This of course goes hand in hand with all the seasonal FU'd to be had!

Such as:

Hors D'oeuvres;

"Muscles" @ The Masta's!
Mom's Finger FU'ds!

Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Gravy;

Big Bird.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (a classic FU our FUmily);

And (not limited to)...

Xmas Desserts and Logs!

Now that we're all salivating (I know I am!)...

I can guarantee you there is going to be some extra treating going on! (All within reason of course!)

With all the brunches, dinners, get-togethers and parties shared with FUmily, FUrends and Loved Ones...

The idea isn't to lose weight (or gain!) but yet to maintain it! (At least FU me it is!)

I'm not about to...

Reinvent the wheel and start something new right beFUre the FUstivities begin! (Again, the idea is to exercise, practice moderation, make healthy choices and treat within limits!)

**Did I mention I had a record breaking 8 FUmily and social events to attend?! It's a heck of a lot but they are all going to be blast and I can't wait to celebrate!**

The Festive season, FU me,  is about being around those I cherish...

As well as being thankFUl FU everything I have, as opposed to...

Concerning myself about the damage the holidays can bring! 


Because I've learned through my new lifestyle to practice...

Balance and Moderation! 

The holidays isn't about stuffing your face because FU'd is there FU the taking...

I've learned my lesson! lol

It is to...

Savor those FUstive treats (not seeing how much your stomach can handle!) while being conscious of what and how much you're eating of it! (You are in charge of what you put in your mouth lol)

Throughout the countless parties...

I will be mindFUl of the FU'd choices I make! (Scroll down FU tip and tricks!)

But at the same time...

I will give myself the opportunity to indulge on a FU things the season has to ofFUr! (Absolutely!)

How can I not enjoy a personalized CoOkIe?!!
I haven't yet had it!
But I will have a taste :)

All in all...

The goal is to enjoy the holidays with those I love and...

That's exactly what I'm going to do!

*CaNdY*, SuperFit and Noel Sapinnn

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!

Looking FU tips and tricks to staying Healthy over the holiday season?

Here are a FU:

- Make better/leaner options such as: veggies, salads (lightly dressed), turkey, fruit etc... and Skip on the fattier options such as: Hors d'oeuvres (i.e.: pigs in a blanket), Ham, Roast, Gravy and heavy desserts;
- Portion control (eat smaller portions! Don't go crazy and make a mountain of food on your plate);
- Eat in moderation (by all means treat yourself but don't stuff your face until you go into a food coma);
Limit yourself (have a cookie not 10);
- Watch your intake of alcohol and sweetened drinks (certain drinks (i.e. pop, punch, mixed alcoholic beverages) can come with loads of calories and sugars);
- Self-control (you in charge of how much you eat! Be mindful of what your eating...even healthier options don't come calorie-free!);
- Exercise (don't stop training and stick to your program!);

Holiday Workout with Nikki!
She's lost over 20 pounds in her FIT 45 Goal!!!
It was intense, FUeled with sweat, FUN and good times!
Keeping up with my cardio!
It always leaves me reFUreshed...
And reenergized!
I've never once regretted a workout nor have I ever felt bad about one either!

And most importantly...

Enjoy the holidays! (Ease up a little! Just be sure to get back on track once the parties have calmed down!)

Questions FU you...

What are you most looking FUward to during this FUstive season?

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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