Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week 3 (part 1): The Good News!

**October 15**

This is not a joke...

Tis not the good news!

BeFUre I begin telling my story...

Let's start with the good stuff!

I thoroughly enjoyed my Sushi dinner the evening prior...(~click~)

Now that is one satisFUied FU!

SuperFit told me my little article made it's way into our local paper...

I was super exciter about it :)

And he also told me I was on track in my FUtoshoot prep!

October 12. 2011

The day FUllowing this abundance of great news...

I enjoyed staying in my PJs FU a good portion of the morning!

My bed hair rocks.

I was also happy to eat my Protein Pancakes! (I needed a break from the Oatmeal and Protein powder mix!)

Aaahh yesss...
The Protein Pancakes!
8 Egg Whites, 1/2 Cup Quick Oats, 1 tbsp. of Ground Flax Seeds,
2 Packets of Vanilla Stevia, and Cinnamon :)
PAM FUry over medium heat until both sides are cooked.
Throw em' back in the pan at the end to add a little crunchiness!

After FUnally getting out of my comfy clothes...

I FUreshened up and changed into comfier attire! (Shoot me lol)

SuperFit and I had a date to train arms together! (Biceps and Triceps)

Concentration Curls.
I'm concentrating.

I sipped on a Protein Shake in between sets...

1 Scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder, 12 o.z. of Water
(I actually added 4 o.z. of green tea dragon FUruit Crystal Light)
4 Ice Cubes.
It was delish.

After a great workout sesh (I also did an hour of cardio)...

We headed to the Greek Souvlaki Shack! (They have a great menu FU those watching their carb intake!!!) 

Notice the Low Carb heading.

As soon as we entered...

We were welcomed with a great smile! (It's always nice when you go out to eat and the serving staff are pleasant! It can really make or break the dining experience!)

It took us no time to decide what we were going to have!

I was looking FUward to my meal!
I had the Greek Village Salad.
FUresh Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Green Peppers,
Onion, Greek Peppers (hot peppers) and 2 Chicken Skewers.
I opted out of the dressing and Feta and didn't eat the Olives.
SuperFit had the Greek Salad with Chicken Skewers.
We both love Peppers.
I can handle the heat better than he can!

While we were enjoying the FUreshness of our FU'd...

We had a visitor!

Not Popeye!
My sister Kiki!
(She was at my Mom's store just a FU doors down!)

Later on...

I FUeled up with some much needed essentials FU the week!

The Bananas were FU SuperFit.
Ooo Ooo Aaah Aaah.
FUnny. I know ;)

That evening...

I decided to make Pizza FU dinner!

I gave SuperFit two options:

1. BBQ Chicken Pizza; or
2. Pesto Chicken Pizza.

He wanted both!

BBQ and Pesto.

As soon as the chicken and veggies were cooked...

I sauced the Thin Crust Pizza with Tomato sauce!

It smelled Nomee!

I then added the Protein!

1/2 Pesto and 1/2 BBQ.
He's spoiled and he knows it!
But he is grateFUl :)

SuperFit did have a task in all of this (Yep!)...

He grated the Allegro Cheese! (It was a bigger job than he had imagined lol)
Check it out. You'll be pleasantly surprised :)

As soon as he was done...

I topped HIS pizza with that cheesy goodness! (Keyword being HIS!)


I threw it (not literally) in the oven at 450F FU a good 10 minutes...

I then took it out...

Only to add MY mini pizzas! (Keyword being MINE - I used Tortilla Shells!)

His and Hers Pizza xo

I put all the Pizzas back in the oven FU about 10 minutes more!

Nothing like watching cheese melt.

Once they were ready to eat...

We devoured them like it was nobody's business!

SuperFit had half...
I gave the other half to The Masta the next day.
I ended up eating it like a taco.

After a great dinner...

SuperFit and I went out running 10K the FUllowing morning.

**And so the story of a 'broken' (not literally) FU begins**

Stay Tuned FU Part 2 on *CaNdY FiT*

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