Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rolling Up FU Lunch!

Let's get Rolling...

The messier the better.

FU quite some time...

I had been wanting to try out this Roll-up thing at one of my FUvorite lunch spots!


The day came when I would be able to do just that! (Pre *CaNdY FiT* Challenge ~click~)

At New Mee FUng (350 Booth Street, Ottawa)...

You get to make your own Shrimp, Chicken, Beef or Veggie Roll-ups...

They give you all the necessary condiments to make...
The perFUct roll.

Usually had as an appetizer...

It can easily be turned into a FUll sized meal!

This makes FU one happy Baby FU!

BeFUre getting started on the 'how-tos' to roll-up (yes, there is a science behind it)...

We started off with a hot and sour soup!

The spiciness always leaves SuperFit coughing!

One coughing FIT later...

It was time to roll one up! (Yippee!)

FUn on a plate.

My proteins of choice were:


Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face!



Perhaps not looking so nom but...
Don't judge the roll and taste by its roller.
(In this case, me!)

What we quickly learned was...

How messy these rolls can get!


When you have no idea what to include in them FUrst! (It makes all the difFUrence because it may or may not all stick together once rolled up!)

Good thing...

We had 6-7 tries to figure this out! (Given the amount of rice paper we had to work with!)

As we got rolling...

We gave each other a FU tips as we tried our best to keep it together! (Literally!)

Here we go again...
You can see the lack of conFUdence in his rolling skills lol
(At shoving it all in his mouth to avoid any mess! lol)

We eventually put two and two together! (Which may still very well be the wrong way...FU all those who know how to properly roll-up!)

Here was our guess:

1. Lettuce;
2. Meat;
3. Vermicelli;
4. Veggies; and
5. Hoisin Sauce and/or Hot Sauce (optional).

Something like this.
Much cleaner compared to my other attempts. 
Putting my roll to the test...
Give me some credit! ;)

Messy or not...

They were delicious and I can't wait to have more! (Post *CaNdY FiT* Challenge!)

So what are you waiting FU?!...

Get rolling! 

Note: You can easily do these up yourself at home by simply buying the very minimal ingredients required to roll-up! (I would go to an Asian Grocery store, but I'm sure you could find most ingredients in the International FU'd aisle at your Local Grocers!)


1. Vermicelli Rice Paper;
2. Vermicelli Rice Noodles;
3. Desired Protein and seasoned the way you like;
4. Lettuce Leaves;
5. Mint Leaves;
6. Bean Sprouts; and
7. Crushed Peanuts (Optional).

Sauces 4 dipping or topping (all optional):

1. Fish Sauce;
2. Hoisin Sauce;
3. Chili Sauce; and/or
4. Peanut Sauce (FU a recipe click here).

Questions FU you...

1. Have you made these beFUre?
2. How do you roll?

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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