Saturday, October 1, 2011

Round 2: A Day FIT 4 a FU! Literally.

Nothing like celebrating my (actual) birthday on the most gorgeous of days!

That said...

How could I not make the most of this weather?!


To put it simply...

It was the perFUct day FU my second round of a Bike and Run!

Nothing like celebrating your Birthday
with good dose of exercise!

BeFUre heading out...

I had myself a great big bowl of Greek Yogurt, Apple Slices and Kashi's Go Lean Crunch!

I'm loving these Protein Bowls!
Of course...
I didn't FUrget about my Coffee.
Nothing beats this Crunchy Goodness.
Okay, well I do still love my Banana Protein Pancakes!

After FUnally getting out of my PJ's and into my Biking Gear...

I couldn't help but notice my huge Birthday Bag from the evening prior!

I've never seen a bag so big!
I'm not complaining ;)

As I made my way outside...

SuperFit was looking mighty fine! (Good gawd I'm cheesy!)

"Why hello there SuperFit" ;)

With no surprise...

We took our pre-ride shot! (The non-alcoholic kind!)


We ended up doing our Lac Leamy Ride...

It took us through some of the beautiFUl areas of Hull/Gatineau (QC).

In and about the last 20K of our ride...

I fell! (Wrong gear + running out of torque at the top of a hill  =  Me falling over. My water bottle rolled down the hill and into a bush at which point I had to walk down and fetch it!)

Small Bobo.
I cried...Not! 

At the end of our 45K ride...

We quickly changed and put on our runners FU our 5K run!

We were FUeled with Energy!
Probably from all the sugar we had at my bday dinner ;)

By the time we got back...

I can't say our energy levels dipped!

Done and Done!

I reloaded my FUel tank with...

Half a Banana, the other half of my morning Apple,
Carob Chips and Greek Yogurt.

I later took a nap and slept through SuperFit's drumming! (So much FU my loads of energy! lol)

By the time dinner came along...

We got dressed! (Again!)

One of my new outfits!
And my new FUnky scarf from 007 and Martin!

We made our way to The Masta's house...

Where we gave my Sister JOJO her Birthday Cadeaux! (Her Birthday was a FU days prior to mine!)

We obviously bought her some Joshua Perets Stuff!
Her face says she hates it ;)
Trust me, it's hard finding the right size FU her!
She was happy with both!
Notice the Cake bag somehow made its way back to me! (click)
Birthday Sistahs!


JOJO and Sophie couldn't join us FU dinner as she had to study FU a test! 

After wishing each other a 'Happy Birthday'...

The Masta, Jeff, SuperFit and I made our way to a Sushi Restaurant! (Are you surprised?!)

And you thought SuperFit and I were FUll of energy ;)
Behaving as usual.
That's more like it!

The moment we sat down...

I ordered FU all! (I always order, it's an unspoken assumption that I will do this!)

Salmon Rolls and Shrimp Rolls (Jeff's FUvorite!)
Just some of the many things I ordered :)
I think The Masta was eyeing Jeff's piece ;)

After we were all SUSH'D out...

We dropped off The Masta and Jeff!

When we got home...

We watched a movie!

SuperFit had no choice but to sit through it!
It was pretty FUnny! So it wasn't so hard to watch!

In the middle of our viewing...

SuperFit took a 'pee' break! (Fine, I guess that's okay!)

To my surprise...

It wasn't true.

He sneakily came back downstairs with one of my FUvorite things in the world!

A CuPcAkE!!!
These are from the batch Kiki had given to me the evening prior (click)
They are quite possibly the best I've tried in the city thus far!

After two Great Birthday Celebrations...

There was no denying how much FUn I had! (SuperFit and I both laughed when he commented on how I probably never imagined spending my Birthday Training, Biking and Running! Was he ever right! lol)

To put an end to all the FUn FUstivities...

I think it goes without saying:

I love my Birthday! (And all the Cake, CuPcaKes, PoPcORN and Exercise to be had with it!)

Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*

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