Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 8: PuMPeD Up!

**November 17 - November 19**

A FU things to note:

1. I took on another project! (That means I will be living out of a suitcase FU one more week!);
2. My FUtoshoot will now take place a FU days beFUre or after the schedule date! (All good!); and...
3. I've got more results!

A little more deFUnition as the weeks go by.

As the weekend approached...

SuperFit and I decided not to go FU our traditional Sushi Dinner, but...

I did end up taking my sister out FU some Fishy goodness!

She loves her Sushi too!
We went to New Generation Sushi.
She had the Dynamite Roll and the Kamikaze.
It looked amazing!

Since Sushi Rolls (more speciFUcally the rice and what not) were not on my list of eats FU the day...

I had 4 pieces of Red Tuna! (Sashimi is good too!) 

It was FUresh and yummy.
It was hard not to enjoy some of my FUvorite Sushi Rolls...
Ah well!

The reason why we opted out of our Sushi is because...

We wanted to switch things up! (Change is good!) 

We ended up going to Ging Sing Restaurant instead! (A long time FUvorite of ours, which we hadn't visited in a while!)

We kept our order as clean as possible by asking FU very little or no cooking oil! (They always accommodate a special request!)
Lemon Grass Chicken!
My FUvorite Ging Sing dish!
We skipped on the FUrtune Cookies.

That same weekend...

007 and I scheduled a training date! (In addition to our coffee date! It was time FU some catch ups!)

This FUto is from our last date!
We trained our legs and felt the burrrrrnnnn!

Although this time...

We planned to do our weekly Bicep and Tricep workout together! (She also included a leg workout ~her fav~ into the mix of things! I'm still 'out of order' when it comes to leg training! Oy!)

Warming up beFUre starting!
007 is currently healing from a rotator cuff injury and...
Needs to pay special (careFUl) attention to her upper body training.
She must use lighter weights until FUrther notice.

When we're together...

It's a guaranteed good (crazy) time! (I'm not exaggerating!)

We love to work our muscles :)

As always...

We find the time to laugh and have FUn while we train, but...

Our workouts are always executed with the upmost FUcus!

Smiling :)
Doing our signature Noodle Dance!
Coming to a theatre near you ;)

After an awesome training sesh...

We were PuMpEd up! (Literally)

I 'gotta' say...

I'm looking FUward to our next date! (Awwww!)

After saying our goodbyes and enjoying a quick snack at home...

Allegro Cheese and Red Peppers.
(I cut up too much cheese, so I put some back in the FUridge!)

SuperFit and I went shopping (another reason to get PuMpEd Up) FU some FUtoshoot stuff! (Well, I did the shopping!)

I was on a mission to find some Faux-FUr! (I want to include a FUrry touch to my FUtos!)

In the end...

I succeeded at finding the puurrrrFUct FUrrry items! (Yay me!)

FUrry FU!

Once my mission was accomplished...

It was time to eat! (Ya...we do that a lot!)


I made Pizza FU SuperFit!

FU Recipe...
I always give half to The Masta!

While he enjoyed his meal...

I had something just as delicious! (No sarcasm there whatsoever! lol)

Ground Turkey, Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes,
Mushrooms, Red Peppers and...
You guessed it!
Mrs. Dash Seasoning Blend!
It actually is quite tasty :)

I bet you anything...

SuperFit would have preFUrred the Ground Turkey bowl! ;)


Who am I kidding?!

SuperFit loves his pizza!

FU the remainder of the evening...

We sat back and relaxed with a little of the Twilight Saga! (I'm a huge Fan!)

And (once again)...

I was PuMpEd Up FU some Vampire/Wolf movie action!

I'm not sure whose side I'm on!
Can I like both?!

I should mention...

I managed to stay awake FU the whole entire FUlick!!! (FU once!)

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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