Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chez Fatima: My FUrst Try at Moroccan FU'd!

Have you ever tried Moroccan FU'd?!

I haven't until recently, and let me tell you...

It is FUeled with FUlavor!

To kick off the Holiday FUstivities...

We went out FU dinner at Chez Fatima! (Located at 103 Promenade Du Portage, in Gatineau (Hull), Quebec)

The moment I walked in (right after a killer Spin class given by SuperFit!)...

The atmosphere was quaint and the air smelled of amazing spice blends my nose wasn't FUmiliar to!

Without a doubt...

I was excited to put these new FUlavors to the test! (I love trying new things and this type of cuisine was one I had yet to try out! Plus, I was super hungry after an intense cycling session!)

I wasn't stumped when it came time to order because...

It was a buffet! (I kept my portion sizes in check!)


It would give me the opportunity to try out a little bit of everything! (Out of the dishes I would have been tempted to order if we were doing it à la carte!)

I should mention...

Chef Fatima (Chef and Owner) is an absolute delight (which compliments her FU'd!)! (She ensures your experience is one to remember! And that I will!)

Photograph by: Chris Mikula, The Ottawa Citizen

BeFUre starting...

We had some Mint Tea (a traditional drink in Moroccan Culture)!

If you didn't already know (I didn't!)...

The making of this tea is considered an art FUrm!

More speciFUcally:

- The Pouring (through a long, curved pouring spout); and
- The Quality of the Tea itself!

The Tea is poured into 'shot-like' glasses, which is PerFUct FU sipping!

It was really tasty!

When it came time to eat...

I started with a combination of salads:

1. Beets;
2. Chick Pea and Kidney Beans;
3. Tomatoes and Cucumbers; and
4. Carrots.

I paired it all with some ever so delicious Hummus!


I must say...

All the FUlavors were so unique that it made FU a reFUreshing start! (There was a mixture of sweet, citrus and mint within the selections I plated!)

Once it was time FU the mains...

We had loads of options to pick from:

1. Lamb;
2. Chicken;
3. Meat Balls;
4. Fish; and
5. An array of vegetables stews.

On top of having the buffet at our disposal...

Chef Fatima brought FUresh plates of her amazing dishes right to us! (Making our experience even more unique! She ensured we had everything we needed and made us feel like we were at home!)

Meat Balls

We all took in the FUlavors and savored each and every bite!

This is by far one of Kiki's FUvorite places to dine! (She's been to Chez Fatima's beFUre and always raves about it!)

She loves the Mint Tea, Lamb and Chef Fatima's Rice Pudding!

By the end of the night...

We shared lots of smiles and laughter over some of the most exotic spices and blends! (Every bite was bursting with great taste!)

There is no question...

I will return to Chez Fatima FU another visit! (FU both the FU'd and the amazing Host!)

Thank you Chef Fatima and Staff FU a great start to the Holiday Season!

Smiling with satisFUction!

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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  1. It's located at 125 du Portage street :)


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