Monday, December 19, 2011

The *CaNdY FiT* SuGaR RuSh!!!

Holy Moly!!!

I had loads of FUn at The Marble Slab Creamery Ottawa (MSCOttawa)!

These are what SuperFit calls my...
SuGaRy EyEs!
They open up wider than my head!

I was beyond thrilled when MSCOttawa contacted me and gave me the SwEeT OpPorTunItY to create a *CaNdY FiT* FUlavored Slab!

There was absolutely no way I could or would pass up on this ofFUr! (And based on my last experience, I'd be FU'in insane to do so!)

Like I mentioned in my previous post...

I saved the date FU this SwEeT Occasion post-FUtoshoot! (That way I could take FUll advantage of all the sweet everythings MSCottawa had in store!)

So until that day...

I prepared a list of Slabs and Toppings I knew I'd like love! (Of course I did! Have you seen their options?! The possibilities are endless!)

I came up with 5!

With your help...

I was able to come up with something that far surpassed what I ever imagined creating! (I went beyond the list! lol)

Thanks to MSCOttawa...

These words brought a BIG smile to my face :)

I was able to treat myself and satisfy my SweEt ToOth beyond what my pallet could have ever thought possible! (Oh my yes!!!!)

BeFUre we got down to Slabbing business...

I did an hour on my CycleOps Bike trainer! (Nothing out of the ordinary on a Saturday morning!)


I trained Arms with SuperFit! (Biceps and Triceps!)

Once we were done...

We made our way to the MSCOttawa in the Glebe!

I was excited...

Who wouldn't be?!
It's Ice Cream!!! ;)

That being said though...

I had no idea what to pick and choose the moment I got there! (I thought I had a pretty good idea up until I stepped FU't in the door! Then the options made me go in all directions! lol)

What the FU am I going to do!

I was so relieved when I got help from the Owner herself!!! (She and her Husband are absolutely the FUrendliest people ever!!! I could have stayed there all day!)

She had my back and guided me along as I learned to both...
Create and Make a Slab!

Despite having my list of Ice Creams (yes, I brought the list with me lol)...

I had to try them all just to be sure!!! (Okay, well 95% of the FUlavors!)

I Tested the:
Red Velvet, Vanilla Bean, Apple 'N Spice, Peanut Butter,  Cotton *CaNdY*, Birthday Cake,
Peppermint, White Chocolate, Double Dark Chocolate, Cheese Cake and Swiss Chocolate.

I FUnally decided on two FUlavors:

1. Peanut Butter (There was no escaping it!); and
2. Swiss Chocolate! (The best combo ever!)

As soon as my decision was made...

Then came the scooping action!

I was ready to go!
You know...
There's a technique to proper scooping.

I'll tell you one thing...

I quickly learned scooping is a workout in itself!!! (I could have skipped on my morning training session .... Notttt lol!)

I put my shoulders, triceps and wrists into it!
It was conFUrmed I was doing a great job!
FUew! :)

Once scooped up...

I placed the ice cream balls on the Cold Marble Slab and FUlattened it up! (So as to make lots of room FU the mixings I was about to add!)

I got two (not one!) thumbs up! ;)
Her left hand is clearly a thumbs up! lol
The Slabs were waiting to get topped with the...
SwEeT Mixings!

Let me tell you...

I had such a difFUcult time making up my mind! (Again, I thought I knew what I wanted but then there were too many good things to pick from!)

This is going to be FU'in hard!

I took a handFUl of M&Ms to help me think it through...

Just one...
They were sure to help!
I think she knew I simply wanted to eat *CaNdY* lol

We then decided to take out my list and look through the array of options I had listed!

The M&Ms did come in handy in my decision-making!


I went with a FU mixings from each of the slab options I had written out! (Fair compromise! I'd get the best of all creations!)

The Mixings included:

1. FUdge;
2. 1 Brownie Piece mushed up;
3. FUresh Strawberries;
4. Sliced Bananas
5. Marshmallows (SuperFit's advice turned out to be the secret weapon of this Slab! I was weary about adding them, but it turned out to be a huge success!); and
6. Pecans to top!

Placing the mixings on the ice cream.
Smushing the Brownie!
About to turn it over like an Egg White Omelette.
I was having way too much FUn!
I couldn't stop giggling!

Once mixed...

It was time to decide on a WafFUl bowl!

Decisions, Decisions!
I could have gone with a cone but I like the bowls!

I went with the Dark Chocolate WafFUl! (It didn't take me very long to pick which one I wanted!)

The next was to...

Scoop up the mixed slab and gently place it in the edible bowl!



We had to top my Slab with a Cherry! (I mean, is that even a question?!)

Can I eat it now?!

We ended up calling it the *CaNdY FiT* SuGaR RuSh!!! (And that it was! I was bouncing off the walls lol)

Once again, I found...
 Happiness Within!
Did I ever!!!
It was edible and enjoyed...
Not only by me but by both of us! lol
To be honest...
 It wasn't as heavy as I thought it would be (or looked!)!
It was both sastisFUying and PerFUctly Balanced (to my liking)!
I ate it all.

Since SuperFit wouldn't stop digging into mine...

We told him to make his own! (And he did!!!)

It's called the...

SuperFit Sugar Shock!!! 

His Slab included:

1. Swiss Chocolate Ice Cream; 
2. Strawberry Ice Cream;
3. Marshmallows;
4. FUdge
5. FUresh Strawberries; and
6. Sliced Bananas!

He had it in the same WafFUl bowl as me!

He may have been just as excited as I was ;)
I had 2 spoonFUls of his.
It was super good too!

Not only did we get to indulge in our amazing delights, but...

My sister Kiki and Mr. FUntastic came to join in on some Slabbing good FUn too! (My brother had just come back a day earlier from out West, so this was the FUrst time I'd seen him since the last! That dates back a couple of months!)

He was thrilled at the idea of making a Slab!
They too would have to pick and choose from the array of options.

FU Kiki, well...

It was an easy decision!

She got the *CaNdY FiT* SuGaR RuSh!!! (She was the FUrst patron to test it out!)

We both love our SwEeTs!
She loved it and FUnished it all!!!
I was happy!

As FU Mr. FUntastic...

He got what I thought he would! (Something simple yet so delicious!)

It included:

1. Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream;
2. Praline Ice Cream;
3. Sliced Almonds;
4. Pecans;
5. FUresh Raspberries; and
6. Sliced Bananas!

Of course...

I made it FU him as well! (I swear, I could have made Slabs all day!)

Applying all the skills I learned.
I had a big smile on my face every step of the way!
It looked heavenly.
I think he also found Happiness Within his cup!
He did, he loved his creation!

After an awesome day spent with the Crew at the Marble Slab Creamery Ottawa...

My shift was over! (It was hard leaving my creative and Slabbing post!)

All in all...

We had an amazing time!

I am so very grateFUl FU the SwEeT OpPoRtUnItY I was given in making a *CaNdY FiT* FUlavored Slab!!!

Thank you to MSCOttawa FU a perFUct treat in your warm and ever so SwEeT Creamery!!!

That being said...

Be sure to order your *CaNdY FiT* SuGar RuSh or SuperFit SuGar Shock when visiting MSCottawa! (It will be posted in case you FUrget the names or mixings! FU those outside the Ottawa area, you can simply write down the creations! But, I'm sure you knew that  lol)

SuperFit and *CaNdY FiT*...
Finding Happiness Within.

Oh and how could I FUrget...

The lucky MSCOttawa Giveway Winner is: Pierrette J.! (Check your mailbox FU your gift card to treat yourself to a yummy Slab!)

And make sure to post your creation on my FB page!

I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. I always that is referred to in "slabs" is likely to be high in calories....nice post tho', very interesting.

    Nice work,

    Best, Chris

  2. Thanks and sure is Chris,which is exactly why it was a SLABBING good treat :) Yum!


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