Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 5 (pt.2): I Like Results :)

**October 28 - November 3**

So my abs are coming in more and more as the weeks go by...

Why...Hello there!

This is really good news FU me as...

I haven't be able to do much cardio since my injury ~click~! (I did a couple of 15 minute sessions but stopped due to pain - no sweat was had during either sessions! I gotta say, I miss that cardio sweat! Is that gross?! Rhetorical question lol)

I will admit...

It's pretty been pretty hard on me not to do any! (Sure has!)

I deFUnitely miss:

- Running (and I had only just begun!);
- Spinning;
- Biking (although it's getting chilly out); and yes...
- The Elliptical. 

I mean typically...

I do anywhere between 5-7 hours a week! (So from 7 hours to 15 minutes is a pretty big deal FU me!)


It's been making 'dieting' tougher (as in more restricting) to make up FU the lack of it in my routine! (I'm still progressing though, so that makes 4 a happy FU!)

The good news is...

I am seeing some improvements with my knee area but...

The recovery is at a bit of a standstill! (Which I wont' deny, gets FUrustrating at times!)

I've even tried compression socks to see if they would make any difFUrence! (They are supposed to help compress (I'm sure you figured that much! lol) and keep it all from swelling!)

What you will find under a nice boot ;)
I didn't notice a huge difFUrence so I stopped wearing them.
They are made FU running, which is probably why lol

Moving on...

As I made my way home from my last trip ~click~...

I had a connection FUlight beFUre reaching home, so...

I got myself yet another Protein Shake à la Starbucks! ~click~

I added an extra shot of espresso!
I needed it ;)

I was also happy to get back because...

SuperFit and a Sushi Dinner awaited!!!

I can never get enough!
Just so you know...
I've stopped using soya sauce.
It's still nommmaliscious without it!
It deFUnitely makes the wasabi taste much hotter!
Like through my nose, tear jerking hot! 
Yet I still continue to slab it on!

Once I settled back in...

I made sure to re-FUel on some essentials...

Vanilla Stevia.
Proteins and Veggies.


I deFUnitely didn't 'buy' into any of the Halloween Treats! (Is just me or is it not super hard walking through grocery stores and pharmacies with *CaNdY* constantly being thrown in your face when you can't have any?! From a *CaNdY* Lovin' ain't easy!)

And on top of that...

I had to look at a FUll bowls worth at The Masta's house! (Sigh...)

Trick or Treatin' *CaNdY* Bags...
You better believe I checked them out and
 maybe even snuck a sniff LOL

Good thing he had a healthy alternative FU me! ;)

Baked Salmon and Veggies.

Did I mention that...

He also offered me a sweet option! (He FUrgot about my prep lol)

Strawberry Shortcake from Swiss Pastries!
It's his FUvorite!
No...I didn't have any.

After that episode...

You better believe I treated myself to a sweet breakFUst the next morning!

'No-carb' Protein Pancakes! (Perhaps my idea of a sweet breakFUst is a tad delusional at this point in time lol)

4 Egg Whites, 1/2 Scoop of Protein Powder,
1 tbsp. of Ground Flax Seeds and
2 packets of Vanilla Stevia.
FUry it up and Enjoy :)

BeFUre you knew it...

I'd be packing (yet again) FU another trip away! (The last one of the Fall season! Yipee!)

Some much needed FUel.

The FU'd in the containers was from the dinner I had made the evening prior...

Sliced Chicken, Asparagus, Tomatoes, Mushroom and Peppers.
I seasoned this dish with Basil, Chili Peppers and Mrs. Dash Original Blend (salt-free!!!).
I made 3 servings worth.
The two here would be FU my snack and meal the FUllowing day.
Time saver!

Once I was packed up and ready to roll (literally - I was driving)...

I had my morning eats!

8 Egg Whites and Spinach.

As soon as I was done...

I loaded up my car and made sure to keep my FU'd beside me as I drove to my destination...

Gotta be prepared!
I wouldn't leave without my Red Peppers ;)

When it came time to have lunch...

I made sure to stop and FUel up!


After 'x' amount of hours driving...

I FUnally reached my destination! (There was a heck of a lot of traffic, which made FU a much longer ride!)

Either way...

I was happy to see this energy boosting machine!

It made really good coffee!!!
I made sure to make one everyone morning!
Timothy's Secret Blend...
That made me laugh.


It didn't beat my machine! (The most important of all!)

The Blender.
I love my Magic Bullet!!!
It came in handy ;)

As you know...

I'm always faced with temptation when I leave home!

That's why...

I always plan my meals ahead of time! (If I didn't, my protein requirements wouldn't be met and I'd fall off track in my progress towards my shoot!)

**Note: Even if I wasn't prepping FU anything, I still wouldn't have the buffet. There are very FU options that would meet the requirements of the Lifestyle I am following ~ aside from a little fruit and Yogurt~! Bringing my own FU'd and special ordering one or two meals are a must FU me! I'm committed to my Healthy Lifestyle and being away isn't an excuse to fall off track!**

Come the noon hour...

I had fish on both days! (Sometimes, I need a tiny break from chicken!)

Steamed Salmon and Veggies.
And Steamed White Fish and Veggies.

After a day filled with yummy lookin' FU'd...

I always made myself something just as FUlfilling! ;)

Protein Shake (with a shot of coffee) and a Red Pepper.
Mmmm...It was soooooo good and sooo sweet! 
Note the sarcasm ;)

I eventually ran out of Peppers (shocker, I know!)...

So I found a grocery store near by and FUeled up!

ThankFUlly it wasn't too far...
it was right down the street lol
The things you will find in my purse...

During my time away...

I made sure to include some gym time! (I had FUnished my training routine beFUre leaving so I decided to do a FUll upper body workout FU a little PuMp!)

No cardio :(
I'm always happy when I see FUree weights :)
Time to switch up the attire ;)

I ended up doing:

1. Chest;
2. Back;
3. Shoulders; and
4. Arms (Biceps and Triceps).

I did two sets FU each muscle group, while using a lighter weight...

I rep'd to failure each time.

It made FU a great workout :)

As the traveling bout has now come to an end...

I'm happy to be back home!

I've now got 6 weeks left to go until my shoot!!!


Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Fred ForsytheNovember 15, 2011

    Hang in there girl.Ur a tough little devil.You know you'll get thru it.Candy Fit rocks.

  2. aww your poor leg! can't wait to see your new photoshoot pics!


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