Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Exercising My Power Shopping!

During this time of year...

Shopping can most deFUnitely be considered as a FUrm of exercise!

I mean...

The hussling and bussling as well as the loads of Power Lifting involved is something worth taking into consideration! (It can generate a good sweat don't you think lol!) ;)

Look at the weight I'm lifting lol

BeFUre heading out on my mission to do some intense power shopping...

I FUeled up knowing I'd need some energy during this spending marathon!

I really enjoy this bowl of Egg Whites, FUlax Seeds and Almonds.

Upon arrival to the mall...

I decided to get a coffee as I figured the extra boost of energy wouldn't hurt! (Fine, I just wanted to try the Spiced Egg Nog FUlavored coffee!)

Yum. Yum.
It was delish!

Knowing me...

I had a list of everyone I needed to shop FU (16 in total) and ideas written out beside each of their names! (It makes shopping much easier! As long as I have a general sense of what I'm looking for, I'm set to go!)

That being said...

It didn't take long FU me to make my FUrst purchase! (10 minutes to be exact!)

I've got loads of stuff from this place in my personal collection.

While on mission...

I took both the stairs and escalator to get to certain destination points! (Yes, I took the escalator! I didn't want to exhaust myself too much lol! I actually really dislike taking the stairs in malls. I hate the holes in between each step. The fear is that my leg will go right through it. Crazy, I know! lol)

I once sat on the stairs of an escalator.
My pants were stained black.
It didnt' look good.

After making a FU more stops and purchases...

I couldn't help but notice all the *CaNdY* themed things!

I'd eat the marshmallows being shot at me...
The game would end pretty quickly.
This brand has awesome smelling gels and lotions!
I did buy it!
I already gave it away so it doesn't ruin the surprise FU anyone lol

If one thing's FU certain...

I felt like eating something sweet by the time I left the mall!!!

What I thought to be the most difFUcult on my shopping list was...

Finding the perFUct toys! (FU SuperFit! Kidding. FU my little siblings! I mean, what board games are considered cool these days?! I still love the classics, but is that dated?! Operation, Guess Who?, Chinese Checkers, Hungry Hungry Hippo, LIFE, Mouse Trap, Pick-up-Sticks, plain ol' cards etc...are those still regarded as FUn?!)

Decisions. Decisions.

The options were limitless!


I didn't end up buying any toys lol (but I did get other great things FU the kids!)

The easiest was and has always been...

Clothing! (I love shopping FU clothes! I've done many personal shopping expeditions FU FUriends and FUmily! That or assisted shopping excursions! I love it!)

The more options and the more digging the better!
I'll search until I find the perFUct piece and deal!

After 2 1/2 hours...

I crossed 12 people off my list! (Done and Done! Only 4 people left! Obviously, the coffee and list did me some good!)

When I got home...

I patted myself on the back FU a job well done! (Who wouldn't right?! Right???!! Shopping during this time of year is insane!)

I must say...

It left me feeling super excited FU all the holiday FUn coming my way! (And trust me, there is LOADS coming up!!!)

Holiday Noms anyone?! ;)

Questions FU you...

Are you done your holiday shopping?
Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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