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Week 5: Backstage at the SAF/IDFA Shows!

**October 29**

I can't believe it's already been 4 months since my FUrst Fitness/Figure Competitions!

That's me! :)

It was an incredible experience...

007 and I competing on the same day!
This was really special to me :)
Being one of the Competing Athletes and
 having SuperFit by my side was simply amazing in itself!


Was shared with a Grrreat Team from Florida Fitness Aylmer!

The Gals :)
(A FU missing in action)
SuperFit and his Girls!


It was truly one of my most memorable of achievements!!! (~click~)

I was fighting back a whole lotta tears!
We were both jumping FU joy...
...that my pants eventually fell to the ground!
Please tell me you remember that song on Idol!
"Pants on the ground, pants on the ground...
Looking like a FU with your pants on the ground!"
Joan (my suit Designer) and I!
She's FUreakin' awesome!
"Hi Mom, Hi Dad...I won!!!"
I celebrated with a CuPcAKe!
And much much more...~click~

Although this time around...

I would be working the backtage with SuperFit and Martin at both the Serious About Fitness (SAF) and the International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA) Shows! (8am - 10:30pm - it made FU a FUN but loooooong day!)

My working sheets...
The Backstage Crew.

Our roles were as FUllows:

SuperFit was the Backstage Manager;
Martin was the Backstage Coordinator; and

Me, well...

I was the Backstage Runner! (I use the word 'runner' lightly here as my injury would restrict me from perFUrming such an activity!)


I was the one yelling getting all the competitors lined up beFUre heading out on stage! (Nookie was also a 'Runner' FU the morning show and two more volunteers were there to help during the evening!)

Setting the stage ;)
Nookie getting the low down on the show details...
And taking a FU shots when we had a moment :)
Here we are with Brian!
He is the IDFA Chief Doping Control Officer .

Trust me...

Getting all the competitors from each division...

SAF: Women (only)

1. Open Swimsuit Model;
2. Open Fitness Model; and
3. Open Fitness Model Theme aka. Costume Wear (if you choose the fitness category, you also do the theme portion)...

I was a Ninja when I did theme wear!


In addition to:

4. SAF Elite Pro Challenge Competititors; and
5. SAF Elite Pro Championship Competitors.

And in the evening...

IDFA Women:

- Novice: Fitness and Figure (short and tall);
- Open: Fitness and Figure (short and tall);
- Masters Women; and
- First place winners from each category to win the overall title (and pro card).


- Novice Lightweight and Heavyweight;
- Open Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight;
- Masters Men; and
- First place winners from each category to win the overall title (and pro card).


Lining them up, ready to go has its challenges! (Especially with 4 changing rooms!)

**From past experiences (I've helped out at 3 shows now), a FU can go missing or want that extra minute to prep...when there is no minute to be had! Trust me, I know all about wanting to add that FUnal touch (knowing very well there's nothing more that I can do lol)**

Luckily FU me...

The Competitors were awesome and ready upon request! (FUew and thank you!!!)

That would be my finger pointing at the competitor's badge.
Making sure they FUllowed suit :)

Oh! And how could I FUrget...

007 would be making her second debut as a Judge!

007 the Judge :)

Okay so...

BeFUre making our way to the event taking place at the Museum of Civilization...

I started my morning with my FUvorite Breakfast! (Well, from my current list of 'dieting' options!)

If it were my ultimate FUvorite...
I would have added a Banana to the blend and...
 Peanut Butter FU melting on top.
Recipe: ~click~

I should mention...

I was also in charge of getting the Competition FUlowers...

FUlowers always make me smile :)
Pretty and PINK ;)

And that...

Team FFA had three competitors competing!!!

PINK would be competing in the SAF Elite Pro Challenge (with hopes to qualify and win the SAF Elite Pro Championship later on in the day)...

Stunning as usual xo

Rose would be competing in both SAF and IDFA Novice Fitness Categories...

Also known as Crazy Abs.

And John in the IDFA Novice Lightweight Division...

Go John Go!

Needless to say....

There was a lot of excitement going on! (WoOt WoOT!!!)

**I was thrilled to meet all of the Competitors and those I had been in communication with but never actually met in person!!! (It called FU a great day!)**

An AwEsOmE batch of Athletes waiting to hit the stage! :)

As I knew I'd be gone all day and night...

I made sure to pack some essentials!

I brought Egg Whites, Greek Yogurt,
and a piece of Allegro Cheese.
I also brought some FU'd 4 SuperFit :)

We'd eat whenever we got the chance! (It was extremely busy once things got going!)

Here we are in the P.M. sneaking in a meal :)
I had a chicken breast (peeled off the skin) with a salad.

Whether we were busy or super busy...

Working the backstage was loads of FUn!

By simply being apart of each Athlete's competition experience (whether or not they remember me/us lol)...

And not showing any FUvoritism, but...

Around Team FFA competitors beFUre they made their way on stage was... 

Purely awesome! (It was really exciting being a part of it all!)

PINK and Me :)
SuperFit and PINK!
A proud and incredible Trainer!
The Lovely Joan (Suit and Costume Designer!) with PINK!
And thar she goes!
The SAF Elite Pro Lineup.
The SAF Elite Pro Competitors.
Rose right beFUre hitting the lime light!
Workin' her routine!
Ow Owwww!

By the end of a thrilling (and exhausting - not going to lie) day...

Team FFA took home some hardware!

John came in 3rd!
Rose came in 5th!
YaY! :)
SuperFit proud of his amazing Athlete!
And PINK won both the SAF Challenge and SAF Championship!!!
As SuperFit would say "She won the whole FUreakin' show!"
She did.
She brought home $1500 in cash prizes and a
 Paradigm speaker system!
SuperFit and a Super excited PINK! :)
WoOT WoOT!!!

Win or not (I'm not going to say 'lose' because I don't believe anyone 'lost')...

The importance lays in all the hard work and dedication each and every Athlete put towards their preparation in reaching the bright lights of the stage!

Whether the goal was to (and not limited to) be 1st,  in the top 5 or hit the stage...

The fact of the matter is...

Everyone was a WON no matter how you see it! (At least that's what I think!)

I truly believe that the level of...

(I tried to create an acronym but failed miserably! lol)

Hard training;
Passion; and

As well as so many other elements to getting competition ready...

Already makes you winner!

Stepping out on that stage represents everything you have put your mind, body and heart into!

I give my congratulations to all Athletes I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting while I worked the Backstage!

Hope to see you around soon! :)

SAF Winners with President, Doug Schneider.

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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